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To be born again


Ananda was sharing with Mathias, the wise tree; about the experience of his father, who is in the hospital about to depart to a new experience; which is known as death or life, depending on our perspective.

Ananda: Here is a good person suffering by being conscious of his organs shutting down one by one and knowing that he will not survive. How is that going to be helpful for him to learn about detachment from the perception of the self, the “I,” in less than a month?

Mathias: He needs to die of the self. Look at you, how many years have it taken you to die from your old self?

Ananda: It has taken me at least 11 years, but you have helped me. What about him?

Mathias: Look. It has taken you 11 years of your life for Ananda to appear. Your father will learn that experience in less than a month. Do you remember your experience of feeling alone for such long time? Is your father alone?

Ananda: He is not alone.
Mathias: He is walking towards the abyss, the wind is blowing on his face and he does not want to jump because he feels that emptiness. We tell him: Jump! Do you need a push? But he will not jump.
Even though he has a powerful mind which is able to keep him alive despite major organs of his body not working, he does not realize about the beliefs that he has in his mind which are keeping him afraid.
Jump! Nothing will happen to you, you are eternal…

Ananda: He needs someone to trust. Just like when people have a belief in a God who will help them. I don’t know who he may trust like that.
Mathias: What would you tell your father in a few lines about the experience of dying from the self?
Ananda: To embrace the experience. To disconnect from the pain with his powerful mind and to erase all beliefs about death.
Mathias: Did that experience of dissolving the arrogance of the self happened to you because you did something specific in your life?
Ananda: No. It just happened.
Mathias: Share that with everyone. It does not matter what you do in life to make something happen, what is meant to happen… will happen despite your doings.

Ananda spoke with his father for the last time. Ananda thought he could help him “jump” for his father had listened to him in the past.

“Dad. You have always had a powerful mind. Your mind controls your body as you are doing it now. But your mind has also beliefs which are giving you fear of what we know as death.
Fear because of having a “Me.” When the “Me” faces that there is no “Me,” there is fear of losing that, which is known.
That is death.
We are eternal. There is only life.
Embrace that experience!
With much love, always.”

Why the Drama has to repeat?

The following will be somewhat deep stuff. Intellectual answers which will not help in our self progress but definitively will help if a student asks that simple question and we know the answer; otherwise, answers such as:”That is the way the Drama has been created, “ or “This is the law,” or “Let me ask a senior sister,” somehow may leave a lot to be desired…

 The Drma repeats because it is eternal. It has to repeat because things are not “static.” Nothing is “static.” everything changes, everything is in movement.

The point of “movement” is very deep.

Because things are in continuous movement, knowledge cannot be static. It has to be dynamic to fit that movement, that reality.

Because things are dynamic, words are unable to describe them, simply because words are “static.”

See that?

No one is never the same at any point in time. We are always “becoming.”

Here are the paradoxes: “Being is Becoming.” “We become what we have been.”

 Therefore, statements such as : “This is the truth…” It is not the truth.

“We have the truth,” there is no “we” that can hold something that is dynamic.

 The Drama moves, we flow in it. Predestination and free will are just “static words,” death labels, descriptions, little boxes with definitions…that cannot be the truth.

 Being “easy” is more than playing “Mr. That is OK” with everyone. Being easy is to flow with the Drama, to be one and not two.

 The Drama has to repeat because it is always “new.” 😉

But yet, “nothing “new.”

This is the depth of gyan…go to the depths of the ocean, the only thing that could stop you,

is your capacity to “hold your breath…”  for a long time…. 🙂



The eternally predestined Drama: Deeper churnings

The Predestined Drama.

I decided to add some writings which will go a bit deeper into some key concepts of BK Gyan. The predestined Drama is one of the most important concepts.

When I say “concept” it means a mental understanding. In this, there is no “imbibing” it. It is just plain mental entertainment. Here is my list of churnings:
1) Because the Drama is predestined and repetitive, everything must repeat identically. Because everything repeats identically; everything that happens is necessary. Because everything is necessary, everything is “good.”
2) Souls act because there is a role already in them which is imperishable. That role changes in time. Every single role is “good” and “necessary.”
3) We know this knowledge and God at this time, because it is necessary. For others the romantic story of the “beloved Bridegroom coming to rescue all the Sitas, the brides; from the claws of Ravan, the villain” is a necessary story to understand and to feel love. Take your pick. Both versions, are good and necessary.
4) The Drama has its own intelligence. It is truly universal intelligence manifesting through “single actors.” However, that vision of “singularity” is a persistent illusion, for absolutely nothing in this Drama works in isolation. Everything is meshed together. Everything is one.
5) The concept of “free will” could be misused in different ways. If we have free will, that free will is never out of our own volition because there is nothing like “my own volition.” It is an illusion to think in terms of singularity or individuality. That Oneness comes and expresses through different actors. It is the same one like the ocean is only one, even though we divide the ocean into 5 or 6 different labels (Pacific, Atlantic, etc.) Reality is that because we are so used to express through our bodies, the concept of individuality comes up. However, before our bodies, is the role that needs to be expressed through a body.

Free will does not exist. Neither predestination. All that exists is the expression of the Drama through us, souls… and the Drama is all of us when expressing our roles.

This is something new.

We can be miserable if we allow ourselves to be trapped in intellectual concepts such as “predestination” or “free will.” Those concepts only describe something deeper which cannot be put into words, but by no means those concepts should be interpreted as “cages” to explain our own destinies.

This is why Baba has always expressed that we should make maximum effort, even though that effort is already about to express like “before.” That thought of “before” is another mental cage for the Drama is always “new.” even though repetitive.

This is another deeper point.