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Elucidation through Catharsis

This world is like a huge school. We are learning to live life, but at the same time; we are remembering who we are, what it is inside us, in other words; unfolding our unique capacity through life experiences. This is explained in some religions with the label of “numberwise.”

In fact, in this huge school, we have different levels of students: We have the ones from pre-school, we have 1st graders, 4th graders, 5th graders, high school and college students; the interesting thing to realize is that there is no “graduation,” no “6 figure job waiting for us at the end of the road;” this life of learning in itself and experiencing the experience is what makes life so precious and unparalleled. To appreciate life for just being in it, is the fuel that we need to learn to smile from the heart.

Different experiences and different expressions.

Therefore, the concept of “arriving,” or “achieving,” or “mastering,” all of that… are just concepts learned in our educational system. We have been “brainwashed” with those concepts so there is a path for us to follow to become part of the “economical growth of our nation.” Part of the statistics, the GDP per capita 🙂

In life, there is no such a thing as “a final destination.” It is a continuous, a flow. There is an “intelligence” which assures a re-cycle of our experiences just as the cycle of water in Nature.

Therefore, when someone feels that their ideas, their dogma, their religion is the “best;” the only “one,” the “truth,” that person is obviously not seeing the different kind of students of life. When a person merely rejects other ideas without appreciation, to blindly defend his own perspectives, that person is repressing himself for there is no openness in his vision.

Without that openness, there could only be fanaticism left. A fanatic has never “arrived” to anything “spiritual.” A “4th grader” cannot understand the things learned at College level. Nevertheless, life is the best teacher; and that person will either “open up” or “die,” that is the choice for those who are unable to see other things beside the wall in front of them and the closed-door of that room which is their own made up “golden” jail.

Spirituality is one. It is our understanding which differs. According to those understandings, you have different teachers for the different grade levels of the students. Thus, there cannot be such a thing as the “best teaching,” but rather everything goes around our understanding, which is not intellectual understanding by any means, but the understanding brought to us through insight; or through something known as “catharsis.”

That understanding happens when the right environment is around us; that is when there is silence, tranquility, harmony and love in our beings.

This is all….Nighttime changing into daylight


Some people figured out that there is drinking water scarcity, that climate is changing unexpectedly and with that a new pattern for wildlife is being created. Natural resources are being utilized more than ever, population is growing exponentially using up all of our resources, etc. etc.

Some people concluded that we are destroying our planet by depleting it.

Other people are afraid of the political changing governments of many countries in the world. They are afraid of terrorism overtaking and destroying different countries. They are afraid of “developed countries” financing the outcome of wars by providing “upgraded” armaments to less developed countries in the name of “freedom and democracy.”

These people see that a nuclear war could be started at any time. There is fear for destruction.

Then, you have the other side of duality.

Those who claim that all of that is “nonsense.” There are no “proofs,” for any of that and those observations come from negative and mentally handicapped people, sensationalist trying to make “a dollar.”

As a matter of fact, these people see the world as a better place to be. They argue that we have more comfort, more technology which is capable of solving all problems. The statistics of life expectancy are going up, there is life insurance, medical benefits, education and TV… the forces of the “market” are decisive in the economical growth of nations, so all efforts should be made to encourage further use of natural resources of the planet, which are plentiful.

The masses, when listening to contradictory versions, will go for the easy ride and just watch cricket or football instead. Entertainment is good!
Who cares about those things when they have a job, a family and pets to take care of?

Just in case, Mr. politician will come to help out. “We should get together and come up with plans to solve any situation which could affect the future and well being of our children. We should remain united, for our children are the future of our nations.”

Applauses and ovations for such a “great solution” are expected. That guy, really knows what he is talking about. It is about time to get that sort of solution. He will be elected again.

In the meantime, Religions will talk about “doomsday.” It is time to forget about the world and think about the after life. Be good. Do good and leave the rest to God. Keep praying.

Everyone has their own role in this Drama of life. Everyone has a part to play.

While people keep thinking about “making changes,” and “doing things,” to save the world; others are busy destroying it to maintain the “holy” forces of the economical markets going. The law of “supply and demand” is more important than any other law.

That is an example of unity.

In the meantime, some may sit and relax watching how nighttime changes into daylight.

No matter what people “want to do,” no matter what “upgraded” technology people has, still daylight will come. It is just a matter of time.

Is the world getting better?
Of course, it is. Day light is coming.
Is the world getting worse?
Certainly. Nighttime is disappearing little by little.

It is just the game of the night changing into daylight.
Do not get scared by being trapped into more dualistic words.

All is good for eternal beings while playing their role. Just a role. Roll on! 🙂