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Changes: Getting rid of the added rust

Change means life. There is nothing static. Movement is ongoing. Our emotional and mental suffering is related with our inability to let things go on or because we cling into something made up by our minds which is not “here” yet. These are desires.

For someone who is not aware, changes will tend to degenerate, that is “entropy” is the default when there is no awareness. This could be explained simply by looking at a nail after several years, rust will be building up. The former shiny nail will lose its color.

This “rust” is what religions and moral teachings have identified as “vices.” Therefore, well-known religions and moral teachings are all about cleaning that rust by “doing” something.

Some religions will apply sandpaper over the nail. The nail will have to go through lots of friction and discomfort to get the rust out… however, sand paper is not the “solution” to maintain the nail clean from vices, but just a temporary method, for if sandpaper is not applied to that nail on a regular basis, then more rust will appear.
This creates a “dependency” of the nail for sandpaper. Notice that everything here goes at the physical level.

For example, If I realize that sex lust is “bad,” then I should not look at a woman. Then, I should think that a woman is my mother or my sister, so the desire will go away. “Do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” 🙂

This is sandpaper. That is, to identify something which is “wrong” with me and to do something to get that out of my system.
As long as there is sandpaper, then I should be “clean,” if I “do” a good job. 🙂

There are other religions or philosophies which proclaim that “everything is what I should be,” and I do not need to “do” anything to change. I am perfect already, but I do not realize it. 🙂

Many have misinterpreted this religious/moral teaching as to “do what is natural.” Thus, Anger is natural, lust is natural, greed is natural, etc. When there is this huge misinterpretation, there is more rust accumulated in the nail.

Zen Buddhism and Taoism have been misinterpreted in this way. For many is about sitting for meditation looking at the wall and performing some devotional rituals and nothing else after that except to think about a “koan,” to dissolve the mind. Here, there is no striving to be “better” for there is nothing to improve.

The problem is that there is no inner observation of what “is.” That comes with awareness and dear reader, awareness cannot be taught, it happens, by itself when we are continuously observing ourselves and by being in contact with Nature to be nurtured by it. Nature is subtle and that subtlety needs to be ingested by a person who is only aware of the physical realm.

When looking at the moon on a windy night, being mesmerized by the beauty of the moment, when appreciation appears, when the heart spontaneously awakens with love, in that moment there is a connection, there is a “something” that is perceived in the air, the setting. That something is subtle and it comes as spiritual nourishment by itself as long as our mind is in that tranquil state of appreciation.

That nourishment changes individuals. The only task is to be aware enough to perceive it. To be open to it.

Then we can see that the utility of sandpaper is just to get us to that point.

Then, magically; the nail is covered by anti-corrosive paint, as long as we could experience that subtle nourishing energy which is everywhere as long as we are aware of it.

The effect is the feeling of gratefulness and peace. When that peace manifest in movement, there is harmony.
This is the “natural” state. Once we know this state by experiencing it, then there is no need to do anything to avoid rust on the nail. Then, we can “do” what is natural, not before.

Therefore, the task is just to be aware. To “gain” awareness after our many years of lethargic sleep.

The sleeping beauty wakes up when the kiss of awareness of the prince, touches her heart.

Questions for June 6th 2013- Topics: Power, Love and Entropy

Brother, When i say i am a powerful being what i really mean from this? Our nature is of stillness and of movement, 2 extremes. Should we focus on break(to get stillness) or should we learn to drive (to get moving)?

Dear soul,
Thank you for your great question!
To be “powerful” simply means to be able to be constantly stable in one stage at this time. We fluctuate because our consciousness fluctuates. For some that stage to be obtained is called “soul consciousness,” for me it is “beyond thoughts and duality.”

Your mind is caught up in duality when you see 2 different things such as movement and stillness and having to choose one of them. Embrace all. You are both. If you deny one to choose the other, you will suffer for sure. “The truth is a paradox” has been said, not that it is logic.

Best wishes!

dear brother,if girl or boy face the one side love situation what should he or she should do???As who is in love sending thoughts and definitely thoughts will come to the other person which will create disturbance. How one can protect him/her self from this kind of situation where he/she does not want to involve.I asked question because i have seen so many youth who dis troy their career due to other person and sometimes lose their valuable life for that person who has no care for their emotions. In this situation other person is also not responsible as he/she cant feel same for other person?so who is responsible. How spritual knowledge can stop youth to take such a big step like sucide for love ones?

Dear soul,
Thank you for your great question.
Let us say that person A is in “love” with person B.
Person B does not reciprocate that love, is not interested in person A as a “lover.”
Person A will be thinking about person B all the time. Sending thoughts towards that person.

Those thoughts will be in relation on how person A was treated by person B.
If person B was very harsh towards person A and closed all doors, hurting the feelings of person A; then you can imagine the quality of thoughts that will come as a return in person B’s way.

One of the things that we need to learn is to treat everyone with respect. We know that this a karmic account (so no one is responsible,) but knowing that does nothing to solve the issue. Therefore, let us be aware of the feelings of another human being who feels something for us, even though we do not wish to be engaged in such relationship.

