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Awaken through your conditioning

As we awaken, we could realize that to find the “truth” in specific groups, religions, philosophies, parties, teams, congregations and all sorts of labels denoting separation; is a great illusion.

As we know we are a Totality, One. Thus, a small division of people can only bring a particular viewpoint, a perspective, part of the “truth.”
Life is greater than a particular experience, understanding, reasoning, perspective.

“Wait a minute; what you are saying then is just a perspective?”
If you look closely I am not saying anything you did not know before; but something that you may have learned in elementary school: A part cannot be greater than the whole. Remember that teaching?
Isn’t that evident? That is all i’m saying.
Now, let me add some depth to it:” In Life, a part is equal to the whole.”

This pretty much contradicted my former statement. 🙂
Thus, everyone has the “truth.” Paradoxical?
Just like Life. Every “part” is the movie of Life, itself.
Our mind sees a “part,” but Life cannot be divided into “parts.”
It is a continuous.

Now let me put that into “perspective.”
A religion is a “part” and that “part” is equal to the whole. Do you know why?
Because it is just a perspective of “reality,” of the Totality, of what is. For many, that perspective is all there is. Another religion will give a different perspective and so on; thus, an intelligent person will realize: “Every religion has a part of the truth.”
Which brings me back to the beginning… Don’t you love logic and reasoning?  🙂

But let me go deeper. Because every religion has a part of the “truth,” what is not “truth” in them, is falsehood. Therefore, every time we label some part as “truth,” it has also falsehood in it.
Isn’t that paradoxical?
Just like Life.

More depth?
In Life, Truth and Falsehood are the same thing. Just labels.
Thus, while people conditioned to understand the ways and “reasons” of the “Office world,” have truth and falsehood as opposites, creating “morality” as a by-product; Life accepts that mental perspective by allowing it; while expressing itself in other terms, which is strange to our conditioning, creating a sense of “uncertainty” in us. Life is uncertain. Isn’t that one of the main traumas or fears that most have?

“So you wrote all of this just to say nothing useful… What a waste!”
Sorry about that. Here may be the useful stuff that your conditioning is looking for:

We want to understand Life from the perspective of our conditioning.
That ain’t gonna happen, Mac.

The “truth” may be falsehood


Do you know the meaning of “truth”?
It is a concept. Something for the “I” to feel good about. A word that implies “righteousness.”
“ I am telling you the truth.” Rather than, “I am telling you what I perceive to be factual.”
“Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.” That is a historical fact. It is in every book. It is the “truth.”

The “fact” may be; Christopher Columbus did not “discover” anything. Many “Americans” living in America knew America at that time. Moreover, they did not call it America.

Christopher Columbus “discovered” America for “Europeans” (Notice how “I” artificially divide people) who did not know about America. We do not know if Columbus was in fact, the first one in the “new world;” but the “truth” can be manipulated in many ways.

Be aware of anyone who claims to have “the truth.”

A religious “leader” had an experience. His consciousness changed. Followers appeared because they wanted the same for them. Therefore, the answer must be, in following him.
That is the assumption.

Forget that everyone has different experiences.
Forget that consciousness is beyond the handling of an “I.”
The “I” trying to change itself to have the same qualities as the religious leader, is the fake trip of a second class actor who is unwilling to look at himself.

Following is the opposite of self-realization. Nevertheless, the paradox is that following may be necessary as a “tool” to experience for yourself . Therefore, to follow is not “bad.” Consciousness will change to another experience, by itself. Consciousness does not change through intellectual speculation.

When we forget about concepts such as searching for the “truth,” we may actually experience something useful without using a label to describe it, to tell others “I found it.”

Observe how existence is not depending on anyone. It “is.” However, when the “I” asks: “How did I get here?” The “I” is unable to see that it is separating from everything else at that moment, and by “creating” that separation, it needs to find a way to preserve itself for “everlasting life…”

“How did I get here?” just shows the type of consciousness someone has.

No “practice” of a particular action could change someone’s consciousness to make someone “better.”

What is “better”?
What “you” think it should be? What “others” have told you about? What you have learned in society?

Observe how we create the problem and the solution. Both are coming from the same consciousness.

Observation. Awareness.

