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Useless definitions

The mind defines through thought. Thought uses words. Words express duality.
“What do you mean?”
Here is the “definition.” That definition is meant to separate that which cannot be separated.

For example, look at the Earth. It cannot be separated from the Universe, for it is part of it; however, by naming it “Earth” someone is going to ask: “What is the Earth? Define Earth…”
Then, the definition will appear and we will believe that the Earth is something separated from the Universe, a different thing, the Earth is confined to that definition…

If we observe the planet Earth, we could see Ocean and Land. Through labels, I have made the separation. Then, because the mind likes to analyze and continue the separation, I could make borders in that land and call that “a country” or “continents.” There are no countries in “real life,” but only in the human mind, the borders are in the human mind. See my point?

I am not saying that words are “Bad.” I am saying that once you are AWARE on how words direct your perception, you are free from the conditioning as long as you are aware.

Look  at these  words: soul, spirit, body, mind. Those labels only divide something, which cannot be divided.
“Who am I?”

Could John Doe be separated from the Universe?
Who is John Doe? Isn’t he a body? Which part of the body?
Oh… he is not a body, he is a soul… what is a soul?
Ahh! Let me define it: A point of light. Can I divide a point of light? Of course! Just label it something… The word “soul” is merely a label identifying someone’s experience. For most, it is only second hand knowledge. That is the beginning of self-deception.
John Doe is not a body. He is a spirit. Do you believe me? 🙂
What is a spirit? Let me define it: “the breath of God…” Sounds pretty, huh?
Or perhaps I could say: John Doe is a mind. What is a mind?
Let me define it: “It is pure consciousness…”  Very “new age-y” indeed.

The point is to observe how our language divides things. Thus, the mind divides. The Totality is one, and our minds are only concerned with a “part.” That part exists because of a “definition.” We believe the definition to be “real.”

Do you see my point? We are just adding meaningless words to define something, which cannot be defined. Therefore, beliefs come into the picture. Those beliefs represent only words, concepts.
If I say “John Doe is emptiness” that has as much “truth” as saying, “He is a point of light.” 

What is love?
Oh… Let me define it.
Absence of hate.
What is hate?
Let me define it: Absence of love.
Look at that clearly. See the mask of words? Knowing love or hate is not a matter of defining it. It is an experience. Can you put the “truth” in words then?

If the above is understood, if you had an Aha! moment… you will not believe in the world of words and thinking as the “reality,” but you will embrace the indefinable unity of all… Have you heard before that “we are one.”
It may not be a concept anymore for you.

Thought separates. Feelings unite, embrace. A mind free from thinking will know without definitions. A mind free from thoughts is egoless.
Now… If you want to “become free from thoughts to be egoless,” you are just wasting your time. What are you going to DO? Your mind has made that up; paradoxically, it is the ego wanting to get rid of himself, and that is exactly how the ego will continue to exist. If you reject something, you will make it stronger…

Just become AWARE. Forget about getting rid of things, conquering things, fighting things… The ego is an illusion created by the mind to give us individuality, separation, DEFINITION… then, AWARENESS is just a mirror. Put the ego in front of it and… you will see…

Nothing. 🙂

Who has the truth?


If someone could explain to you what is the truth about God, our existence on Earth, the “reason” as to why we are here, what happens after we die, where do we go and what we do, etc, etc…etc.

Would you believe that to be the truth? 🙂

Are you sure that you can understand the “truth”?

Certainly, you are a very intelligent human being. Up to date with all the information out there and the latest scientific discoveries… you have the brain of Mr. Spock, capable of reciting the latest accurate data out of logical and reasonable input… Einstein’s insight is equal to a middle school kid compared to yours… 🙂

Please see that our human ways, what we value in our society, what we have been taught to worship such as our intellectual capacity, understanding and reasoning may not be valid “tools” to understand the “truth.”
That is a healthy doubt, ladies and gentlemen.

“Human ways” does not mean that the Universe works under those premises.

In our society we tend to misname the “truth” as “facts.”

“Nothing but the facts, man..” has been interpreted as “truth.”

Spiritually speaking, it does not matter who is speaking the “facts,” unless those words have been experienced in “real” life; there is not a chance to know anything at all but just to hear words to repeat and believe…
“I believe.” 🙂

“After you die, you either go to heaven or hell.
Time does not exist. We are timeless.
Everything repeats identically. Eternal return.
You are not the body. You are a spirit, a soul.
You will be resurrected by God with your body and will live for ever in Paradise.