The other thing that we should know is that as long as we are dependent on someone for our happiness, we will fluctuate. That fluctuation could be a broken a heart for some or to commit suicide for others.

To learn to let go, is more than lyrics from a song; it is truly to wish the best to another being and let that be the extent of your love for that person.

When you open your hands and let a dove fly free from your “protection;” you can enjoy its flight with good wishes from the heart. A dove needs to fly.
If it is in the Drama, that bird will come back to you by itself; otherwise, it is free to fly. You are Ok with both. That is love.
If youth could learn that, then their teacher was a “good one.”
Sometimes, that teacher is life itself.

Best wishes!

HELLO and omshanti dear brother I’m in gyan since one year. Baba said that I come onto this earth only when all other souls become tamo pradhan. my question is if every soul has to go through sato pradhan, sato, rajo, tamo, tamo pradhan (it is known that souls degrade as they take births but baba said a child is sato pradhan,adoloscent is rajo &adult is in tamo stage in each birth too) then the one birth soul should reach 25 years of age for becoming tamo pradhan only then Baba started coming which means that soul has already hit 101 years of age if sangam is still continuing the age of that soul continues to be indefinite how can this be possible? Does it mean we are only 4-5 years away from world transformation?

Dear soul,

Thank you for your question! And welcome to the BK club!
Take a look at a day and how it transforms into the night. This will explain to you a mini cycle of sato, rajo and tamo.

Then, observe how the 4 seasons change in a year. That will teach you a bigger cycle of sato, rajo and tamo.

Then, take a look at the cycle of time; then that will teach you a even greater cycle of sato, rajo and tamo. (Entropy)

Now, take a look at human beings and how their lives fit in all of those cycles.

Please just take a look at this for now, study that and you will learn the answer to your won question.

Unfortunately, I do not follow how “entropy” is related with being 4-5 years away from world transformation; when the world is always transforming.

Best wishes!

The road of self support in Spirituality


In Spirituality, any practice that we are engaged in should eventually take us to a change of consciousness.
When our consciousness has changed, then our vision, our perceptions will change as well.
Once that consciousness has moved into a different “place” then we can understand where we came from and where we currently are. We can see the difference.

This is like meditation. In meditation our consciousness moves to a different space of consciousness.
However, we will not be able to transmit the experience through words to someone else.

For instance, If I turn vegetarian from meat eater. There is a change of consciousness when there is no longer a struggle to eat meat. Then, we will notice a difference.

If we just “list” those differences and start talking about them, others will believe that we are trying to “convert” them, to take away their “pleasure of eating flesh.” 🙂
Then, their “defenses” will be ready to fight back and they will not listen, but merely find counter arguments. Sort of: You said this, but according to so and so..what you are saying cannot be true…

That change of consciousness in itself brings a different behavior. That is how others may observe the change of behavior and ask questions, then because they are getting a reply rather than being preached; there is openness in their view which will give them the “choice” of trying something different.

This is how world transformation happens. How consciousness changes without “force” or “tricks.”

When we reside in a different consciousness than the “normal” individual, we could let ego draw lines and differentiate the ways in which we “are better” than the rest or we could use that opportunity to see something different to increase our inner motivation to find out what is next for us. To go beyond.

Once we attain a certain amount of consciousness; it could be maintained through a diligent work on our own awareness. That is, we need to clean our “container,” our intellects daily; so entropy or the pull to “be like everyone else,” is no longer felt.

This “pull” will exist; but it is not “bad,” but rather the current state of consciousness of the world as a whole.
With knowledge, we know that no one is liable for this state of affairs; but also we know that according to time; something else will come up. To prepare for that while aware of this situation; is the spiritual task. This is the “incognito” task.

Attaining a degree of awareness then, is a goal. To arrive to another state of consciousness is a “natural trip” as long as our awareness has increased. Then, It is not something that we force on ourselves, that we feel the need to reject or renounce something to attain something else.

An adult will naturally leave his toys of childhood, once there is the awareness of being over the stage of childhood. That awareness comes with a different consciousness. At that point, there is no struggle to leave those toys, thus; there is no renunciation.

Just as there is a “pull” for going into entropy, the “normal” behavior; at this time, there is also “help” to go “up above.”

Rituals and scheduled practices have been developed to maintain that consciousness in an artificial way. However, once awareness is increased and once we diligently clean up our “own containers,” there is the possibility to endure and to thrive by ourselves.

This is not something for many, but for few. It takes courage to try something new. There is a risk, but there is also a prize.

Easy Raja Yoga Knowledge as 1-2-3-4


If you ever wanted to know how “life/Drama works” according to Raja Yoga gyan, in easy to understand steps; that you could communicate to anyone; here is the “churning” (realization) fresh from the “inner bakery” 🙂

Life, which is known as “Drama” is ONE (1.) That is all it has ever existed. There is nothing before it. It is eternal.

