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Energetic exchange


When we speak, we emit a distinctive noise when our emotional state is altered.

For most individuals, this is “normal.” Typically in a meeting or a gathering, when we do not hear the meaning of the words, but just the noise itself, we could “hear” someone’s emotional state with ease.

The same “job” of listening to others, we could do it with ourselves. If we have difficulties in observing how an emotion could overcome us, just listening to the noises being made through our own mouths, could easily let us know about our state of mind.

The above is a significant practice. It is about observing ourselves. It is only when we catch ourselves in a state other than at “ease and peace,” that we could have the possibility to go back to it. That is the work of observation.

Typically, the vibrations, atmosphere or environment will have a great effect on our mind. If we are seating in front of confrontational individuals, and eating lunch with them; do not expect to have a good digestion. Your stomach will tense up. That tension will not allow for a proper digestion.

If we eat and watch a TV program charged with fear, fights, and negativity; the undiscerning mind will take all of that and become it.

Fear, tension and negativity will be the outcome of it.

The above just shows our interdependence with the environment. That is why eating should be a sacred moment, a moment to process our symbolic union with the environment.

Nourishment is not only about eating vitamins and essential minerals along with the groups of food; but even more important, it is about the complete experience of being part of a “symbiotic” relationship or experience with the whole of existence.
The “outside” becomes part of the “inside.”

Without this observation, we will never know how our emotional state of being is what it is.
Today moody. Tomorrow, elated. The day after, sad. Why is that?
For most “normal” individuals, the answer of that question is irrelevant if they could swallow a pill to feel ”better.”

Are we then dependent on the environment? Do we have a defense when we are around hostile environments?

In Spirituality, everything is about transformation. That is why, things are not rejected; but transformed. Things are accepted to be transformed.
Those things could be experiences; they could be feelings and emotions. The heart is the greatest transformer of energy and vibrations. To learn to close our open channels represented by the main entrance points in the being (7 main chakras) is a sure way to protect the self. To do that, we need to be aware of our environment. We need to learn to observe.

A thought filled with negativity, the bothersome feeling about being in a bad situation will become poison for the self. Thus, the heart needs to radiate its energy as protection. This is the “reason” behind sending “good feelings and good wishes for all.”

If we are not sending/giving energy; then we are taking energy in. If what we are taking in hasn’t been transformed; then we become what the outside emits.

We become “normal.”

If we take the time to sit and check ourselves, we will find out about a turmoil going on, which we could put in the back burner by “becoming busy.” If we do not catch that bothersome sensation, we have missed the opportunity to transform it and with that the opportunity to appreciate the ongoing game of giving and taking energy, which is of paramount importance to understand if we would like to keep smiling despite the ongoing things around us.

Nature is one of the greatest source for recharging the self with “new” energy. That energy has the strength to renew the self.

Not being aware of this interdependence is to live in isolation.

Energetic Nutrition 2 – By Mathias

Being alert through the day is how we can stop this process of deterioration from taking place. When our energy is directed for several hours in a natural and conscious way; our magnetic field increases. Also if we maintain a state of calmness while in movement; this conscious attention will mobilize those energies stuck or dispersed in our magnetic field.

Silence is very important as a tool to create emptiness, which in turn is important to create an energetic movement.

Our energetic nutrition can be transformed. This means that it depends in our state of consciousness and the ability to “switch“ from one dimension to another.

To take nutrients is a very complete phrase when we understand that it is something multidimensional.
Some things which will help us to bring more attention to our nutrition are sounds, attitude, conscious silence, and emotional and physical nutrition.

Using our state of being as instrument for change: To change our state of being is to change the instruments which we utilize for our own nutrition. That is the equivalent of “utensils” to eat food.

We will talk about some states of being:

Mental state: For many years now, human beings do not use this in an adequate form and for that there is aggression of the mind, that insensibility is more evident every day.
The mind requires doses of calmness. A state of calmness is the instrument adequate for the mind. In a conscious way we need to inoculate calm energy from Nature. In that way it will become strong and it will finish any state of alteration along with an adequate breathing.

To inoculate is to take from emptiness/voidness. To give form and to incorporate it into the mind. This should be done with firmness, with stability with self-control.

The emotional state: To be in stillness is necessary. In stillness we do not manipulate, control or direct everything that is apparent in our surroundings. To know how to wait, comes from being still.

That stillness which has the knowledge that things will happen as long as we are vibrating in the same syntony. In stillness there is no rejecting. That rejection is the form how we open our energetic cells. When we reject, we allow that which is negative to us, to enter us with greater strength.

Physical state: Rhythm is the key to use this instrument. Each one should observe the load in your own being and from there generate your unique rhythm.
When we consolidate these energetic instruments, there rest of instruments will be utilized in a natural way.

There is no explanation for something which works naturally. This is the way it is.

It is in this way, that people will awaken consciously and they will not be sleepy due to an incomplete nutrition.

If you pretend to eat soup with a fork; the sensation will be there; the heat of the food will be felt but the difficulty to consume that soup will alter the state of being of the participant, creating aggressiveness in his interior. When that situation is rejected, then the energetic cells will open and that which we emit or is in the atmosphere will be absorbed with greater speed.

The awakening of consciousness has the most complete consequence called: perfection.