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When the time arrives


Raysha and Ananda’s father departed to another experience of life today, in the early hours of the morning. That is known as “death” for some or “leaving the body” for others.

Many labels to express an experience.
For me, it is continuing into a different experience.

Life is not the duality of life and death. We experience that duality when there is an “I” which brings the separation between the experiencer and the experience.”I am” the experience itself, in a word; the “now.”

For some relatives my father is death. My father has suffered… he is finally “resting in peace,” in God’s lap… etc.
I wonder if they know what they are talking about?
I wonder if they understand that their expressions of sympathy are of no meaning to me… but I understand that “their stuff” makes them feel good about themselves… that they are giving me “comfort,” they feel that they are “helping me.” 🙂

The words “my father” bring a feeling of loss, a feeling of something that is gone, etc. Lost in words, I could believe the “logic” of them.

A role in life is not the being. A label to express that role is just a label. The experience of Life itself is beyond our words and labels.

“Leaving the body” is the expression of looking at life under the umbrella of the body. The point of reference is still the body, especially when I repeat myself “I am not the body.” The duality of body and not-body makes our life to be conscious of the body …unless we realize about labeling. It all depends on our degree of awareness.

Ananda could choose to be in sorrow OR Ananda could choose to be content and happy about the “graduation” of his father into a new experience in life, which could be supported by a fancy belief system.

Right? Isn’t that the teaching of “spiritual enlightened people”?

That is still duality.

When Ananda lives in the now and experiences life as it is without adding labels to it and just being aware of his own feelings and embracing them as they are without repression or opposition, then the muddy waters will settle down all by itself and then the “magic” happens: Clear waters will appear all by itself without “me” doing anything to “speed things up.” 🙂

I could spend time labeling my own muddy waters as “impure” or as “that is something that I should not feel” etc. but once we know about the impact of our own words in our mind, then we learn that we better be careful when we talk to “others”… But even more careful when we talk to ourselves.

No wonder to go into a different consciousness, we may need to go over the limits of our beliefs.

That is the main requisite to have a new birth.

Life will show us where we are


Ananda visited his family 7 months ago. His family live in another country away from here.
Mathias, the wise tree; shared to Ananda at that time:
“You may wish good bye to your father.”

Ananda understood that his father was going to experience death at any time but he wasn’t sure when.

When Ananda approached Mathias for a particular date as to when this will happen; Mathias replied: “ Friend, I hope that you don’t forget that I do not bring a fortune teller glass ball with me.” 🙂 A date means to wait idle for life rather than to enjoy the experiences.

At that time, Ananda gave a good hug to his father before departing…. conscious of the “last hug goodbye.” He knew that he couldn’t share that information with relatives who are not ready to understand the different threads of the Drama of life.

What for some is the opportunity to “say good bye,” for others is the chance to go into desperation or to brush that information off as “nonsense” for there is “no scientific evidence.”

Ananda’s father was losing his memory. He wasn’t able to walk very well but with the help of a cane. His activity was being reduced little by little. At 77, he was enjoying good health. In the past, he used to be very active, lover of sports and dancing. In Ananda’s memory, he is a caring and tender man, ready to enjoy life. He is “spiritual” because he knew how to enjoy life, the “now” without ever joining a religion.

Last week, Ananda’s father had appendicitis, which became infected, damaging some internal organs. He had surgery, which he survived, but the infection continued. The doctors mentioned that he has 30% chances to survive.

Ananda’s family members are sad; seeing the scene of a man hooked up to different tubes; a man who would like to go back home to relax but who is unable to eat or drink.

What to do? Where to go?

Life will present many scenes, what is important for the “life walker” is to be aware of his feelings at that time, the Now. Anything that is going on is merely a chance to look inside.
Look inside, look inside… observe the feelings that arise.

Death is not an enemy. It is not something to fear. It is not an adversary. Ananda’s father is not “losing” the battle, when life itself is around the “corner” for him.

