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Life is the teacher

life is teacher

Ralph put a cologne on as he was getting ready to go to the “office world.” In the process, he remembered that he had to clean the kitchen before going to work.

Because Ralph wasn’t in the “moment,” he did not remember if he put the cologne on after a couple of minutes. He didn’t even try to smell the cologne on him, but he went directly where he thought that he put the cologne last time.

The cologne wasn’t there.

Ralph started looking for it frantically. He wasn’t able to see it… Actually the cologne was on that table as he left it before; but his awareness in that moment did not allow him to see it.
At that point, Ralph remembered the words of wisdom of one of the teachings he heard at one time: “If you lose something, don’t look for it and it will come back to you.”

Ralph went to the kitchen to clean it up. While he was doing that, he forgot about the existence of the cologne… He emptied his mind…
With a new consciousness, he went to his bedroom again… and there it was!

Thanks to that experience, Ralph understood the real meaning of “ if you lose something, don’t look for it.”
That teaching may not make sense for the “office world” mentality for it is paradoxical.
“Look for it … and you will find it.” Do something. Don’t be lazy. Keep at it. Don’t waste time, for it is money.. not life… but money. 🙂
Isn’t that the mind-set ?

If we are looking for joy, for peace and we have in our minds something that we think or identify as joy or peace… we will not find it, we will only have definitions and ideas about it.
We may have had an experience of peace, and then we may want to repeat the experience, perhaps to join a club where “others” had the same experience… Peace is not something that “we make” but something that happens when the “me” is not there. Do we search for peace or do we become aware of that “me”? 🙂

We are searching for something that is stuck in our mind. We want that particular something… nothing else.
A mind obsessed with obtaining things cannot see even the obvious.
Whether we experience that peaceful experience again or not is not the issue… that will come if is meant to happen at its right time… in the meantime, enjoy.
The issue is whether we found the operation of our minds. That is the beginning of an aware individual.

When we learn something in life, when someone shares something to us from their experience, that is not meant to be blindly followed to the “dot.”
To do that is to be an unconscious “follower.” That is not “bad” either, for sooner or later, we will realize… at our own time. The follower will become its own teacher.
Life needs to practically show us that which we learned in theory , then we can understand.
That is why, any “spiritual” teaching is not to be put through the filter of intellectual understanding and the dualistic mind, but rather through our own experience in life.

Life is the teacher.
Didn’t I say before that the “follower become its own teacher”?
Isn’t that a contradiction?
Ahh! Something new to experience. Don’t try to make sense of it intellectually, don’t “look for a logical answer,” and the significance will come to you. 🙂

Observing Nature to learn about life


A whale moves its caudal fin (tail) from left to right to propel itself forward.
A seagull flaps its wings up and down to able to fly.
Moving forward and flying through the “obstacles” in life could be accomplished if we learn that lesson from Nature: The opposites have their own timing. If we respect that timing and allow for one side of the different dichotomies in life to express themselves, we are assuring that the complementary side will arrive in a “healthy” way.

Someone could have good health and not knowing what is “bad” health; that person could enjoy his experience or not. Then, a disease could arrive which will allow that person to know what is “bad” health…. The option after that is good health again; how do we move through those moments, how stable our attitude remains will assure that the experience of moving forward to the right to then move towards the left side of life as a fish does, will be appreciated and enjoyed as the experience unfolds.

A seagull cannot chose not to flap its wings down. “I just want to flap my wings upwards,” that cannot be done for wherever there is upwards there must be downwards, wherever there is a God, there must be a Devil; wherever there is sin, there is something moral, etc.

Interestingly enough, English does not have a word, which is the exact opposite of sin. That is because that word is a religious concept.

When our minds are full of concepts, then our lives are not connected with the “reality” of Nature and the Universe, but rather some man-made invention which even though could exist, is not “real.” That is how our feelings become disassociated with life and our mind takes over.

A triangle is a man-made concept. Through that concept we could create many things, nevertheless; triangles do not exist.

Then, Christians could use that concept for example; to depict the trinity: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Usually a triangle is used to represent this concept, which supports the concept of the existence of a triangle. A concept may be useful, but not necessarily real.

When we use these concepts to lead our lives, we will find ourselves in different predicaments, for our interest will not be in finding virtue within but to comply to a man-made law.

When we observe Nature and the works of Nature, we could run away from the workings of the conceptual mind and free ourselves from that illusion which is a driving force in our day-to-day living.

The above is not a “belief” but it could be made if there is no experience from the readers and then, merely repetition of words, that is information; a “concept” will prevail.

When life is conceptual and mind made, then all we can hope for is to gain information.

Information is not the same as to know. Knowing requires to “be,” that is to experience something by not being the observer, but by becoming engaged, merged in that which is to be known. That is, by living life without prejudices, ideas, beliefs, taboos and all of that.

Question: om shanti…it is quiet difficult to understand the word “eternal” , as everything i see has a creator means whatever it is has be created for it`s existance , there is always a question “when ” ? question may be childish to ask for meaning of “eternal” but i am in confusion …

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul;

That question of “when?” is a problem only when you are looking for a “beginning.”
The logical response is that there is no beginning for something which is eternal, for eternal conveys that “has always existed.”

