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Question: Om Shanti It is explained in the GYAN that the original nature of a SOUL is PURITY, PEACE, LOVE, BLISS and POWER. It is only because of loosing its ‘original nature’ by SOULS, the NATURE also got polluted and the present day conditions in this LOUKIK WORLD. Kindly elucidate on: WHETHER its the DUALITY in our nature that is causing PURITY to become IMPURE and the Present Day Situation and we are heading towards DOOMSDAY?

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,

It is a story. It is the story of going up to come down, so we can go up again (duality.) The sotry of how “one” becomes “two” so it can become “One” again.
Reality and illusion, purity and impurity, etc. “Reality” has been replaced by “Illusion.” That is not the Nature of the self but the name of the eternal game (Drama.)
How something which has reached the highest level of entropy (impurity) goes back into low entropy? (numberwise purity) Through destruction. That works both ways. Going up and coming down.

Just a game which we call with different names.

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Question: When baba said in today’s murli that the highest and most elevated beings becomes the lowest on low beings I was confused because in he book adi dev about brahma baba before he came into gyan he was very royal and well respected in his community and had a lot of emerged virtues. Can you explain this? Also, is it that we are satopradhan in the golden age and then silver age is rajopradhan and copper age is tamo?

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Your question was answered in the post before this one. http://wp.me/p2fovd-1en

Entropy was explained in Brahma Baba’s language as 4 distinct stages. Those stages are a continuous; in other words, we cannot divide them arbitrarily. Also, the perception of those stages varies among souls and the time that those souls arrive in the Drama.

However, the Drama follows the “ancestor souls.” 🙂

In Baba’s language; Satopradhan (utmost purity) is in the Golden age, “sato” is the silver age; “rajo” (medium) is the Copper age and “tamo” (impure) is the iron age. Note that for a soul coming for the first time in the Copper age, that will be that soul’s satopradhan stage. “Degradation” will happen at that point (entropy.)

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Scientific tales: Why do we use science as the yardstick for truth?

This will be the last article for now on the “Scientific tales” section. The purpose of these articles is to be informed as to demonstrate that scientific knowledge does not reflect truth but rather, a search for answers.

Many times we use “science,” as a way to defy or even shutdown different ideas and philosophies which are non traditional.
We use Science as “truth,” we have been indoctrinated to believe so.

My interest in science grew when I was interested in the topic of time, which is completely misunderstood by science. As a matter of fact, despite all the scientific “progress,” the topic of time remains as one of those untouchable topics which science hasn’t been able to understand. Want a sample?
https://explore7.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/time.pdf Case closed. Add the second law (entropy) here to make things difficult and we will have several explanations, theories without truthful answers.

What about the age of the Universe?
According to scientists a “baby could be older than his own parents.” 🙂
This is an article by a bona fide Ph.D in physics as far as I know.
What about the planet’s orbits around the Sun?
According to what I was taught as a “truth” the planets had an elliptical and predictable orbit around the Sun. Here is a video with that scientific “truth.”

Now, we can understand that the path of the planets around the Sun is not a predicted path which repeats every time as when the Earth goes around the Sun… It is a spiral…

For those of us who ever thought that the platonic time of 26,000 years would dismiss an “eternally repeating cycle of 5000 years,” it would be good to reconsider; for we are relying on our point of reference or observation being the Earth and we are just beginning to understand that there are many different movements in the celestial bodies. For instance the Earth moves around its own axis and the spiral movement around the Sun is not the same pattern nor the same degree in space, for the Earth does not move in “flatland.” Similarly what we observe on a distant star, is merely subjective according to our position in space.

Moreover, as “it is above so it is below,” therefore, celestial bodies merely reflect the behavior of atomic particles, which we are just beginning to understand under a scientific perspective.

There is a lot to be desired from Science.
Here is one question I sent a group of astronomers sometime ago for their enlightened answer:


Thank you for your question to Ask an Astronomer. It will be forwarded to one of our team members to answer.

“1) The Big Bang. We have extremely strong evidence that the universe as we know it had a beginning, that everything which we can think of, matter and space alike, started off compressed together and has been expanding ever since.”

This is a quote from the question here:


My question: What was the beginning of the Universe? What is the “extremely strong evidence that you have”?

If in fact was an explosion, how the elements which produced the explosion got there? Isn’t this like solving the riddle “who is first the chicken or the egg”?

