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Practicing the “dot” while at the “spot.”

Last night, I had “food for thought” on those writings of Eckhart Tolle. It was a rainy day and I wanted to go out for my regular walk. I ended up at the gym. 🙂

I hoped on the “treadmill,” and started to do my “fast walk,” drill:
In front of me. there was a big mirror, just to see my face and the years that have gone by ;-), then; “up above” a couple of “big TVs,” showing the “latest” violence around. Then I heard the sounds of “the Commodores,”… something like: “Lady…you bring me up when I am down..uhhh Lady… you are gonna change my life around…

It was a tough question. Do I get involved with the song? Or the TVs? Or the exercise? Or do I keep looking at myself and the ways to improve “my looks”? Decisions, decisions, decisions.
Most people are saturated with external distractions for every sense organ. In that state it is difficult to know silence of the mind.

Then, I remembered ( Thank God!) that I needed to remember the drill of the dot. I started concentrating on the self, the middle of the forehead and then all of the sudden, the mirror wasn’t that important anymore. Sort of understanding that I need to change my car pretty soon to a new one, or do some serious “body work” to it… My face wasn’t that interesting anymore. 🙂

Then, the TVs, seemed like life scenes going rapidly. Things in movement take my full attention. But the realization was that I need to be still and watch that movement, so I do not get lost into the frenzy of moving with life, but being still and observing life. That sounded like Eckhart Tolle whispering in my ears and… Baba reminding me of the “detached observer,” deal-meal.

Then, as the Commodores took me into the land of neediness: “You came to me when I was lonely and no one cared… etc…” I knew it was time to ‘tune out’ as I was getting into the rhythm of the contagious sounds. Love the 70s Hits… though.

That was it. Through concentration on that “dot” we can tune out from everything.

I found that this practice is helpful for it is like being in the ‘real world.’

You see, I can be in my room meditating under perfect circumstances and once I go outside, the meditation music will not be there, nor the picture of ShivBaba or the red lights… That is what Baba calls the “facilities.”

This experience has taught me what I need to do and what concentration is all about.
Stillness of the mind is not made by perfect outside forces. It has to be made by “me,” under any circumstances.

That is the signature of a “master of the self.”

Question: Comment: In today’s Avyakt Murli of 12.8.12 Baba mentions about facilities and facilities of science. Baba said: Their love for souls is finishing and their love for the facilities is increasing. Can I take it as referring to ones comfort zone? Ones cushy job, comfortable home, posh car and lifestyle.

Thank you for your question.
Yes, the facilities from science are everything from a car to even your sink at home where hot water runs. In the USA, we have air-conditioned places, light bulbs, etc. all of those are facilities from Science.

Baba is reminding us that all of those facilities will go away and our dependency on them will make our stage fluctuate and thereby, not able to pass the “final paper.”

Best wishes.