Life or the Drama is in continuous movement; that is matter and energy continuously transform. That perception of change, is what we call as “time.”

That change, that movement, experiences entropy. That means that it “degrades” in quality. It is “numberwise” and it is reflected by the souls arriving to the Drama of life at a certain point in time. This experience of “entropy” could be divided into “soul consciousness” and “body consciousness.”(2) Two.

Soul consciousness means non-duality (1)
Body consciousness is duality (2) Therefore, that is (3) Three in the Drama.

Finally, Soul consciousness has 2 seasons: Spring and Summer.
Body consciousness has 2 seasons as well: Fall and Winter.

Those (4) seasons make up the cycle of time; also known as Golden, Silver, Copper and Iron ages.

As we can see, the Drama is ONE.
The Drama is TWO
The Drama is THREE
The Drama is FOUR.
From ONE, it expands through entropy, (into 2,3, and 4) so it can collapse into ONE again.

From the seed it expands into a tree of many things to collapse into the seed again.
Therefore, to understand knowledge is to know the “seed” and its capacity to expand.

Now some Trivia: 🙂

The numerical progression on number of births according to Gyan.

Soul consciousness: 8+ 12 = 20 plus 1 at the “confluence age” when coming from body consciousness into soul consciousness; that is equal to 21.

Copper age number of births = to Golden age + Silver age+ Confluence age.
That is 21 births in the Copper age = to the same number of 21 births in soul consciousness.

Iron age is equal to twice as much as the Copper age (42) or twice as much as the Golden + Silver + Confluence age number of births.

That “one” birth is a transitional birth on the same physical body; thus we can also say that we can get as many as 83 different bodies in the cycle of time, but we can take as many as 84 births… 🙂

Ego, Golden Age and Eckhart Tolle

Interesting to note how nowadays, we have different philosophies and approaches to spirituality but all of them seem to point to the same Self Realization, Awakening, Soul consciousness, etc.

This video explains how the “Golden age,” or “Paradise” (depending on your belief) depicts that time before the presence of ego.
Ego appears as a consequence of that entropy which is what gives the experience of duality.

Note how in Christianity, some of the teachings of Christ point to egoless-ness when well “interpreted;” that is from those who have experienced the experience and not from those who only have the degrees (known as “experts” and dwell in “theory.”)

Ego is not “bad” but part of that experience which we call life. It is through the experience of ego, how we will return to “soul consciousness” again, that is awakening.

As Mr. Tolle explained through one of the teachings of Christ, (the parable known as “The prodigal son”) that is how we will go back home, through the understanding of that ego, or by “conquering ego.”
“Back to the Father’s home;” (as in the parable) which is a well known line in Brahma Kumaris.

Good video to watch:

Question: Om Shanti. Dear Brother, All souls go through the four stages of Satopradhan, Sato, Rajo and Tamo. My question is: BK souls, who try to settle their karmic account in this confluence age will go back to Satopradhan stage via Rajo and Sato from their present Tamo stage? or is it possible to directly go to Satopradhan from Tamo stage? Does reaching Karmateet stage is equal to reaching Satopradhan stage?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

The names Satopradhan, sato, rajo, tamo; basically illustrate “entropy,” that is continuous degradation in quality of matter. To better understand this, picture a brand new car. Now, try to picture the same car in its more degraded usable stage, that is “old.”

You can picture the 2 ends of the spectrum, that is the “black or white,” the 2 extremes deal; however, it will be harder to pinpoint in time a car in its “rajo” or “sato” stages or exactly when one stage finishes to give away another stage. It is a continuous.

Now, when we become “tamopradhan” in a numberwise way; there is a period of “ascension” or going “up” the ladder, just as day changes into night, little by little. That is the period of being elevated one day and degraded the other, the period of “fighting” with old sanskaras, etc… until we give up the fighting… so it is gradual ascension.

Karmateet is being a detached observer. In that respect it has qualities of a “Satopradhan” stage; however, in a karmateet stage there is still awareness of duality, which is not known of in a Golden age Satopradhan stage, thus; there is a difference.

Best wishes!

Question: Om shanti. Dear Brother, Congratulations for completion of one year of this wonderful website. I benefited a lot from your churning as well as from the question and answer section. Today I wish to get clarification on : Does the law of entropy applicable only to the corporeal world? Is there any pre-condition for application of law of entropy? Just because of using the body made with 5 elements of nature to play the role, the souls go through the high state to low and not the supreme soul (who most of the time stay in incorporeal world)? But during the present time, the supreme soul also using a body to play its role, then the supreme soul should also experience the high state to low?

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

Dear soul,

Entropy works in the physical world. It is how matter changes. How everything changes to become something else. The belief of linear time has given the “fatalistic” view of entropy when applied to the Earth and the Universe. However, in a cyclical view of time, we know that the lowest point of entropy will have a “transformation” which cannot be annihilation, which will bring a state of lower entropy again.

As far as your question about God, please recall that God is “beyond experiences.”
Please read the following articles:


Now, you can draw your own conclusions.

Best wishes!