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On the perception of “equality.”

Justice, equality, love… pretty words used by many when looking for support.
The human journey is to go from the merely intellectual understanding of those words to the actual feeling and thus BEING it.
Love IS. Justice and equality are man-made inventions in a world full of violence. Human beings ARE violent creatures.

Life has “justice” in it. Although, “justice” is not the correct word; which should be “balance” instead, human perception of justice is not the paradigm used by Life itself.

A few days ago, the International women’s day was celebrated. Women’s constant struggle to find equality with men has been the theme of many years now. The invention of a new pretty word -empowerment- (of women) has been used to show society’s efforts to work towards that equality.

Why does society perceives men and women not to be equal? Because conditioned human beings find and concentrate on differences and use violence as a tool to demonstrate supremacy over “different ones.” However, that perception is an illusion, for differences create a complementary quality which creates wholesomeness, unity. We are one.
In short, differences are not opposite but complementary. Life moves along those lines. Society moves through conflict, through discrimination, oppression and violence of one side towards the other. Paradoxically, it is that same violent mind the one that has created “rights” to defend the oppressed side.

At the most obvious and superficial perception, differences of men and women create the complementary quality needed to live Life in harmony. In its depth, we could find that every man and woman irrespective of sexual orientation, has a masculine and a feminine side. Our perception as society will change once a human being is able to harmonize those 2 sides within. Otherwise, the predominant side will prevail and dominate the other. That is exactly what happens at the level of society.

It is too bad that politicians and law makers are completely unaware of the above, for “laws” are only intellectual cover ups unable to change how actually a person feels. It is indeed those feelings, the ones that will be expressed and despite the enactment of “pretty” laws, we will witness further violence.
Yes, laws are better than nothing in a dormant society. At least we could say that “we are trying.”

Observe that we ARE violence. Laws only cover that fact by forcing a behavior, because most humans are unable to look inside. There is no time. There is no profit in such activity. No demand.

Among men, there has been separation as well. Exploitation due to differences of skin color, religion, etc. Not long ago, a man could have been a slave to another, due to his skin color or national origin.

The same type of violence is showcased with animals. I always wondered about the “symbiotic” relationship of domesticated animals with human beings: What benefit do animals obtain? They could be better off all by themselves. On the other hand, humans have benefited through the free exploitation of animals. Animals have been used even for “entertainment” (bull fight, cock fight, dog fight, etc.) as still some countries keep obsolete and inhumane traditions as forms of “entertainment” and many times use another “pretty” word to hide their violent nature, they use the word “art” to hide the slaughter.

But, where is “justice” in those inhumane practices with animals?
Well… It comes to mind the epidemic diseases: COVID-19. SARS, MERS, Avian influenza, Swine flu, etc. Those viruses have an origin in animals.

Balance. In Life, a human being is no better than a fish. Although human religions and law makers may believe otherwise. Want “proof”? Death is everywhere. Hardship strikes to hunters and prey “equally.”

It is important to recognize that we are all together in this. Our distinctions, separations, differences, etc. do not control the way Life works.

When we DO something to OTHERS, we do it to OURSELVES.
Looking forward to see that “law” in “practice” in some country showcasing a “progressive,” democratic constitution.

Many years ago, it was taught: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  It seems we still have issues properly defining and understanding what “others” means, for most only see “I” but cannot understand what it is.

Reforming conceptual religious beliefs


Dualistic thinking has brought about separation when there is unity in the sense of interdependence.

When there is separation, egotistical attitudes appear, and then the need to “reform” human beings.

The history of religion and moral codes as a reformer of human beings, could be explained in a few words; through duality, human beings have created the complexes of superiority and inferiority.

Religion and moral codes, then appeared to reform that invention with their solution: The complex of equality; which is nothing else but the perceived “better” side of the duality between equality and inequality.

A simple perception of the world will bring us to the understanding that “equality” is just a “nice” concept to fight for, believe in; etc. However, there is nothing equal in the experience of duality.

Human beings have different specialties, different skills; different circumstances of birth. Therefore, another concept was needed to illustrate that “equality.” That is “being equal under the eyes of God,” or by moral codes “as being equal under the law.”

Monotheistic religions, have invented the concept of Paradise; while moral codes, have invented the concept of “justice.”

Paradise is for the few. Religions have placed “Paradise” as the thing to achieve. Nevertheless; there is no equality there. Not everyone will be able to “be there.”

That is how monotheistic religions invented the concept of “free will.” You have the choice to “go to Paradise,” as long as “you follow the law given by God.”

Please observe that this “free will,” is not really “free will,” for the destination is already made up and the way to get there is by following a particular “law;” moreover; it is already known that only “few” chosen ones will go there, which without doubt destroys the concept of “equality,” which is the original trademark of monotheistic religions.

However the above is useful to “reform” human beings who have gone astray by separating themselves from that unity, that is from “God’s will.”

When a monotheistic religion proclaims predestination instead of free will; then another concept within duality is opened up (choice vs. predestination) and a sense of hopelessness arises for someone is already destined to go to Paradise while others are not.

