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The truth will set you free…

Whenever the “I” chooses, there is no truth
The truth is in your heart. Choice is not a choice there.

Because we are one with Life, that which separates us (thinking) may only show us facts, but not truth.
Because Life changes, facts may remain unchanged; but the truth… may change.

John and Jane promised love to each other. That is the fact. The truth is that John did not feel love for Jane.
Perhaps John did not realize of that truth for he is not used to dealing with his heart, but he “thought” that he loved Jane. The “thought” will change and so…love.

A police officer entered a semi-dark room after hearing a shooting. He saw a man lying on the floor who was picking up a gun. The police officer shooted at that person for he thought that it was in self-defense.

The police officer killed an innocent man rather than an outlaw.

The fact is that an innocent man was killed. The truth is that the police officer did not intend to kill. The law may go by “facts,” but the truth may be outside those facts.

Whenever person “A” deals with person “B,” there will be facts, actions. However, the truth will be hidden in the intention of every person.

Thought only sees facts.
This why if someone calls himself “spiritual,” that person may need to have the honesty of not lying to himself, for every lie in order to look respectable will only create a dishonest person.
The truth will be hidden under the fact.

Who we really “are” will present as a need to express itself at different times.
When we acknowledge the need, we are opening for the opportunities that Life may present.
When the opportunity presents, we may choose.
When we choose, we open ourselves for many things: Beliefs to deal with, moral standards, expected behaviors… more things to think about.

When we do not choose but we “flow” according to what our heart dictates, we act in truth for there is no choice. Isn’t that paradoxical? Honesty is of the heart. No practice needed. Honesty is all what is required… but as Billy Joel may say:” Honesty is such a lonely word.”
To acknowledge our truth beyond pretty sentences and “elevated words,” is to align with the possibility of change.

That may be the change that religions and moralists are looking for: It is natural, wholesome, healthy when the process is respected.
When that change is supported by rigid ways, fear and repression the outcome will be a dishonest man sitting in a dark corner, waiting for the opportunity to act, when not seen.
For them, to “look good” has greater value than just being.

Every experience in Life will show us who we are.
What we see outside, is the reflection of what is inside.
To change what we see through a thought just to be “positive” is to be dishonest.
To acknowledge what we find in ourselves and to look for its root, is to change without trying to change; to be truthful… without knowing that meaning… because we don’t “think” that we know… we may. 🙂

The “truth” may be falsehood


Do you know the meaning of “truth”?
It is a concept. Something for the “I” to feel good about. A word that implies “righteousness.”
“ I am telling you the truth.” Rather than, “I am telling you what I perceive to be factual.”
“Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.” That is a historical fact. It is in every book. It is the “truth.”

The “fact” may be; Christopher Columbus did not “discover” anything. Many “Americans” living in America knew America at that time. Moreover, they did not call it America.

Christopher Columbus “discovered” America for “Europeans” (Notice how “I” artificially divide people) who did not know about America. We do not know if Columbus was in fact, the first one in the “new world;” but the “truth” can be manipulated in many ways.

Be aware of anyone who claims to have “the truth.”

A religious “leader” had an experience. His consciousness changed. Followers appeared because they wanted the same for them. Therefore, the answer must be, in following him.
That is the assumption.

Forget that everyone has different experiences.
Forget that consciousness is beyond the handling of an “I.”
The “I” trying to change itself to have the same qualities as the religious leader, is the fake trip of a second class actor who is unwilling to look at himself.

Following is the opposite of self-realization. Nevertheless, the paradox is that following may be necessary as a “tool” to experience for yourself . Therefore, to follow is not “bad.” Consciousness will change to another experience, by itself. Consciousness does not change through intellectual speculation.

When we forget about concepts such as searching for the “truth,” we may actually experience something useful without using a label to describe it, to tell others “I found it.”

Observe how existence is not depending on anyone. It “is.” However, when the “I” asks: “How did I get here?” The “I” is unable to see that it is separating from everything else at that moment, and by “creating” that separation, it needs to find a way to preserve itself for “everlasting life…”

“How did I get here?” just shows the type of consciousness someone has.

No “practice” of a particular action could change someone’s consciousness to make someone “better.”

What is “better”?
What “you” think it should be? What “others” have told you about? What you have learned in society?

Observe how we create the problem and the solution. Both are coming from the same consciousness.

Observation. Awareness.

If you are aware of your addiction, on how your addiction adds suffering to your life, at that point we could go deeper into discovering how that “I” comes into being. Observe it in action without adding any “moral” statements. Become aware of how your mind changes “its mood,” on how the “I” is looking for satisfaction because something else is lacking in your Life. That is the point: To discover.
Then you will realize about what is throwing you out of balance. At that point, healing happens. The sources to heal will appear. You have gone through the full path, the experience.

Without observation it may go something like this: “That addiction is bad. You will go to hell if you keep on doing it. You are bad. God will punish you. Ask for forgiveness. Whenever you feel the temptation to “do it,” fight against that. Don’t let the devil win. Look for support, people to help you. Ask the experts. Get some medicine. Do something….”
Guilt and shame will be added every time you “fail.” Worthlessness will be felt every time you are compared against a “success” story.

Observation. It is so “natural,” so “intuitive” but our beliefs, traditions, moral standards, etc. are “against that.”
We must learn what “teachers” tell us. We must “do” what is known to be traditional.
We must bear the weight of not being a “cookie cutter” entity.

Shall we react? Shall we get together and fight it? 🙂
No action is necessary. It is not about “doing.”
Observe, become aware, accept what for others is “normal,” appreciate it, open your consciousness to the enjoyment of being alive.

It is a game. Play it. Don’t take it seriously. Assimilated it. Smile, don’t hold on to the past so you are ready for the next experience…fresh, anew as if you just awaken from a long and deep sleep…