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The world of Spirits and other entities

A dove is supposed to be a dove. Nothing less or greater than a dove. Likewise, is with human beings. A human being is meant to fully live the experience of being a human being. Not to be a spirit, an angel, or a demon. Just to be fully a human being.

In this “Oneness” there are many kinds of beings.
Every being brings its own type of energy.

From yesterday, we could see the importance of the family tree. There are particular types of energy that every family brings into this Oneness.
For example, in Peter’s maternal side of the family there is the energy of resourcefulness on the “positive” side but sadness on the “negative.” Peter’s grandpa was devastated when his wife passed away. Peter’s grandpa survived for another 15 years full of sadness. He even attempted suicide a couple of times without “success.” Sadness was there to stay.

As a youngster, Peter became acquainted with that energy as he had a close relationship with his grandpa. Later on in Life, that energy appeared through spirits in his Life. The purpose was to enhance that energy of sadness so it could be dealt with, without the “karma” exchange with another human being.

Peter’s father’s side has the energy of joy on the positive side but pride on the negative. Peter’s life has been about the exploration and settlement of all of those energies through different situations in Life.

Another example?
Mary may have an extreme need to feel loved in her Life. It is part of her family tree, her ancestors. That energy could appear as a need to be loved but may be disguised in her awareness. A situation in an intense relationship, a roller coaster of ups and downs, the search of the “perfect” partner in Life, could be the theme in that Life experience.

If that energy is remaining in Mary’s Life and there is no opportunity for settlement through a human being, spirits will present the necessary experience.
When it is time to deal with something inside ourselves, Life will present the opportunities at the right time and in many unusual ways.

How do these spirits come into contact with human beings?
First, “spirit” is a general term. There are many types of entities to name, which cannot be perceived through human senses; nevertheless, they exist when they come into our experience. We affect each other. It is not just “them,” but also “us,” humans.

Some entities will be attracted to someone who has a similar type of energy. Sadness will attract sadness. Neediness to feel loved will attract that neediness.

When there is a rupture in the human energetic field which acts as a “shield,” those entities will arrive and they will act as in a symbiotic relationship where the “host” is the human being.

That rupture in the energetic field could arrive through many ways: Exchange of energy with other human beings, sometimes by using the pendulum or the Ouija board or any other “door” to the spirit world. Once the energy field of the human is repaired through an energetic healer or through a process of trial and error, then the spirit will go away because it has no way to enter or “live off” the host again.

In the spirit world there are many types of energies just like the diversity of human beings.

“Lower” types of energies will represent a challenge for a human host. “Higher” types of energies are helpful for the development of humanity as a whole.

Nevertheless, whether a “higher” or a “lower” type of energy is part of our experience, we can be sure that it is exactly what we need in our development at a particular time.

Typically a lower energetic form will thrive in creating a dependency or in robbing the energy of the host. That energy could be emotional, Life force, sexual or to enhance the primary energy of the host. (i.e.: Sadness with greater sadness.) For this purpose, that entity could present itself in a suitable way for the host to avoid conflict. Many times, the host may not be aware of the spirit existence; but when there is awareness and consent a “relationship of dependency” will be built.

Sometimes, that spirit energy could create an addiction in the human host, making it very difficult to get away from it.
Energetically the host and the entity are bound together, they get used to each other, thus when rupture of that symbiotic relationship happens, there will be suffering in the human being as there could be emotional involvement. Just like a “normal” relationship between human beings.

On “higher” energetic forms, the aim is to help for a determined task or purpose and then once the task is over (the common good) that spiritual being will go away without creating a dependency. Beings of light typically proceed in that way.

When a person “dies” residual energies of that person, could create an entity with some characteristics of the person when he was alive. Some humans could perceive that energy. That is the reason why in some cultures, they burn the body of the deceased.

Why am I sharing this information?
Because it may be needed.
Those who have dealt with spirits in their experience will understand what I am conveying here. Those who haven’t can use this article as simple information.

Oneness is more than beings living in the material world. There is a relationship with spirits as well, which typically influence the human world. “Older” cultures knew about this relationship. “Newer” cultures, only laugh about that “joke.”

To each its own.

Question – June 21, 2013 – About Evil Spirits

Om Shanti, Dear Brother is the part of evil spirits haunting somebody fixed in the drama, or it is something that can be avoided? Do evil spirits really exist? One of my bk friend says that the part of evil spirits has begun now as a large number of unnatural deaths are occuring nowadays. Is it so? Thank You.

Dear soul,
Everything that can be perceived is part of the Drama. Evil spirits are not evil, but challenging spirits. They challenge what we would like to accomplish. To “avoid” evil spirits is part of the Drama as well, if it is in your “part.” Otherwise, that is known as “settling a karmic account,” which will allow you to “avoid” this challenge at a later time, even in another life time.

Just become aware that these challenging entities exist. Just do a search on “evil spirits” on the blog to find other articles, or better yet, the keyword “ghosts.”

Here an article: https://explore7.wordpress.com/2012/06/22/1060/

Those spirits “parts” have been in existence for 2500 year now and so “unnatural death” as well.
For a BK, it comes the part of settling karmic accounts now and that may be related with these entities/ghosts/spirits. Having the “evil spirit of lust,” is another kind of “evil spirit,” and perhaps the one that most BKs will experience.

Best wishes!