Please see how dualistic thought has influenced our perception on how life works through an infantile vision, which has been used throughout history to move the “masses” out of fear.

“Good or Bad.”

A higher understanding is to observe that equality is not the answer but “numberwise,” which is not a ranking of who is better or worse (duality) but to see that human beings have different capabilities, which are useful in time. It is only our artificial value of those capabilities, which favors someone as being better or worse than someone else.

A higher understanding of being “numberwise,” could be framed in a childish context as well, when our comparison complex is taken into that “Paradise.” There a King is “better” than a maid. An archangel “better” than an “angel.” Therefore, we need to be the “best ones.” 🙂

Nevertheless, an even higher understanding is to drop all of those concepts, those complexes, all that dualistic thinking; to become aware of the source of separation; “the ego,” and to drop it as well.

That does not take a believe system but inner work, inner observation, inner awareness; that is “true effort.”

It is the path of dropping our concept of “self,” little by little, to encounter oneness with the world.

It is in that experience of oneness when the inferiority, superiority and equality complexes are gone. They will not go away if we only live in the world of concepts.

Reader Remark: Woman’s equality with Man – A perspective

Om Shanti brother,
I read today a very interesting article on woman’s equality with men. A very simple, yet highly scholarly article! It clearly explains how the Bible was distorted to project the supposed inferiority of woman, yet it restores hidden concepts from the Bible itself to show woman is equal to man. This will make easier BKs’ effort to help those from the Christian background. Interestingly it is written by a male, that too from Hindu background! Really a must-read! Here is the link:


Dear soul,
Thank you for sharing that link. The fight between genders have been an ongoing thing since the perception of “being different” appeared. Humanity is always dividing. Races, countries, religions, etc. Everything is a division. That only accumulates further ego.

Men and Women express 2 different energies of the same unity. They are complementary as the Yin and Yang.
Then we have the “stereotypes” which make a woman do certain things or be certain things. That probably was true sometime ago in many countries; but as we should be aware; the gap is closing and women are doing the same things than men and even opportunities are changing even though it could be argued that it is a “male” world.

Hence, the need of female energy to balance that male dominated world.

However, “female energy” does not necessarily mean being in a female body; but to have the stereotypical qualities of female energies such as: nurturing care, sensitivity, and sustenance towards others. Those are female energy qualities, which could be held by men as well.

As it is in the world, when in “body consciousness,” we either tend to believe that God has chosen man or woman (according to a religion) as their “favorite” gender to “save” the world… 🙂 thus, we build hierarchies based upon that belief.

That denotes lack of spiritual understanding.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear Brother , many thanks for your gracious churnings and endless sharing . You have mentioned that before that this is your role, however my role is to send you my kindest gratitude for all the work have been done by you as a loyal and right handed instrument of Baba . I have one Question , please . Today Baba have mentioned that ,, Souls are not all the same ; they are numberwise .” Obviously my feelings are different . I thought souls are the same ( however each one of us have different capacities recorded in them , therefore a state of perfection will be different for me from you ..suppose we can call that numberwise ?? So sorry , for disturbing you . Many good wishes and kindest gratitude .

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul, Many thanks for your kind words. I appreciate your role… 🙂 just keep in mind that this role is doing this as a means of “survival” in BK life… but glad to know that “my survival” is giving happiness to others. Thanks again! 🙂 and.. you are not disturbing me, but helping me and others to understand gyan better.

Interesting question. It is a matter of semantics. Souls are the same as “souls,” but as you mentioned we are different in capacity, roles, and anything else. As you mentioned, because of that; being “equal to the Father” is not the same for you as it would be for someone else, because our capacities are different. This difference of capacities should bring appreciation for others, because someone may have a greater capacity to compose music than someone else who is in turn a great dancer. Brahma Baba’s #1 capacity is to be soul conscious.

Best wishes!

The “Having the Truth,” syndrome.

Since my earlier years of “searching the truth,” I was amazed by the fact that whenever I checked out a particular religion or philosophy or teaching of a renown Guru, the answer was pretty much the same: “ We have the truth. Come join us.”

What was the “truth” for them? Was it possible for completely different teachings to be the “truth”?
I had those questions in my mind. Evidently, the “truth,” for them was the information that they were conveying, their philosophy, their way of viewing God and understanding how everything “started.”

It used to be one of my favorite “pastimes” to undo any of the perceptions of truth that anyone had, based on logic and reason alone. Nevertheless; the feeling of emptiness was there, for it was just about feeding the ego and at the end, I found nothing but an unhappy person who found me to be “dangerous to their doctrine.” 🙂

Then, it becomes easier to be an “agnostic,” or just go all the way to the “other” side and declare yourself an “atheist,” but still; having science as a “new God” to worship with all of its theories and rat lab findings. Denying something is another way to embrace it.

It appears that Human beings have this need to believe in something, whatever it is; and worship it.