Finally, How this “extremely strong evidence,” is able to counteract modern views of the “origin” of the Universe cited by scientists like Neil Turok, Paul Frampton and other cyclic models of the universe?


Thank you.

No answer so far.

Finally, I recommend this link for a different view and “research” on what we have believed to be the “true” history of the world.

Question: According to gyan and law of entropy, we are degrading in every birth (from top to bottom). So, which means that our last birth (most cases the present one) is the most degraded one then our previous ones. But, if we see around world, now the living conditions has become much better than few 100 years back. Back, there was no education, no technology, world wars happening, fatal beliefs and customs such as sati system, child marriage and many miserable happenings and epidemics around the world. So, that means those were more suffering time for the majority of the souls than this, as now the life of majority has improved if seen in terms of standard of living through education and science. So, here I am doubtful as how now (in present birth) the suffering is most than our previous births?

Thank you for your great question!

First the experience of suffering is relative to the role. For someone used to the USA standards of living, to move to Jodphur, will be cheer suffering. The heat, the quality of water, the scarcity of water, the mosquitoes, etc, etc. On the other hand, for someone who was born in Jodphur, that is great. Similarly, your perspective on suffering is based on your perception that “technology is better than lack of it, education better than lack of it, etc. That is just a perception. You can live a good life without any of those. As a matter of fact, you can even live a healthier life.

The main issue is population increase. More people means more competition, crowded places to live, scarcity of goods and natural settings, increase in pollution, abuse of natural resources, etc. That is a logical fact and not a perception. That brings suffering. This is something which gyan explains. (from few to many = entropy)

The perception of happiness of a Brahmin soul is different than any other soul, for a world without disease, fights. untimely death, and lack of vices was experienced. Nowadays even though you may have technology and education, etc; the experience of disease, aging and sudden death is experienced. That is sorrow, that perception of sorrow will increase as time goes by. That is entropy.

When we talk about “most degraded birth” we need to understand that this is a matter of perceptions. I thought I had a pretty good life until I “became” a Brahmin. Then I was able to experience utmost sorrow when my “supports” were broken, but that is the “ONLY” way for a Brahmin soul to “ascend.” Then you realize that your once known “good life,” wasn’t that at all.

A fly is used to be around garbage. For a fly, garbage is “paradise.” For a butterfly, a flower and flying free is its own paradise.
Who is better?
None of them. Just different. But you can choose who you want to be. 🙂

Now, If you are really a butterfly acting like a fly, when you have the chance to have a glimpse of your butterfly life in the past; you will see your current life as a fly as the “most degraded one.” Even though you may have technology to pick up the garbage easier and education to teach you how to find the most alluring garbage dumpsters around. 🙂 Different perceptions.

Best wishes!

Question: Om Shanti. Dear Brother, In Satya Yug ,it is mentioned that we are complete with 16 Kalas. But in Treta Yug, we have 14 Kalas. My questions is : Does all those in the Treta Yug have the same 14 Kalas out of 16 Kalas or does it vary from one soul to the other? The question can be extended to the remaining 2 Yugas.

Thank you for your very good question! 🙂

The way to understand this, is simply by observing how night time changes into daylight. You will observe that change is never “uniform,” but change is happening nevertheless. In the Golden age we have “status” which is nothing else but the expression of being “numberwise.” Is the “16 kalas” (celestial degrees) of Narayan equal to the 16 kalas of a “cremator”? Obviously not.

Equality is a mirage. The term “16 celestial degrees complete” means completeness as far as being “full in your own capacity.” Your capacity is different than anyone else’s.

Brahma Baba explained this concept of “gradual degradation” (entropy) using the metaphor of a full moon (16 celestial degrees) and how it degrades to a lesser extension (quarter, new moon, etc.) In his example, He has chosen to arbitrarily use “14 degrees” for the full “silver age,” when now we can see that this is not so; for things degrade in the Silver age as well. See?

Therefore, those “kalas” are merely a way to explain gradual degradation in time.

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Understanding Entropy

To understand the concept of “entropy” is important to understand the concept of “numberwise” and time.

The first video is a classical “scientific like ” explanation.
Note that the issues found on the second law (entropy) are mentioned as well as pointing out that the idea of going “back in time is ridiculous.” (illusion)

However, the answer for that is cyclical time, for we will go back to that time – eternal return. It is not “rewinding” time. It is going around in a circular fashion. This is what video number 2 explains.