Let us do a “logical” exercise. Let us say that we believe in “creation.”
Let us blame it on God as the actual “creator” of things. Then the question is: Who created God? 🙂
For some reason our devotional feelings (bhakti) have no issue on that simple question. We usually say, well God has always existed! If we want to be more “childish,” then we can say: “Is God separate from the space that He exists in? If He is separate then; who created that space where He is in?
If He is not separate then is God the space where He is in? 🙂 Logic can get us in “word trouble.”

Scientists came up with a “Big bang” for a beginning of everything. “It was a big explosion.” However, how the elements which “created” the explosion came into existence? Who created those elements? 🙂 Then, they will tell you that “You don’t need to ask this question, for everything started when time started and that is when the explosion happened…:-) BUt, we know that THAT IS NOT LOGICAL…:-)

Dear soul, forget about the world “creation” and your confusion will magically disappear. That word doesn’t exist but only in a dead dictionary surrounded by dead words. It is an illusion of the mind and illusion which is strengthened through our traditions and culture but an illusion nevertheless.

Existence has always existed.

Best wishes!

Question: From where soul have born,why they are in the form of light only.. who have made soul,does soul will never die,very very confused of this question that who have made soul and who is the maker of all the soul…

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

I would recommend to take the “7 day course” on a Brahma Kumaris center, near you.. 🙂
The soul is eternal. It hasn’t been “created.” The word “creation,” is one of the most misleading words ever “created.” 🙂

Existence is eternal. Everything that you perceive as “existing” has always existed but it changes, it transforms. The form changes (matter) but the substance (soul) remains. The first law of “conservation of matter and energy,” clearly states that fact: “Matter cannot be created neither destroyed, it only transforms.”

I haven’t seen a soul with my physical eyes. I don;t know how it “looks like,” the word “looks like” denotes our cultural baggage of relying on our visual sense which is just a sense out of the 5 physical senses to relate with our perceptions of reality. I feel the soul. Feeling is a way to relate with that which is spiritual in nature.

Souls cannot be born. Souls cannot be created. Matter cannot be created. Nothing is never created. Existence is all that has ever existed.

Best wishes!

Did God make the World and the Drama?

In lieu of recurrent inquires about God being the “creator,” here is a video this “role made” sometime ago and which was qualified as some as “too intellectual,” and by others as “self promotion” 🙂
but as the Drama has it, this role will do as it has to do.

Hope it is helpful!
here the link:

Question: BKs say that all four yugs combined are of 5000 years. Then in which yug were dinosaurs? I am really curious to know.

🙂 Thank you for your question…

So we are back into “dino” question.
Have you seen a dinosaur? Why do you believe in them? Is that a new religion? 🙂
Personally, I haven’t seen one, and as mentioned before, here. my position is of “dino-agnosticism.”

If you have the disposition, you may want to read this which is what I have written about before.

Do you wonder why I take the “dino-agnostic” view on dinosaurs?

Simply because, if you believe like scientists that humans have existed in “linear time” for 500000 to 1 million years ago; that is not logically possible according to the graph in this post ( World population from 1800 to 2100, based on UN 2004 projections and US Census Bureau historical estimates;) for our rate of population should be way higher than what it is right now. That is a “faulty theory,” lacking reasoning and logic. Therefore, If scientists have problems with the origin of our own species and are miscalculating our rate of population, Why should I feel comfortable with their “evidence” of dinos living 65 million years ago? You see my logic? 🙂

If dinosaurs have in fact existed, then it had to be in a time where all continents were present on the Earth (If you follow BK knowledge that could happen between the copper age and the end of the confluence age) Why? Because accordingly, dinosaurs bones have been found everywhere, including in India. Now let me ask you a few questions:
In which continent a T-Rex originated? How do they migrated from continent to continent? why do they became extinct even if living in different continents? AND….how exactly humans appeared when at the time these monsters were living there were no humans alive? 🙂 I am curious to hear that!

So here is a link which explains that dinosaurs exist even now.

Also, let me tell you that I have my own little theory of “Dinos,” how do they appeared and disappeared and in which time period… but BK gyan does not explain about it neither the Bhagavad Gita, nor the Bible… so I will save you from reading that..unless you want to… 🙂 Hey! Everyone has the right to have their own theory! Followers are wanted. 🙂

So, I go back to the beginning and ask: Have you seen a dino recently? Are any of the Indian scriptures talking about them? Or this is just a recent “foreigner import” just like the UFOs?

Best wishes,

Dark Rainy Night

In a dark rainy night
loneliness brings its shadow
to the kernel of the mind
mercilessly hitting the target
with the hammer of disguise

lingering thoughts fulfilling an empty heart
looking for something absent to remedy
that petty awareness of being there
in a shallow existence now or anywhere

A reason to exist is unknown
when the heart beats without the Lord
is surviving the routine of nine to five
for God’s sake my pet has a better life!

Wise words arrive and shine when the fake smile
is told good-bye,
for darkness always brings us closer to light
when honesty rises in the slumber of the night.