When the concept of “numberwise,” was introduced to me, I did not understand it. It took some time to get rid of the “brainwashing” of equality and our ability to be equal. Numberwise means in a nutshell, that there is no equality. No point in comparison. Variety even within unity. To be different is “normal.” 🙂

Wars are fought for “equality,” when afterwards; the same song is found; just with different dancers. Equality among genders is talked about, but it is just talk when practically we can see something else. Equality in rights and other things is usually overcome by hierarchy and social clout. However, equality becomes one of those terms to fight for, to dream about, etc. A “nice” word. 🙂

Numberwise, basically tells me that my understanding, my views, etc .will not be the same as someone else. Even if 2 people support a particular view of the world, their view will be different, due to different understandings and different experiences. The “truth may be one,” but we cannot perceive it equally. See that? No?? 😦 That is “normal.” 🙂

That is why “isms” are formed. When an “ism” is formed as a religion or a philosophical doctrine, basically “reality,” which is ever changing, dynamic and constantly moving; is placed into a couple of paragraphs and labeled as the “truth.” This is similar as trying to put a movie which lasts 2 hours into one picture! How ridiculous!
That is what a dogma becomes. Just a worshiped picture of a movie.

One of the things that I love the most about BK gyan is its paradoxical and contradictory nature. For “normal” college educated people, that is something which is never heard of, and for that reason; “pure nonsense.”

Those without understanding but with an “experience,” then become automatically enrolled in the “blind faith” group. That group is usually, the “safe group.”

Just repeat after me. I will do the rest for you.

We cannot look at something new using the measurement of our previous knowledge. That is just a waste of time, for we cannot understand something “new” by using the yardstick of something “old” as a reference.

From the above, we can see that “having the truth,” is just something that cannot happen. We can live our truth, we can share what we think to be the “truth,” but we cannot say that we posses it.

That is not truth, but a “respected” lie.

Question: QUERY OF Dhwani – I don’t believe when they say that the atma that goes into the body of a human will go only into a human during every birth. whichever yug it was, it was always been the human being that has lived the most prestigious lives. and humans are the dominant species. in what way are these souls superior or inferior than the other souls that only we get to be born as humans? if all the souls are god’s children, then we should be treated equally and we must all experience all forms of life – which means we must perhaps take turns or something..why is a dog soul different from a human soul and why can’t it enter the world taking the form of a human in its next birth? the sister who taught me told me that it is because of its sanskars and explained that the dog has certain exclusive habits like lifting its leg for urinating, shaking its tail for some reasons etc..and it will tend to do the same things even if it is born as a human and so it is always born as a dog. i do not understand why i should belive this.. as far as i know, these attributes are only physical..and the atma as such is a point of light which does not carry these attributes with it. so going by the very theories told by brahmakumaris, it doesn’t make sense to me. can u pls explain this?

Thank you for your very good question!

Note that you are using comparative terms (superior, inferior species.) In Gyan, we understand that comparisons are meant only to understand concepts, but “comparisons” are not real, for every soul is numberwise.

There are no 2 souls alike, therefore; there is no basis for comparison.

I used to read the “Aesop’s fables,” when I was a child, and your question brought to my mind the fable of “The man and a lion.”
Here it goes:
“The Man and the Lion (Translated by George Fyler Townsend.)

A MAN and a Lion traveled together through the forest. They soon began to boast of their respective superiority to each other in strength and prowess. As they were disputing, they passed a statue carved in stone, which represented “a Lion strangled by a Man.” The traveler pointed to it and said: “See there! How strong we are, and how we prevail over even the king of beasts.” The Lion replied: “This statue was made by one of you men. If we Lions knew how to erect statues, you would see the Man placed under the paw of the Lion.”

This story pretty much explains your concern about animals “inferiority.” That is not so. It is merely a perception based on your human experience.
Humans abusing animals is a different story, not based on “superiority” but based on ignorance (do not understand/ignore the law of karma) and lack of sensitivity to some one else’s suffering.

As far as your statement: “if all the souls are god’s children, then we should be treated equally and we must all experience all forms of life – which means we must perhaps take turns or something.
As mentioned above, “equality” is utopia. It is non-existent, for we are numberwise. Being “God’s children,” is a “relationship” based to create endearment with God so we can remember Him. Animals do not need to remember God. Humans do, to rectify their deeds. Strictly speaking, God is the “Supreme soul,” just because He does not experience duality like the rest of the souls, but God is not a “Father” for He does not create souls.

In your questions: “why is a dog soul different from a human soul and why can’t it enter the world taking the form of a human in its next birth?”

According to BK gyan, the role of a soul is already “recorded,” and everything is “cause and effect,” and there is a maximum of 84 lives that could be lived in the kalpa. Also a soul experiences “entropy” (degradation) in every reincarnation.

Let me ask you: What types of activities will allow for a soul in the body of a dog to become a human being when considering the above? How is it possible for a non-reasoning soul to acquire reason? 🙂

The main “difference” is that human beings have the ability to reason, the ability to process ideas, the ability to deal with abstractions, which are required for spiritual “learning.” Animals do not have those “sanskaras.” As I said before, it doesn’t mean that they are “inferior,” but just “different” as the Aesop fable explained.

Therefore, a human soul can only take rebirth in a human species, for the sanskara of “intellectual abilities” is inherent in a human soul only.

Best wishes!