We know God. God is speaking to us.
We know God. We have in these scriptures, the “words” of God.”

In the plethora of “truths” which are somehow different, what do you believe and why? 🙂

Every religion has a set of beliefs. We believe in this and that.
Is that the truth? Are we concerned only in following beliefs and facts or are we truly concerned in “truth” ? 🙂

Words and mystical stories, well written scriptures can only attempt to give us ‘facts.’ In fact, 🙂 the beliefs of different religions are different because of their own beliefs about those ‘facts.’

Facts are great for a history book. Facts are great for a geography book. Facts are good in mathematics, logic, reasoning…. However, none of those facts from none of those branches of human knowledge can convey truth.

Truth can make a human being truthful. Facts cannot do that change.
When a human being lives his truth, all the “why’s” type of questions are over. They are meaningless.

Do you know “why?” 🙂

Because the search for facts does not feed our hunger for inner fulfillment.

All verbal answers will only bring another set of beliefs to believe in.
Verbal answers could bring facts, but never truth.

When a human being is free from his own baggage, his own hang ups, and when he is mentally and emotionally balanced; the question of certainty of a “tomorrow” in heaven or hell does not arise mentally and verbally; for words cannot answer questions which have not been experienced.

All we have left are just beliefs.
“We believe” will add number of believers, but never truth.

When a human being lives life to the fullest, that is in a balanced, harmonious relationship with all; then this experience is the answer to all questions.

There is no doubt about “tomorrow” when today is a full day. There is no need for beliefs, when our own harmony and balance has certainty of a bright day today and because of that, tomorrow.

The ‘facts’ of different belief systems are just meant to make us see the world and our lives under a particular perspective, so we could discover that which cannot be spoken of, that which cannot be transmitted to another human being; which is our own self realization.

To know ourselves.

Once the belief system, whatever may that be; has been able to produce a human being who is looking at/ understanding his own self, then that belief system has been useful to that person. Otherwise, it is just a source of dependency, a source of more beliefs, a source of ‘facts’ from a limited perspective, which is one sided, incomplete and then misunderstood.

If someone tells you that you will be going to heaven, would that make you “sure” of that?
Wouldn’t you have any doubts, even if “God” told you that? Wouldn’t you be trying to make sure that “your belief in God,” is truly “God,” “The God”? 🙂

How is it possible for that doubt to go away? 🙂

When you discover heaven now, in your own life. Now.
That is the beginning and the end of every belief system.

Earth & I

Oh Earth, How you’ve been Misused!

Taken for Granted, Undervalued, Abused

Both Pleasure and Pain I’ve Given and Taken 

Your Symbiotic, Humble Nature completely Mis-taken

Positive Reverberation you Could Not Provide

When to Gratitude, Balance & Harmony I Died

It was I who took away all your Beauty

Oh Mother you have Given So Freely!

The Color of Love is the Signiture of You

So much Green you have given for us to Bloom

Did we turn Green into Greed and undervalue Truth?

I Vow from now to Care and have Respect for You too!



Question: Do we live inside the Earth or outside? It is your remark in one of the article what does it means …….

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
I was giving that example because the questions that we ask, denote our level of consciousness and understanding. As a matter of fact, those questions delimit the range of depth that someone could go into. This is something that I experience quite often, when someone understands what I am conveying, “I” get lots of “praise,” when what is explained in a different way is not understood or doesn’t agree with previous “understood knowledge,” then that “praise” could easily change into “defamation.” That is the game.

When I was 12, I asked my father: “Do we live in the inside or the outside of the Earth?” I was waiting for just one simple answer. Either “inside” or “outside.” When my father responded that we live “in the inside and the outside as well.” I wasn’t prepared to hear that answer. I always thought that being in 2 different spaces at the same time was impossible. That is what I understood from school, what my teachers will explain to me, my 12 year old understanding was that.

At the end I didn’t care much about the answer because his answer wasn’t expected, but he explained something like we are in the Earth’s atmosphere, which means that we are inside, but at the same time, there is no physical barrier in space that wouldn’t allow us to fly out… Now, i understand his explanation and makes sense to me.

Similarly, many Baba’s sweetest children are so used to getting the “black or white” response. It is either “this or that” but not both. That is “manmat.” See?

Best wishes!