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Question: Is attachment and emotional dependency to another.can be avoided ? because today our thoughts and mentality mostly dependant on what others think abt me

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

We do not “avoid” attachment and emotional dependency, we transform those emotions through yoga, suffering, realizations and emerging love.

Most of the time attachment will be part of our personality unless we are willing to transform that deeply or when life places us in a situation where we cannot rely on others for emotional dependency. For example, that has been my experience of BK life. NO way out if you are a single brother in the midst of sisters. You need to learn to survive or “die.” (to die means simply letting yourself be overtaken by emotional dependency, whether that is with a “lokik” soul or by becoming submissive to the center in charge, so our need for companionship, sense of belonging, etc. is fulfilled by someone.)

This does not mean “never” to have relationships with anyone but “Baba.” But to realize that if we stay in that state of neediness, we cannot know how to transform attachment or emotional neediness, for we are blowing away the opportunities which life brings to overcome that through a high doses of solitude, experience of loneliness and deeper self awareness.

Dear soul, there is a high degree of inner work to be done to get there, but it is very possible.

Best wishes!