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Question: What do you mean in “light of pure gyan”?

Thank you for your question! 🙂
I am “coining” my own vocabulary to refer to same recurrent items.
For instance, when i say “Santa Claus explanation,” it refers to the explanation we give to little children so they can do what we would like them to do without giving them the “true facts,” for they may not understand.

Similarly, when I say “PURE GYAN,” I am referring to churning knowledge based on specific pieces of knowledge which are the “columns” of gyan. What are those? The soul, the Supreme Soul, Karma, Drama, repetition, predestination, entropy, 3 worlds, reincarnation, eternity, eternal return, numberwise.

Once we understand all of that and how those concepts are related and interwoven, how the pieces come together to solve the “puzzle of life,” then there is no devotional talk or “Santa Claus” explanation that could fool us. That is how regardless of the popular “Baba says that He creates the Drama” is mentioned, once we understand those concepts which Baba Himself has explained many times with different depth, then there is no way that we could “buy” the Santa “trick.” For that we need depth of understanding and for that, we need to churn gyan without “fear” of not conforming with a dogmatic view. A churning has the support of those “columns” mentioned above to be considered valid, otherwise it is just plain “manmat.”

If you have fear of any kind and your aim is to conform rather than find truth, then you are not churning gyan, you are just “repeating” old lines.

Best wishes!

Point in depth: The carousel of repetition

Picture yourself sitting in a “carousel.”
That is you, “now.” While the carousel moves around in a circular manner, you will end up at the same point again. Just a matter of “time.” Eternal return.

    No matter what you do
    No matter what you think
    No matter if you scream
    Can’t go away from the stream.

Therefore, in the unlimited; it is “guaranteed” that “you” will be “you” again.
That is a certainty or your money back. Guaranteed.
That is why, it is so important from the minute we understand this knowledge; to “shape up,” and to “do the best we can” that is to become soul conscious. (Is there anything better than that?)
Simply because we are certain that whatever we are living “now” will repeat again.

    This is not in “your next life.”
    This is not in a futuristic “golden castle.”
    This is not a “let us imagine/visualize…”

This is “reality” if we have understood this knowledge.
We can even say that everything that will happen is “beneficial” because it will allow you to be “you” again.
Do you like that? 🙂 Do you like yourself?
Then better start changing things around.. or better yet; better start changing yourself.

    This not your dress
    This is not the shelf
    This is your own self

What is the teaching out of this realization?
“Unlimited disinterest” could happen when our vision is “unlimited,” beyond the “Me,” who is stuck in “time.” Why?
Because this knowledge brings the “calmness” to know that whatever “I” do will be, to be “me” again.
And again…

It doesn’t matter what I “do.” I will be “me” again.
Isn’t that nice? 🙂

BUT, it matters if; what I want to see of me in the future, is a more refined version. 🙂
That is why the “Confluence age “ is so important; because it is the opportunity to be fully aware of “going up,” and that is why; it only exist for Brahmin souls… “now.”
Just like an elevator; we are “going up,” now.

That is the paradox of “Me today VS. Me tomorrow.”
Be easy, relax..enjoy life BUT make intense efforts…

Question: Om Shanti. Thank you brother for your clear explanation about this. Could you please explain that how numberwise concept and the eternal return are related as you have said above.

Thank you for your follow up question.

I will go a bit deeper with this concept of “numberwise.” Also, under “Points in depth” I have written an article dealing with this concept. Many articles could be searched using the “search articles with keywords” box, under the “Follow” button. Just type NUMBERWISE and articles containing that keyword will come up.
Your question is related with this article:


There I wrote:

“On the World Cycle, there is no other religion or philosophy putting together powerful concepts such as “eternal return” with the explanation of cyclical time. When you put those 2 concepts together, there must be repetition. If you add the concept of “numberwise” in gyan, then that repetition will mimic the concept of entropy in science, going from low entropy into a high state to repeat again when reaching its highest state of entropy.”

The concept of “eternal return” basically points out that anything that exist will exist exactly the same, under the same circumstance at another time; which we know it is every 5000 years. Therefore, this concept of “repetition” is not really new in gyan. What is “new” is the time frame: 5000 years, which as we know, scientists believe that we have been on this Earth for millions of years (which in another article it was explained that our current rate of population demonstrates that the human race couldn’t be on Earth for millions of years.)
“Eternal return,” is not considered in Christianity, but it is a “must” in the cycle of time for if time moves in a circular fashion, is because “matter cannot be created neither destroyed, it can only be transformed.” (1st law of conservation of energy/matter.) and after many transformations of matter, it will come to be the same that was at one time before. This is explained in the “theorem of Poincare.”

Simply put, “”eternal return” explains that the cycle of time must repeat exactly as it was before. That repetition is made possible, because matter tends to degrade in time. That degradation is what entropy (higher entropy) means and what Baba explains simply as “going from Satopradhan, Sato, Rajo and Tamopradhan.” which is simply another way of explaining “numberwise.” ( A more clear example will be given below.)

That degradation of matter is placed back again into lower entropy through destruction, which as we know, will put the cycle again in the”beginning.” The cycle of destruction, creation, sustenance, destruction, etc. repeats as well.

