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Question: What is the point of writing?

“What is the point in reading your articles if knowledge from outside doesn’t do a thing? What is your point of writing?”

The point of reading my articles depend on you not on me. Why do you read them?
Perhaps you want to gain “knowledge” out of them?
Good news and bad news. The good news is that you could repeat what you read here and perhaps amaze your friends with so much “knowledge” or so much “stupidity” that you have read here. Now, the “bad news”: It is worthless to you, if all you are doing is “reading” these things. But if you decide to “study” these things… It is even worse.

But if you can recognize in these words your own experience, then we are into something different. Your own Life experience, if you are aware; will give you more than knowledge, it will give you insight.

Knowledge is like theory explained in “black or white” language; it could never convey the reality of something paradoxical, beyond duality.

Insight on the other hand, is not borrowed knowledge from someone else. It is your own, which cannot be passed around to another.

Lao Tzu wrote: “ The truth cannot be written.”
You may ask: “Why is he writing then? Is he writing lies?”
You will miss entirely his point. Your logic, your reason does not work in Life, but only in the “office world,” which is a human creation.
If you are a seeker and you are looking for someone to write the “truth,” “knowledge,” the absolute wisdom… you are wasting your time… but it may be part of your “journey” to do so… Therefore, it is good! Waste cannot be any better!

Let me give an example to illustrate the above:
Does God exist or not?
You want the truth. You want a “Yes” or a “No.”
Look, who is answering you. You want a bona fide saint, an impeccable Guru, someone who you think is “higher than thou.”
It is merely your belief in a person. He tells you “Yes” and you believe. Easy. You don’t have to go through anything. That is second hand knowledge. You actually, do not know a thing.

Then, someone else may tell you “No. God does not exist” and you still will be looking for the “truth.” You may have an experience, you may call that experience “God,” and then you believe that you have experienced “God,” but you have doubts for others have had different experiences of “God.”

Those who say: “Yes. God exists” or “No. God does not exist” those people do not know a thing unless they have gone through both ends, through the “Yes” and through the “No.”
That is the journey. What you are looking for is in that journey and not in a simple answer.

First God exists. Then, He doesn’t. Insight is in that process.
Do you see my point?
Some day you will.

Your second question:
“What is your point of writing?”

What is the point of living if we are going to die?
What is the point of eating if we are going to be hungry?

My point of writing?
To write now before I can’t. 🙂