If you are aware of your addiction, on how your addiction adds suffering to your life, at that point we could go deeper into discovering how that “I” comes into being. Observe it in action without adding any “moral” statements. Become aware of how your mind changes “its mood,” on how the “I” is looking for satisfaction because something else is lacking in your Life. That is the point: To discover.
Then you will realize about what is throwing you out of balance. At that point, healing happens. The sources to heal will appear. You have gone through the full path, the experience.

Without observation it may go something like this: “That addiction is bad. You will go to hell if you keep on doing it. You are bad. God will punish you. Ask for forgiveness. Whenever you feel the temptation to “do it,” fight against that. Don’t let the devil win. Look for support, people to help you. Ask the experts. Get some medicine. Do something….”
Guilt and shame will be added every time you “fail.” Worthlessness will be felt every time you are compared against a “success” story.

Observation. It is so “natural,” so “intuitive” but our beliefs, traditions, moral standards, etc. are “against that.”
We must learn what “teachers” tell us. We must “do” what is known to be traditional.
We must bear the weight of not being a “cookie cutter” entity.

Shall we react? Shall we get together and fight it? 🙂
No action is necessary. It is not about “doing.”
Observe, become aware, accept what for others is “normal,” appreciate it, open your consciousness to the enjoyment of being alive.

It is a game. Play it. Don’t take it seriously. Assimilated it. Smile, don’t hold on to the past so you are ready for the next experience…fresh, anew as if you just awaken from a long and deep sleep…

Your truth is someone else’s falsehood


There is no philosophy or religion able to describe in words “what is.”
“When you die, you either go to Paradise or hell forever.”
That is just a belief. It is not true for those who have experienced life as continuous movement and consciousness as eternal. It is not true for those who have experienced the paradoxical aspect of self and no self.

“Life is a return journey where souls go through a process of purification.”
That is a belief. Again, continuity of life as “is” entails no “home run,” no “return” for everything is new but paradoxically that “newness” could only be seen intellectually as a return.
Any intellectual knowledge as in:” This works this way therefore; there are 2 possibilities, it is either this or that. One is truth and the other is false.”

That sort of analytical dualistically mind, cannot quench his own doubts with reasons.
When to know means to “live it,” then to speculate things intellectually is just another belief system.

Obviously, what Ananda is sharing according to his experiences in life, is another belief system for someone else.

But… “This knowledge comes directly from God and your realizations are from your own crazy mind.”

🙂 There is nothing coming from “God” that could be put into words. Why?
Words can only express duality, “black or white” understanding. What is beyond duality cannot be explained in words, it needs to be experienced to be understood.

Then we could believe the answer is in “non-duality.” Right?

Have you listened to a so-called “non-duality” teacher?
It is one of the most boring intellectual things I’ve ever heard. Lots of reasoning to teach “happiness” through thinking…
But… Happiness is a feeling.

To connect with life through feelings is to encounter a different dimension of living life. This we could experience for ourselves without beliefs or dogmas.

When we realize that anything spoken by anyone is just a perception due to a limited experience of life, (his own experience) how could we pretend that this small piece of life could explain everything there is?

Life is not meant to be “explained.” It is meant to be “lived.”

When our life becomes integrated into “what is” without dogmatic beliefs, when our heart becomes open and ready to give the best of us through continuous feelings in every experience that life offers, then at that point; we could understand that the Universe is constantly playing with us, it is seducing us to open up, to unwind, to let ourselves be in that feeling of togetherness and appreciation of life itself. It is at that point, when we could be in love with Life… and that my friends, is the “highest religion” there is.

The above is not a “belief system.”
Ananda is not looking to “save souls” when there is nothing to save. Ananda is not looking to “help others,” when life itself performs that wonder all the time. Ananda is not looking to build the “true religion” for that is a narrow vision of the immensity of Life. Ananda is not looking to be an “instrument of God,” when everyone is that already.

Ananda only shares his experiences for the common good, that is all.

Courage to be


Which religion has the truth?

That question implies concepts of “truth” and falsehood. That is duality. When there is duality, we are not grasping “reality” and thus, the paradoxical “real” truth.

However, the above question makes a great introduction for philosophical talk and historical research. As a matter of fact, it is the main ingredient for debates and exchange of words.

