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Enjoy the Silence

Tampa Bay

Many times we hear “ to be in silence.” For most that means, not to utter any word. Yes, that is silence; but in Spirituality we go beyond the common dictionary definition of that word.
We need to go into an experience of Silence.

“Not to talk before Baba’s meeting,” has become very fashionable. But not to think waste or even not to emit judgment or opinion, is something that not too many can “do.”
In fact, we don’t “do it,” it happens. 🙂

How does it happen?
When there is a realization of the value of not thinking mundane stuff, that is to be in silence.
As I was looking through the window, my mind had “plenty of stuff to do.” Needed to talk with this person, write an email here and there; purchase things, etc. Just mundane stuff.
Then, when the realization came of such activity without the label “this is mundane,” but as a “weight to carry,” some sort of “heaviness;” then, I was able then to really look outside the window and perceive beauty of trees and the clear shiny sky of that morning. At that point I was able to hear birds emitting sweet sounds, while my mind had stopped generating “noise.”

The realization of this change only lasts “1 second.” Because of that awareness; is that I am able to write this for otherwise; that state of beauty will go unnoticed. Almost like when we see a sunset, we become peaceful; and then we think: “If I want peace, I need a sunset.” There was no realization that our inner stage was “ready” for that experience when there was no expectation of that “peace” to happen and that the mind had stopped emitting wasteful noise. Beauty comes when that “noise” goes away.

Birds are “talking,” but their talk through singing is sweet. It is regenerating, it is fortifying. When that space of “silence” accumulates in the self; then automatically there is change in the being.

Those spaces of silence will be needed to recover our sanity when surrounded by a world of noise and activity.

Calmness, coolness, easiness; comes in the appreciation of that state of “non being.”
The beauty of dawn is appreciated when there is “no-one to emit judgment of it.”

That beauty penetrates our being as if we were sponges thirsty to engulf that holy water of silence.

Another realization comes, when we perceive that our state of being is not only dependent on “my own thinking, and feeling” but when I am able to feel the outside atmosphere. That is that heaviness which is made up by many human beings emitting “noise” through their thoughts as well as outside “entities.” That is the vibrational energy which many are not aware of.

The atmosphere brings its own energy. That energy may have different types of “noise.” If we are unaware of it, as “sponges” will be absorbing all of that and as a consequence our “stage” will be affected.

What is the cure for that?
What is the “effort”?
To be aware.

Being in Nature without nourishing ourselves with those vibes, is like going hungry to a food store, but just to feel content with the taste of candy bar.
Nature is the best “meditation room” ever created.

Enjoy the silence….