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Question – June 21, 2013 – About Evil Spirits

Om Shanti, Dear Brother is the part of evil spirits haunting somebody fixed in the drama, or it is something that can be avoided? Do evil spirits really exist? One of my bk friend says that the part of evil spirits has begun now as a large number of unnatural deaths are occuring nowadays. Is it so? Thank You.

Dear soul,
Everything that can be perceived is part of the Drama. Evil spirits are not evil, but challenging spirits. They challenge what we would like to accomplish. To “avoid” evil spirits is part of the Drama as well, if it is in your “part.” Otherwise, that is known as “settling a karmic account,” which will allow you to “avoid” this challenge at a later time, even in another life time.

Just become aware that these challenging entities exist. Just do a search on “evil spirits” on the blog to find other articles, or better yet, the keyword “ghosts.”

Here an article: https://explore7.wordpress.com/2012/06/22/1060/

Those spirits “parts” have been in existence for 2500 year now and so “unnatural death” as well.
For a BK, it comes the part of settling karmic accounts now and that may be related with these entities/ghosts/spirits. Having the “evil spirit of lust,” is another kind of “evil spirit,” and perhaps the one that most BKs will experience.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother, This article [about evil spirits] is at the right time, as lately I have been experiencing lots of distractions internally which is very unusual for me, with lots of unwanted emotions and feelings, never been like this in my life, more than 20 years in gyan, sometimes it is very difficult to sleep at night, with becoming detached and point, to some extent I am able to stay away from this . I am not sure what is causing it … this has been the case for about a month or so…. I just don’t want to rule the possibility of evil spirit right away…. but I am not sure either…?

Thank you for your good question!

Dear soul,

If there is something which I have learned in this spiritual life, is that I cannot rule out possibilities. Information comes to us at a certain time for a “reason.”
Through sharing this, I am not implying that everything which makes us feel “out of balance” is due to an “evil spirit,” that is an unhealthy generalization. I am merely sharing information which could apply to some of us.

Before being a BK in this life, I had a “blind faith” in Science and his doctors. After becoming a BK, when the body gets some sort of disease, I have my “arsenal” of subtle help (acupuncture, Tibetan singing bowls, Bach flowers, traditional Chinese medicine etc.) I had spent $$ in costly tests to find out what was wrong in my health, just to find out that “everything is normal.”

As a Brahmin soul or someone in the spiritual path. may find out that most of the issues that we experience as a “disease” in the body are of emotional nature. Those emotions are the cause of diseases in the body which we like to call “karma,” but also a disease in the mind. I would also check that, by using non-traditional help.

Finally, if it is about “spirits” there are some people trained to discover them and allow them to “continue in their path” (spiritist,) some of them are “professionals” in this.

Whatever it takes to get me healthy in mind, body, emotions and spirit. There is so much “to lose” at this time… and a lot more to “gain.”

Best wishes!

On evil spirits and the power of the atmosphere


I was reviewing some Avyakt Murlis, where the theme of “evil spirits” was brought up.
Why do I feel this to be so important?
Because as we embrace this path of self realization, the “test papers” will come in different forms. It has been my experience that the first tests, come in relationship with following the Maryadas. Those are the “physical tests,” then; as we get good at it, if we are still on this “race,” the papers will move on in relationship with others. That is “human relationships,” and along with that “relationship with the body.”

This new “filter” will leave some souls out of the race. Loneliness, sex-lust, ego, diseases, etc will be the usual “culprit” for stopping here.

At this point many “survivors” have discovered the “safety net” of being together with the Brahmin family and “doing service together,” then love develops for the spiritual family and Baba. However, as we will find out in the avyakt murlis below; love as we know it is not enough. We need to develop “power” over the atmosphere.

Therefore, a third kind of test usually will appear, that is what is known as “evil spirits.”
BapDada many times, interchanges “evil spirits” with the vices; for at the end, these evil spirits all they do is maximize those vices. Those are tests at the subtle level. Those tests could be in relationship with just yourself, or someone who you know may be affected or both of you. I shared something about this sometime ago here: https://explore7.wordpress.com/2012/06/22/1060/

As we are becoming more aware of subtle energies and the “reality” of that world, then “tests” will be accordingly.

Ghosts or spirits or evil spirits is a reality. In many countries there are many ways that these spirits are used to inflict suffering in others, disease or even death. Also, they are used to change someone else’s personality.

BapDada is very clear about what we need to do. To stick with the basics (Code of conduct) and to realize that we are being “attacked.”
In my experience, we should be able to notice some changes in our personality and the quality of our yoga. It wouldn’t be the same. These entities will try to enter anyone that they could use to live through them. They become a challenge for they will look to experience those things which are “normal” for them… or rather, were “normal” for them when they had a body.

Here is when it becomes very important to know about our energies. To emit strongly our energies in places that we are in. Just like a dog does to limit “his territory” we can do that at the energetic level. That can happen if we become “powerful,” by being aware and awake. One more time, the “cure” resides in knowing that “this is not me” acting like that ir thinking this way, and for that reason, this period of tests could be delayed until that realization arises.