The above is deep stuff.

The concept of “numberwise” could be explained with an example.
Let us say that there is a race, a 5 Km. race (3.1 miles) to complete this race, every runner will get there as fast as they can. Therefore, every single one of them will have a “different number” at the finish line. There is number 1, number 2, etc.

Some interesting things to notice:
1) There is no possibility for all runners to finish at the same time. This is why “equality” is utopia.

2) Not all runners have the same ability. Some will run under a 5 minute mile, some others above it, some other will jog and walk and some will just walk.

3) Even though we could give every runner the same training to complete the race at the same time, most will not be able to do the training if the goal is to work only with the faster runners. Brahma Kumaris gyan is catered towards becoming a “faster runner,” but in doing so, the bulk of competitors will not be able to perform at the same level. Notwithstanding, BapDada teaches for the “bulk of the runners,” BapDada does nto teach gyan so only the “faster runners” can get it. Paradox.

4) Even though there is an “objective” in this race, which is to “finish,” for some it will be to “finish first.” However, whether you finish first or last, everyone will finish according to their “capacity.” That capacity in spirituality as well as in the example of the race, is “fixed” in the Drama according to the roles that every soul is capable of, considering the ability of every soul to withstand the highest happiness and the highest sorrow. It works both ways.

5) In Nature, the concept of “numberwise” is observed when we mention “survival of the fittest.” Also when a “day changes into night,” there is this concept of numberwise going on, because the day changes little by little into the night as if further entropy is added (slower runners getting ot finish line) until the full night takes place. This is how “entropy” works.

6) Finally, It is interesting to note that this concept of numberwise takes place according to time. Brahma Baba is the “purest soul” according to his capacity; however towards the end of the Silver age, Brahma Baba’s soul will be “less pure” than mine. The reason is that Brahma Baba will be the first one becoming “impure” and then the rest will follow. This is an interesting point to note in gyan.

Hope these concepts are “clear” now 🙂 as you can see knowledge is not that easy after all… 🙂 and there is even more… 🙂

Best wishes!

Question: omshanti, i am Nxxx from amritsar. I am godly student last 1½ years. I am 26 years old. Today i receive this new blog by inner beauty. I have one question but actually not asking by me. It’s by other godly student. Her question is that if we are as like in present and after every 5000 years we will as like as we are. Then what different. Actually she want answer for this question. I try to clarify everything by gyan. Can you tell me answer?

Thank you for your very good question, N.! (your name will not be published unless you request it.)
I will elaborate on your question so we can get to the “one sentence” answer.

Every moment is eternal. It has to repeat. The meaning of being eternal makes sense only when “time” is understood. Since in BK gyan we understand time as cyclical as you pointed out, and that there is always a “cause” for an “effect,” it follows that it must repeat. Because a moment repeats, we can go to a “fortune teller” and she can tell us “our future” as long as she has an accurate connection. Why? because we have “done” our future before. That is why, the future is also our past. Paradox.

Also, we could appreciate that stars and Nature have a relationship with our birth. This is the basis of astrology as a profound and old “art,” which is trying to use the term “scientific,” but it depends on the artful interpretation of an individual. Also, you have the “palm readers” such as the well-known Cheiro.

The above is just a background for us to appreciate that we souls, perform a “role” which is related with the whole Drama. The roles move according to time, but it is not YOU, the soul. Just a role.

The Drama is about “going up and coming down the ladder” for a BK soul. (Please read these articles: http://bkgyan.com/2012/07/11/exploring-the-meaning-of-the-ladder/
and http://bkgyan.com/2012/07/12/point-in-depth-lost-in-the-ladder-2/ to better understand this.)

Therefore, our roles are meant to “Go up, so we can come down.” Why?
Because the physical world is about experiencing. What we call life is the interchange of “experience” and “expression.” We souls express a role and experience through the roles of others and our own. We experience the whole range of it. The “good” and the “bad.” According to the Drama, now is the time to “go up” therefore, the role of a BK needs to be performed one more time.

See, that to be detached from a “role,” is to be a “detached observer.” It does not matter if the role is “good” or “bad.” It is simply a role.

Here the Paradox: even though we know that everything repeats identically, we “experience” this time as “new.” You know why?
Because for the soul there is no sense of time. The role just plays and we don’t sit and think, :”but this role has played before.” 🙂

Therefore for a BK soul, that “fortune” of experiencing the “utmost happiness,” it is guaranteed for there is no power in the world which can stop that from happening again. It is in the role.
That is why Brahma Baba does not appear to every soul in the planet at this time or make his presence be understood by all. Different roles for different people. All good. All necessary.

Dear N. “It is just a role.” A performance, a game, a past-time, hobbies….

To finish and answer your question: what we have is NOW. That is why it is important to “make effort” now. Because this NOW is eternal. Later, we will forget about it.
That is the “game.” See? It is guaranteed that you will be you again in 5000 years, but the role calls for you to be a BK now. Just a role.

“True effort making” will show you the fruit NOW, not in the future. The future is a golden pie which will come through the law of cause and effect alone.

That was a pretty deep question. You are welcome to reply and ask for clarification any time you want.

Best wishes.