Nevertheless, there is nothing behind all of that.. other than plenty of words.

That is the same stuff that we will find when we look for a spiritual enlightening video in ”youtube.”

No realizations, but just history. Concepts. Easy to follow explanations lingering in duality. The same repetitive concepts to dull the mind in the assurance that “we know something.”

There are very few, “spiritual teachers” who will share out of their own experiences. Most, is about “spiritual research” done by others or to relate an interpretation of “holy scriptures” written by someone and whose position is defended by a follower.

From a religious perspective, that information could be important. That means another follower signing up, another “proof” to support a dogma.

From a spiritual perspective, it is useless information.

In Spirituality, “book” information is plain useless.

When we share something spiritual, it should be able to sparkle a different view, a different perspective about our own inner world, so there is a realization, which in turn will bring another perspective, a change of vision.

That perspective when made practical becomes our new self. A new attitude is born.

Unfortunately, most are unwilling to live by the realizations of their own experiences and rather have the “comfortable ride” of just believing what someone “important” says.

“He is an expert.” “He has 500000 followers.” “He is wonderful, divine.” “He speaks very well.” “He has special powers.”

All of that creates an organized faith, which eventually replaces spiritual knowledge with just rituals to “follow.”

Spirituality is meant to uplift by sharing experiences rather than “truth,” for everyone of us has to discover their own truth. Yes,  No one can walk your own path for you.

That is why, courage is needed, for there will come a time when following is not enough, for it is a matter of living life with authenticity.

At that point to throw away everything we thought we knew, may be needed.

That takes courage. It is the time to be humble and have the openness to learn.

When we are attached to our own ideas, we suffer as we do not allow ourselves to change according to our inner voice, but rather follow comfortable, well-established, traditional patterns.

Some things need to go away, before “newness” arrives.

Continuous change


Life is change. Movement. Continuity.
Change is all-pervading. To hold onto something will be a source of suffering for that something will change.

Our bodies change. This is a tough realization for an athlete but not so much for a “normal” person. Different awareness. Different priorities.

Our surroundings change. The same people who we used to hang out with, will not be there. It is a matter of fact. A matter of time.

Our thoughts and ideas will change. They need to, for in that change there is the possibility for further change, further discoveries.

The truth is not a still picture. Something to hold on to, something to talk about, something to recite and to keep it unchanged. The truth cannot be a dogma.


Simply because it needs to fit life, the reality of living; and that is change in all respects.

Even what I am sharing, is not the “last word,” it cannot be. From the minute that it is put in writing, most of the truth behind the realization is gone; it cannot be put into words.

If I hold onto this realization with my intellectual abilities; If I continually recite that “the truth is that everything changes,” then; I am incurring in a greater falsehood, which is to conceptualize something that cannot be put into concepts, into ideas.
A shared realization is merely a point of reference to start a journey of self discovery. This article is just that, a point of reference.

If I hold on to something which will change and deposit my hopes and desires in that, I will suffer for sure.

Marriage is one of those situations where change happens and our ideas about the “other” will bring disillusionment once we realize that our ideas do not match “reality.” Then, we could say something like: “You changed. You weren’t like that when I met you.”

The picture, that still in our minds is the cause of that disillusion. Life is a movie not a picture.

To embrace that change without talking about it, to be in tune with the possibilities that things will not go according to our plans, is to be the unencumbered traveler of life, who is flexible enough to go where life goes.

It is not a question of finding who is “right or wrong.” It is about going along in unity, flowing and letting everyone find out for themselves where they are.

I am with change. I flow with change, I let life present the gifts that will allow me to understand me better; for living, in a way is nothing more but knowing ourselves; to realize that all the dramas of life are merely products of our own inability to let go; to flow.

Life seems like a “me” game; but it is not. There cannot be unity where there is only “me.” However; to know “me” is a necessity for that is all that I could ever hope to know. To know “me” means to know others. Then, there is flowing with life. “Me” goes away.

To know “me” so “me” can go away.

Attachment is a serious mental disease, once we realize that water must flow to be alive, to heal; to endure, to last.

To welcome life changes is a sure way to know how in tune we are with our destination.

To embrace our destiny as it is, requires to know ourselves; for then, we will know that nothing happens in life just for the “heck of it.” It happens because of “me.”