Finally the third video is an animation of how entropy works. Note the Golden-ish -age-ish type of scenario in the “moon of dreams,” to become then a night of something that has been… However, it will repeat again. That is the key which scientists are refusing to see (or cannot see,) for repetition is something which their “experiments” are unable to reach… 🙂

The links to the videos are here:

Question: Om Shanti. Thank you brother for your clear explanation about this. Could you please explain that how numberwise concept and the eternal return are related as you have said above.

Thank you for your follow up question.

I will go a bit deeper with this concept of “numberwise.” Also, under “Points in depth” I have written an article dealing with this concept. Many articles could be searched using the “search articles with keywords” box, under the “Follow” button. Just type NUMBERWISE and articles containing that keyword will come up.
Your question is related with this article:


There I wrote:

“On the World Cycle, there is no other religion or philosophy putting together powerful concepts such as “eternal return” with the explanation of cyclical time. When you put those 2 concepts together, there must be repetition. If you add the concept of “numberwise” in gyan, then that repetition will mimic the concept of entropy in science, going from low entropy into a high state to repeat again when reaching its highest state of entropy.”

The concept of “eternal return” basically points out that anything that exist will exist exactly the same, under the same circumstance at another time; which we know it is every 5000 years. Therefore, this concept of “repetition” is not really new in gyan. What is “new” is the time frame: 5000 years, which as we know, scientists believe that we have been on this Earth for millions of years (which in another article it was explained that our current rate of population demonstrates that the human race couldn’t be on Earth for millions of years.)
“Eternal return,” is not considered in Christianity, but it is a “must” in the cycle of time for if time moves in a circular fashion, is because “matter cannot be created neither destroyed, it can only be transformed.” (1st law of conservation of energy/matter.) and after many transformations of matter, it will come to be the same that was at one time before. This is explained in the “theorem of Poincare.”

Simply put, “”eternal return” explains that the cycle of time must repeat exactly as it was before. That repetition is made possible, because matter tends to degrade in time. That degradation is what entropy (higher entropy) means and what Baba explains simply as “going from Satopradhan, Sato, Rajo and Tamopradhan.” which is simply another way of explaining “numberwise.” ( A more clear example will be given below.)

That degradation of matter is placed back again into lower entropy through destruction, which as we know, will put the cycle again in the”beginning.” The cycle of destruction, creation, sustenance, destruction, etc. repeats as well.

The above is deep stuff.

The concept of “numberwise” could be explained with an example.
Let us say that there is a race, a 5 Km. race (3.1 miles) to complete this race, every runner will get there as fast as they can. Therefore, every single one of them will have a “different number” at the finish line. There is number 1, number 2, etc.

Some interesting things to notice:
1) There is no possibility for all runners to finish at the same time. This is why “equality” is utopia.

2) Not all runners have the same ability. Some will run under a 5 minute mile, some others above it, some other will jog and walk and some will just walk.

3) Even though we could give every runner the same training to complete the race at the same time, most will not be able to do the training if the goal is to work only with the faster runners. Brahma Kumaris gyan is catered towards becoming a “faster runner,” but in doing so, the bulk of competitors will not be able to perform at the same level. Notwithstanding, BapDada teaches for the “bulk of the runners,” BapDada does nto teach gyan so only the “faster runners” can get it. Paradox.

4) Even though there is an “objective” in this race, which is to “finish,” for some it will be to “finish first.” However, whether you finish first or last, everyone will finish according to their “capacity.” That capacity in spirituality as well as in the example of the race, is “fixed” in the Drama according to the roles that every soul is capable of, considering the ability of every soul to withstand the highest happiness and the highest sorrow. It works both ways.

5) In Nature, the concept of “numberwise” is observed when we mention “survival of the fittest.” Also when a “day changes into night,” there is this concept of numberwise going on, because the day changes little by little into the night as if further entropy is added (slower runners getting ot finish line) until the full night takes place. This is how “entropy” works.

6) Finally, It is interesting to note that this concept of numberwise takes place according to time. Brahma Baba is the “purest soul” according to his capacity; however towards the end of the Silver age, Brahma Baba’s soul will be “less pure” than mine. The reason is that Brahma Baba will be the first one becoming “impure” and then the rest will follow. This is an interesting point to note in gyan.

Hope these concepts are “clear” now 🙂 as you can see knowledge is not that easy after all… 🙂 and there is even more… 🙂

Best wishes!