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Realms of consciousness – Part 2


If the first realm is about separation through thought; the second realm is about union through feelings. The first realm of thought is usually labeled as “male,” for thinking, analyzing, making inferences, using logic; etc. has been traditionally a male characteristic throughout time.

Feeling on the other hand, is a “female” characteristic. In many religions and mystical beliefs, there has been the interpretation that a woman is closer to God or to the Divine due to this characteristic. Nothing further from the truth. Just like there are many “brainy,” analytical, logic oriented females; there are many men who have developed their feelings. When trapped in the consciousness of the body, we only think in relationship of genders. We make that separation based on genders which is thought oriented.

Feelings are the way to get someone closer to that divinity, God, inner-knowledge, etc.

How can we say that we have love for all if we don’t feel it? We cannot “think” love to all. Feelings are meant to bring closeness. They are meant to break that gap of separation brought by thought and thinking.

To live life is to feel life. In that feeling there is interrelationship. Through feelings we can know about beauty, love, truth, bliss, peace, happiness.

None of that could be a thought, analysis, theories, etc.

Poetry is a song. That song transmits feelings through the sound of words. When we are touched by that music, we become poetry. That openness is needed. That is called sensibility. When we are sensible then empathy and appreciation appear. With that intuition.

Through feelings, the knowledge of “me” being different than the “movie” of life, is not felt; although it could be “logically” understood.

Nature or God could be good sources to develop those feelings when there is some apprehension to deal with other human beings. We cannot say that we honestly love everyone when we have fear to someone…. and when there is fear, there is no love.

Love to God is said to be a way to transform the self. It is, because when we feel deeply, we close that separation. That feeling of beauty will bring beauty in our lives. Once we know about that beauty we can only align with that. All the other things lose their meaning. This type of romantic love with the Divine, the “other” has been labeled as “pure,” “good,” etc. Through that experience is when we know the duality of “ugliness/beauty,” but the inner work to understand this goes beyond this level of consciousness.

In those feelings “we are,” we exist because of someone else. Our tremendous love for Nature could be as intense as someone’s love for God. Then, we are living, feeling, breathing because of that “other” thing.

“I live only for God.” “ God is my everything.” Sounds pretty good, until we discover that the time to live for ourselves, to discover the greatness of our own existence is also important.

Living for others is a typical female characteristic which needs to be balanced with knowing the self.
Here is when the third realm of consciousness appears, the self.

On Man and Woman


Possibly this is the duality which most could be familiar with, because we are living this duality throughout our lives. From this understanding based on experience and not on a conceptual definition, we could understand dualistic thinking.

Are there any differences between man and woman? This question already has set up dualism in it, so the answer could be dualistic: Yes or No. This is the type of answer sought by talk shows to create polemical debates.

When we look at someone without those labels which only create differences between human beings, we are a step forward. It is true that from the majority, their view on someone will be dualistic: “You are this. I am that. There is a difference. I will treat you and perceive you based on that difference.” However, their view on you should not affect what you feel about them. This is to live in the reality of “now” and not in a conceptual world of yesterday, made by artificial traditions, beliefs and such.

There is no difference between man and woman, but there is. Can we live with that? Man and Woman are human beings with complementary energies. That is all. Just as day and night.

That energy is not related with the way the body looks or functions. That is why there is homosexuality and in that realm, there is still male energy and female energy.

That variety of complementary energies is shown in animals and plants: There is asexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, etc. There is a range.

Similarly is with human beings. What is the sense on labeling that variety as “good or bad” if it is the way it is?
Acceptance of what is will give us the openness to feel oneness. Rejection of what is based on “moral” codes, beliefs, traditions, etc. will surely destroy our possibility to perceive totality, wholesomeness and harmonious balance.

When there is a magnet with a positive polarity near a magnet with negative polarity, there will be a strong attraction of those 2 magnets. That force of attraction will make those 2 magnets crash with a force which is proportional to their magnetic,”attractive” intensity.

The same is with human beings. Many will “hit” one another and find out later the consequences of it.

