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Apathy in life

strawberry cake

If we have been observing ourselves, sooner or later we will find out that our mood is constantly changing. Typically, we will remember the complete opposite sides of the spectrum; that is when we are elated, full of zest and enthusiasm; and then when we are depressed, when we feel down or with complete apathy of what is going on.

To be aware of that constant flux or change is to notice how nothing is lasting in life.

The disciple said: “My meditation was extraordinary.”
The Zen master responded: “It will go away.”
The disciple, after a couple of days said: “My meditation was awful today.”
The Zen master responded: “it will go away.”

The issue is when we do not notice this natural fluctuation and rather than center ourselves in the observation of life without judgment, we try to grab a particular moment in life, a particular feeling and posses it.

That will go away as well.

To just observe means to be aware. When we stop taking ourselves seriously, we can smile. 🙂
When we smile, life changes its color.
A rich, eloquent, nutritious smile can turn our own winter time in life into a fruitful Spring.

Any feeling that we feel, any sensation, any thought has its cusp and its bottom. In between there is movement, inevitable change. This is a fact in the world of duality.
Being aware of that, means to become free from the fleeting sensation while enjoying it.

Life is like eating a piece of strawberry cake: We can only enjoy the taste of it while eating it. That means that at the end of the experience, there will be no cake left.

Most, worry about finishing the piece of cake, thus; there is no enjoyment in the experience. Others will rush themselves into finishing the cake for the anticipation of a “better future.” Yet others, will practice apathy in front of the strawberry cake, saying: “it will go away. I’d better no get used to it.”

Please see how the Zen teaching: “it will go away,” could be easily misinterpreted.

Enjoyment, appreciation of the moment needs to be there. Our capacity for enjoyment of life will depend on our openness to life, our ability to experience the experience and to let it go.

This is not about thinking: “I’d better not enjoy the strawberry cake because it will be gone while I eat it and then I will miss it.” This creates apathy out of fear.

Taste the strawberry cake of life, enjoy it and be grateful of that experience…This creates gratitude in life.
When there is gratitude there is enthusiasm and with that vitality, strength… Then, a new human being is born.

Question: Brother thank you immensely for this platform. I am very knew to BK Knowledge but it seems like the explanation I have been waiting for. The puzzle seems to be getting solved with a few experiences, slowly but surely. I am pretty sure this would not be an unique experience but if you could please throw some light on what I find a bit of a paradox – at one point I am drawn to total solitude, its something which I cannot do without and yet at the other point I find a part of me in every person, can very clearly see there point of view and the bigger picture which makes it very difficult for me to take sides and ascertain right/wrong. I notice getting acceptance and invitation to be with them, however, what they do is of no interest and and enjoyment for me and my lifestyle is very different and I make no effort to take it forward. I do appreciate my extended family and get togethers with them but after a point I need to be alone. I do not want to hurt them as I care but at the same time I need to respect my need of being alone as it saps my energy. So I am connected but at the same time disconnected? Is that a form of cheating/ego/manipulation? Spirituality states not to reject people and at the same time chose your company? Solitude is important and yet you are one with everyone?

Thank you for your great question and your kind words!
Dear soul,

As BapDada mentioned today (3-31-13) in the avyakt Murli, it is about “balance.” Enjoy life as a whole, with everything that it brings. Solitude by being “by yourself” is a first and perhaps necessary step for many in the spiritual path. That will change. You will learn to be by “yourself” while with others. When there is that inner power and “will” for self transformation, you will find opportunities, rather than challenges to “test” your stage.

You may express your need to be alone in some occasions. Perhaps “being alone” is not something that some people will understand. They will think that you are depressed and that they need to “cheer you up.” Express your need to “re-charge” yourself to be with them afterwards, with greater energy and enthusiasm.

Spirituality is the expression of love and power. When there is that “power” you will not need to “choose your company.” Spirituality has many stages, and certainly we should be able to recognize, first grade from high school. That is, spirituality is honesty with the self, and because of that; with others.

“Solitude” is important because it allows you to be with everyone being “you.” Otherwise, you will not be YOU but learn to be “them.”
This is not meant as separation but as a reminder than being aware and conscious is not what everyone is interested in.

Best wishes!