This is not something to be afraid of. Just to know that as we become more sensible to subtle energies and “different” from the rest; we could be considered a “good target.” As a matter of fact, many “normal” people have many of these “evil” spirits in them on a daly basis without their knowledge: Drug addicts, alcoholics, people experiencing constant depression, to name few incidents.

Please read the Murli points below on this topic, knowing that “transforming the atmosphere rather than the atmosphere having an effect on us, is the trademark of a powerful soul.”

Every test, has a motive. The path is steep but the experiences that we gain are invaluable, although; challenging.


“Day by day service will increase, and also the problems will increase. And the speed of thoughts will also increase. At present you create ten thoughts in one second, and later that speed will be doubled or tripled. There will be the expansion of your thoughts, and there will also be expansion of the evilspirits, the souls. For this you have to maintain special attention through which you will be able to confront everything that comes in front of you. Whatever happens, check whether it is right or not. Is it like that of BapDada or not? Is it equal to BapDada or not? You have to apply a dot or a “not” within a second, and then no problem or evil spirit will be able to oppose you. The problems will be burnt away in one second. Evil spirits cannot remain in front of you. So you have to make this effort: check and apply a dot.

(What is the form of evil spirits?) Their very clear form is shown when they enter specific souls. However they also have an incognito form: whilst moving along you are able to see an especially bad sanskar of someone in its influential form. That soul’s head will one minute say one thing, and the next minute will say something else. And it will say that too with a lot of force. His stage will not be stable in one stage. He will distress himself and also cause distress to others.

It is easy to recognise and move away from evil spirits that come in a very clear form. However, more often they come in an incognito way, and in ordinary words you say “his head seems a little crazy”. But at that time there is such a force of evil, that is, of bad sanskars, that that soul is just like an evilspirit. Just as evil spirits cause a lot of trouble, in the same way, such souls cause a lot of trouble. This will happen a lot more.

This is why you should create a savings scheme to save your time, your thoughts and your power, and in-between, increase the stage of being stable in the point-form. The more you have the stage of the point form, the less the evil spirits or evil sanskars will attack you. And your shakti form will liberate such souls. It is now the end of the final moments, and the evil spirits and evil sanskars will reach their extremity and then finish. All the rubbish will come out and be burnt away. (AM, July 24, 1970)”

“Don’t spend time in transforming your sanskars. Emerge the sanskars of pure feelings, of pure thoughts for the benefit of the world. In front of these elevated sanskars, limited sanskars will finish automatically. Do not battle, but emerge the sanskars of being victorious – enemies will burn away automatically. Don’t find yourself in any situation other than service. Give donations, give blessings, and then the bad omens of the self will finish automatically. Everything has to be served: souls, the atmosphere, the elements, and the evil spirits. The souls who are stumbling have to be shown their destination. They will be given a home in the land of mukti, won’t they? With the power of service, old sanskars, and all difficulties, will die automatically.” (AM February 18, 1986)

“Those children who are still surviving on the basis of love, might easily be affected by theatmosphere, if, together with the foundation of love, the foundation of knowledge slackens even the slightest bit. This is why each child has to check himself.

As you are in a corporeal body, there is very good power of love at first. But, as the days of love go by, the atmosphere might quickly affect that love. There is a great majority of those who have this love. You can continue to move systematically, in a disciplined way, when the atmosphere does not affect you, but you affect the atmosphere.

I said: “Baba, we are always talking about knowledge anyway”. Baba said:

Child, there is a great impact of love, and this is why you have all stopped having waste thoughts. But there are very few children who keep themselves content with the foundation of knowledge.

Tell everyone that you have to change the atmosphere, and that the atmosphere should not change you.

After accepting bhog, Baba showed a scene. There was a very big hall. There was a bad odour coming from all four directions of the hall. Gradually the fragrance of the incense sticks suppressed the bad odour. Baba said:

Look child: there was a bad odour in the atmosphere everywhere, but just a few incense sticks changed the atmosphere. So, when you children see that you are being affected by the atmosphere, keep the example of the incense sticks in front of you. You are the children of the Father, the Almighty Authority. If you are affected by the atmopshere, then the incense sticks are better than you are. When you children become powerful and fragrant, then this atmosphere will be suppressed.”
(trance message November 13, 1969)

“To become peaceful in an atmosphere of peace is not a big thing. You need the practice of being peaceful in the midst of disturbances, including the disturbance of your own weaknesses, waste thoughts from your sanskars. If it takes time to make yourself stable, then you may be deceived. At the end you will not have a lot of time. The results of the paper will emerge within a matter of a few seconds, or minutes, but your number will be fixed by your ability to remain immovable when there is an atmosphere of disturbance everywhere. So practice doing spiritual exercises. You should be able to stabilise your mind anywhere, at any time, in any state, for any length of time you wish.”
(AM March, 16, 1986)