When a human being, has not explored the male and female side in them, there will be a tremendous neediness for the other side. Their “opposite side.” Everyone is looking to be complete. That completeness comes according to their own nature. Thus, it is important to explore in ourselves and find out what is our nature, our role in life.
For some, it may be to live with a partner, for others there is no need for it, and yet others may find anything in between.

Different needs, Different nature. There is variety.

Please see the importance of first balancing our own polarity within ourselves to be become wholesome within ourselves. Then this wholesomeness could be shared in relationship, thus making a greater unity.

However, in reality this rarely will happen, because there is no such inner observation.

If our polarity is strong in one side, we will search without doubt to find our other “half.” That search could be detrimental when neediness is the instigator of that search.

This is why, some religions advocate the complete separation between male and female energies as a way to find God. Please be aware, that this is just a tool to reform the self which needs to find their other half within themselves first, to become a complete unity by balancing inner energies. Nevertheless, when this method is not understood, there will be rejection towards the other side. With that rejection will come an inner fight, for the need to meet our other “half” will be there.

No matter what we do or think. We cannot lie to ourselves for too long.

A person suppressing his “natural” need for the pursue of an ideal, will experience many inner fights of emotional nature until that need is either expressed (which will happen as an emotional explosion due to repressing ) or that repressed energy will end our well-being through an emotional, psychological or physical disease.

On the contrary, those who have not found their own unity, even though they may find a partner in their lives; will experience the sensation that something is missing. This could translate in a continuous search and disappointments, for there is no one who can give us something that we do not have.

That is the mirage.

When that unity is found within the self, which expresses as being self-sufficient, self-reliant and having self-respect out of acceptance of all, and not out of rejection of all, then that person is ready to expand that self into a “bigger” self, that is a relationship. In that experience of unity beyond the boundaries of the self, is when the male and female energies are complementary of each other.

In the realm of metaphysical “new age,” there is the talk about “soul mates” and also about “twin flames.”
A “soul mate” being any relationship which had a strong influence in our many lives, which is the product of karma. On the other hand, the “twin flame” is depicted as that relationship where harmonious “unity” is felt. It is said to be the first relationship someone had as a couple in their first incarnation, which later on due to karmic accounts, that relationship had a gap of many lifetimes without that “other half.”

It is also mentioned, that for this meeting to happen again, those karmic bondages which initiated that separation need to be clear. Thus, a relationship with a “twin flame” is something that could only occur when there has been spiritual work which will allow that full recognition. The purpose of a “twin flame” relationship is not to experience romantic love, but to experience unconditional healing love that will allow further spiritual progress and to radiate that expression onto other human beings.

Here a link to recognize a “false twin-flame.” 🙂

The above belief could have some “truth” in it. However, the main point is that without that inner work to find unity within the self, there is not a chance to experience anything further. The “normal” realm is all there is then and that realm comes with all the “normal” problems and issues that we hear about all the time.

A Divine relationship is not made on Earth for self fulfillment, but it is made in “Heaven,” as an aid to progress on the spiritual path, for in that state of consciousness, unity is all there is.

Reader Remark: Woman’s equality with Man – A perspective

Om Shanti brother,
I read today a very interesting article on woman’s equality with men. A very simple, yet highly scholarly article! It clearly explains how the Bible was distorted to project the supposed inferiority of woman, yet it restores hidden concepts from the Bible itself to show woman is equal to man. This will make easier BKs’ effort to help those from the Christian background. Interestingly it is written by a male, that too from Hindu background! Really a must-read! Here is the link:


Dear soul,
Thank you for sharing that link. The fight between genders have been an ongoing thing since the perception of “being different” appeared. Humanity is always dividing. Races, countries, religions, etc. Everything is a division. That only accumulates further ego.

Men and Women express 2 different energies of the same unity. They are complementary as the Yin and Yang.
Then we have the “stereotypes” which make a woman do certain things or be certain things. That probably was true sometime ago in many countries; but as we should be aware; the gap is closing and women are doing the same things than men and even opportunities are changing even though it could be argued that it is a “male” world.

