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Questions for June 8, 2103 – Roles, Shiva.

Om shanti brother What does bapdada mean when he mentions become merged in father’s love. Would love to hear your thoughts 2) what is baba trying to explain – become emperor or subject. I believe it is an analogy for something. I can relate to higher state of awareness and reduced state of awareness as we all are number wise.. Look forward to your thoughts Thqnks

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,
What BapDada means is an experience. It is not a definition. Become merged in love and you will find the Father’s love. Feel that love that you are and you will find “real” love.

That love that you are is not different, in my experience; than the Father’s love.

On question number 2, the Father wants for his children to be the best… That is in a talk suited for a childish mind, that means to become an Emperor, number 1, Narayan, etc; etc.

The Father wants for his children not to slack off, for the children may be thinking that once they reach Paradise that is all and since the children are BKs, then Paradise is an automatic “reward” according to SMs. Then, there has to be something to become, something to compete with others, higher marks to get, percentage, etc to fulfill ; that is the carrot in front of the donkey, so the donkey can continue moving forward. See?

When you become soul conscious like anyone else there, does it make any difference what your role is? If it does, isn’t that “role consciousness,” leading into body consciousness? Could it be possible to be in “paradise” and to think:
“ I wanted to be Laxmi, why didn’t I become that? “ Isn’t that sorrow in Paradise? 🙂

Best wishes,

Dear soul, The thought of an eternally repeating cycle makes me wonder if Shiva has recollection of the previous/future cycles. Surely that must not be the case. I assume that Shiva lives completely in the moment focusing on his role to purify his children and provide the foundation to start the golden age. Also, I have been thinking what does Shiva do between the golden and silver ages. What role does he play at that time? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Many thanks brother

🙂 Thank you for your question, dear soul…
In this Drama, no one does anything. Everything gets done through us according to the Drama. A soul receives a role. That role is not the soul, but just a role like in a play for little children.

A child has the role of a donkey, another child the role of a king. In their next life, the child who was a donkey may become a princess, and the one who was a king may be a toad. See?

You are humanizing Shiva as if he “was working hard for us” as the SM mentions ( at the office from 9 to 5 PM, and even overtime…making plans to save the children from the claws of Maya, the villain.)

If Shiva was like us but He could not forget; it would be “severe punishment” for Him, to remember every cycle countless times. Remembering and forgetting is duality. Shiva is beyond that.

Is there any other way that “Shiva can purify his children,” besides reminding them this knowledge through Brahma which will be understood in a “numberwise way”?

We will “do” (remember, we don’t do anything) the rest, according to our prescribed part.
Thus, what Shiva does between the Golden and Silver ages? 🙂

He rests for 2500 years after having a “hard time” trying to convince His children to self transform at the confluence age… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Dear soul,
I apologize for not being able to share anymore on this for now. I hope you understand for there are many levels of souls reading this.
However, as your experience increases in self transformation, you will understand the answer of your question very well. It is just a matter of patience and time.

Best wishes!