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Question: According to law of entropy, “Every time when an energy gets transfer from one form to another, there is a loss of energy” which means that as we come down the ladder from satyug to kalyug, the purity or powers or virtues (whatever u might cal it) of soul gets depleted and at the sangam yug, we regain it all!! But, as I understand that the soul or being as a whole is complete, nothing can be added or subtracted from it, there is no loss or gain. Its just the matter of awareness, which Baba calls as smriti- vismriti. Could you share your views about it, as what really holds the truth for you?

Thank you for your question!
When we use the term “entropy,” we are just using it for it describes what happens in the Drama of life. Youth becomes old. Day goes into night, etc. Entropy is a term used in thermodynamics to describe “order and disorder” or even the change towards “chaos” in a thermodynamic system. Bro. Jagdish was one of the first ones using that term for this description although it could be argued that this term wasn’t meant to fit an observation of what happens in the Drama.

Basically, we are dealing with the states of duality. Going from one side to the other. That is it.
Baba mentions that what makes the difference between “now” and back in the “Golden age” are our karmic accounts. As you know, the duality is between soul consciousness and body consciousness.

In body consciousness our actions are no longer “neutral” bu have an effect. Body consciousness is the mother of all the vices, and therefore, of all the karmic bondages that we have to settle.

As you mentioned, we are complete. There was never anything lacking at any time, but we cannot realize that because we have the “mantle” of karmic accounts which are not allowing us to see our real self at this time. We get caught up in the “payments” rather than being happy with it for we have less to owe.

This is the whole point about spirituality, which is to recover that state of soul consciousness which is a matter of a “second” or many years to realize. That awareness that you mentioned is beyond “intellectual understanding.”

The only difference between us and Brahma Baba at this time, are our karmic accounts… 🙂 because as we know, we need to become “karmateet,” according to our capacity, everything is “numberwise.” (which is the preferred name to use instead of entropy, in my vocabulary.)

That is why even though we are complete already, there is this “illusion,” (Maya) which is not allowing us to see clearly for right now…. We know that is just a role as well… 🙂

Best wishes.

Scientific devotion, anyone?

Nowadays, I hear scientists talking about “quantum mechanics” as the latest thing. It is a set of deeply obscure words supported by equally complex and out of the ordinary equations to describe it. Most of the scientists are not able to understand their own talk.

Having Godly knowledge makes it easier to grasp the marvelous “quantum world”. Basically at the atomic level things move. Scientists are unable to figure out why those particles “quantas” move the way they do. Scientists are unable to accurately predict the position / direction of a quanta. Thus, principles such as “randomness”, quantas moving in a random way is in vogue. Science believing in randomness is a bit out of perspective when for them, everything has a “reason.”

Scientists do not know about predestination and that those “quantas” that apparently move in a random fashion are contributing forces of the Drama for change. Those quantas will go where they need to go. Scientists now can see those changes but unfortunately don’t have a clue as to why things change the way they do.

Scientists are finally trying to figure out the Drama by observing that all things are “alive” (have movement) and it is difficult for them to acknowledge that the apparently “free will” that quantas have to move around, is a “fact”. Thus the term “randomness” is used instead, “probability” is another “nice word” used.

Predestination takes care of all those nice words which hide the truth when they are supported by meaningless numbers (equations) which are based on faulty premises. Wrong input, wrong output.

“Physics is mathematical not because we know so much about the physical world, but because we know so little; it is only its mathematical properties that we can discover.” ~Bertrand Russell .

Some mathematics-less Spiritual laws:

1. The greater capacity a soul has, the slower his experience of depletion (entropy) will be.
2. The newer the soul is, the lesser his capacity will be and the faster his experience of depletion (batteries discharging) will be compared to another “older” soul.
3. The greater the capacity of a soul is, lesser time will be spent in Parandham.
4. The greater amount of “time” spent in Parandham, the lesser the capacity of a soul is.
5. If we understand this knowledge, we belong to the VIP club of “330 million souls” (T-shirts of this exclusive club, on the way 😉 ) that means the experience of the Golden and/or Silver ages are guaranteed.
6. Understanding knowledge above all means to have experience: more lives.. more things happened to you, “good” and “bad” that is experience.
7. The more “good” things have happened to you… the equal amount will be experienced in the “bad” things neighborhood. That is why, being out of dualism is the key to understanding spirituality.
8. No one learns and no one teaches. There is just remembrance and forgetfulness. There are “catalysts” to remember (God) and to forget (Time.) Those catalysts are suffering and pleasure.
9. More experiences mean more knowledge. Knowledge is a quality of a soul.
10. Numberwise means that no one is “equal”.
11. Equality is nonexistent. It is just a concept. (Politicians should know that.)

A “stone” intellect cannot understand this knowledge because he/she does not have the experience of living this knowledge before. Perhaps rationally or devotionally this knowledge could appeal to them, but there is no sense of belonging.

We experience life..numberwise. We express life numberwise. No one is equal. This is why we cannot judge anyone.

Points in Depth: “Numberwise” means entropy

6. “Numberwise” means entropy
“We are numberwise according to effort.”

One of the significant works of Bro. Jagdish from my perspective, was to try to put Baba’s gyan in a more “scientific” way. Here is when the term “entropy” all of the sudden became “gyani.”
Entropy is a term which denotes degradation in quality of matter. Something new becomes old due to entropy. The Golden age becomes the Silver age due to entropy. Entropy is linked with the second law of thermodynamics in Physics.

The problem with the term “entropy” is that according to science it happens just one way, meaning entropy will only increase as time goes by. However, in gyan; we know that the Golden age will repeat after 5000 years. Thereby, the term “entropy” as coined by scientists, do not reflect a reality given to us by “pure” gyan.

Another issue with “entropy” is that this word describes physical nature. It is matter degrading; but it does not show the interdependence of matter and spirit; since a soul’s part also experiences that entropy.

Baba already had a term to describe this important description of things reducing quality as times goes by, it is NUMBERWISE.
NUMBERWISE describes the interdependence of matter with spirituality. When souls come down to the physical plane in a numberwise fashion, the quality of the Golden or any other age diminishes as well; however; for that soul coming down for the “first time,” that quality is not perceived as “less than before.”

The understanding of NUMBERWISE rather than the term entropy brings spiritual realizations as well:
1. Everyone has a different perception of reality just because we are numberwise.
2. Because we are numberwise, we cannot have the same role.
3. Because we are numberwise, there is a “kingdom” based on status, a hierarchy which is meant to distribute roles among souls.
4. Because we are numberwise, there is not “equality,” as when we say that everyone is the same or has the same qualities.
5. Because things are numberwise, there is “movement” in this Drama (descending the ladder) which brings the concept of duality (Yin-Yang) which will allow us to climb up again that ladder or start from the “top” again.
6. Because things are made on anumberwise basis, things are gradual, they take time to materialize. Day into Night, Young to Old, etc.
Without a doubt, Numberwise is one of those key words in gyan which have not been “churned” yet in depth.