Hence, the need of female energy to balance that male dominated world.

However, “female energy” does not necessarily mean being in a female body; but to have the stereotypical qualities of female energies such as: nurturing care, sensitivity, and sustenance towards others. Those are female energy qualities, which could be held by men as well.

As it is in the world, when in “body consciousness,” we either tend to believe that God has chosen man or woman (according to a religion) as their “favorite” gender to “save” the world… 🙂 thus, we build hierarchies based upon that belief.

That denotes lack of spiritual understanding.

Best wishes!

Question:In your yesterday’s explanation you have explained “I have experienced attacks of subtle energies such as “ghosts.” Could please elaborate on this aspect in detail? Could you please guide us on how to prevent ourselves from such negative energies?

Thank you for your question. I feel it would be helpful to share this.
In the spiritual path, we will become more in tune with vibrational energy. We could go to a place and perceive the “atmosphere.” Baba is asking us to be powerful over it. The “atmosphere” or environment may be charged with heavy energies which will change our mood and feelings. Only if you have experienced this, you will be able to understand.
I have never believed in “nonsense” such as ghosts and “dark energy.” However, in my BK life I have experienced firsthand these things.
I had many incidents, but I will just share one. I worked in a school at one time. That school was loaded with ghosts/energies. I wasn’t able to understand why people used to be moody all the time (from extremes) and how technology in that place used to work and then failed without reason.
My job was technology at that time. One day I felt a panic attack. I have never felt something like that. Another time, my mood was changing without a reason. “Nothing” was going on.
The last day of work there, I literally felt the heaviness of these energies “attacking me” trying to get inside me and….the computer was acting up by itself… “Someone” was typing in a user name and password in my laptop. It wasn’t me! I was the only tech guy in that place. (For those thinking that someone was using remote desktop on my laptop.)
Someone who I trust helped me to deal with these issues.

His advice was: 1) Stay away from columns in rooms. That is where energy usually concentrates.
2) Be aware that it is not you. Perceive how these energies change you. By being aware, things could be changed around. Because those energies will not have the power to live through you. This is what those “disembodied” beings want to experience, living through a body again.
3) Be “centered” and send those energies with your thoughts, to a “safe place” for them. Visualize this happening. Be assertive but respectful while doing this with your mind.
4) Don’t stay in the same place for extended periods of time, move.
5) Place “alum” rock in your bedroom and office and even in your car. This rock has the property of absorbing energies, any energy around. Doing further reading, alum has many other properties and it is used as well by Shamans to cure “fright sickness’ in kids and even adults. Do not expect to find a lot of information on it on the web in English. I found a lot in Spanish, where “folk medicine” is still reliable rather than the “secondary effect” pill of typical allopathic medicine.
Those experiences have changed me into a “believer.” Many times you could feel these entities at night while sleeping. For that it is recommended to have a dim yellow or green light in the bedroom, so it is not totally dark. I have seen BKs sleeping with a small red light, but the advice came with those 2 colors.

To finish, according to gyan, we will experience with greater force these energies in the environment. I have recently discovered that I need to “clean” myself in Nature by feeling the vibration in a park or another Nature setting early in the morning. See the sun rising. Do some Pranayama Then, when I go to another place, I can be very sensitive to the vibrations there and then, I protect myself by being “centered” and aware of energies coming to me. I just need to be aware that it is not me and to send “pure wishes and good feelings,” permeate the environment with “my “energy. This has worked very well for me, for then I can see how “strong” I have become. If we pay attention, we can be in life “open” to all energies. Anything will filtrate in you. Or, we can be attentive and “close” our energy field to protect the self. This is the practice of “a-temporal” which I have described in another post. Basically it is equivalent of “bodiless traffic control.”
As a massage therapist as well, I have felt so many energies coming through touch. We need to be aware of them and “clean up” with one intention and wash ourselves.
“Bathing in the Ganges to purify ourselves” makes sense now. Water is a universal cleaning agent for energies.

Hope this is helpful.

Best wishes!