Mathias, the wise tree; mentioned: “Remember that the best time of your father’s life is just about to start.”

Any “spiritual” knowledge about “how to behave” in life is only information, until someone experiences life itself happening to them. At that point, without inner observation the option is to “act” the rules, what it seems “good” but that may be dishonest if contrary to our own feelings and emotions at that time.

Some may call that experience of seeing a loved one at death’s door, a “test.”
Ananda feels that it is not a test when our emotions and understanding of life are aligned; but when that is not the case, it is not only a test but an opportunity to ingest sorrow and sadness for “free.”
That is lack of awareness.

How can you enjoy life under that circumstance, we may ask?
When the perspective is turned 360 degrees around, and the “indoctrination” of smelling death everywhere is not the focus of the experience, but to see that every end is a new beginning.
That is to celebrate life.

The above will be completely dishonest from Ananda’s part to share, if Ananda was feeling emotionally devastated, hurt, in pain and anger…blaming the doctors, life, God and everyone else for taking his father away from him… why.. why.. why it had to happen this way… 🙂

There is no one taking anyone away. How could Ananda explain this in words? It is not an intellectual thing to understand.

Ananda is discovering that his work for the past year on his emotions is paying off. Many posts have been shared already on that.

Thoughts will appear such as: “ You should feel sad and cry… your father is dying, don’t you see it? What an insensitive son you are!
The thoughts are allowed to exist but there is no identification with them. In observation, those thoughts dissolve and become the past. Simply become aware of them, thoughts are not you.

Mathias the wise tree, would call that “to embrace the bloody Buddha” that is to embrace even those things which are thought of as “negativities” in ourselves, just to give it a label.
It is a discovery “about us,” which cannot be rejected into the duality of “good and bad.”

As his father, Ananda will have a new start in life tomorrow. He is moving to another place!
Life continues on… The day is bright and sunny outside for those who are able to see it, to enjoy that scene means to live in the “now.”

When we observe that we are no longer theory but we live our words, is definitely a day to celebrate!
Cheers for inner honesty and for the new beginning of father and son!

Until Thursday… 🙂

Realms of consciousness – Part 1

munay 4 elementosn

In Spirituality, there has been the need to convey consciousness found beyond the physical awareness, through words.
Those words will be experienced according to the consciousness of the listeners.
“Normal” awareness typically resides in 2 states: Thinking and feeling.

Thinking is the most predominant. Here is where intellectual knowledge is used to describe how things work in the physical realm.
For example:
There is creation, maintenance and destruction as an ongoing cycle of everything which exists in the physical realm.
A human being is born (creation) then that human being will die (destruction) and in between, there is “living” (sustenance or maintenance.)

If that ever-going cycle is not understood by the masses or if there is a need to hide greater significance behind it, then “folk stories,” “myths” were built around it: For instance, you have Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar or Shiva to signify the same aspects of creation, maintenance and destruction. We can give every personality an image, a role to be distinct from the rest, when they could be viewed as 3 different aspects of the same eternal reality. Those names will differ according to cultural background.

In Christianity, that could be understood at the Father creating, the Son, maintaining and the Father, God; destroying “His creation.” The Holy Spirit’s role has been along with the Son (Jesus) as some passages from the Bible may explain. The “holy Trinity,” the Trimurti, could be viewed as a depiction of those 3 states of the physical realm.

What is forgotten is that we are eternal; therefore, that cycle is eternal as well. Repetitive. Is our eternity a belief?
Yes. As long as we have not experienced it. In that experience of our own eternity there is no need for dividing thoughts or beliefs ever again. We are free as long as there is the experience.

Some religions have emphasized destruction over everything in that cycle, for the purpose of reforming someone with greater speed, to inflict fear to motivate certain actions or simply to exercise further control over people. There is “Armageddon,” the “last judgment,” “the second coming,” “the end of the world.” etc.

Note, that avyakt7 is not going into “how true” those statements are. That is a matter of belief. Avyakt7 is just mentioning that some religions are just emphasizing one aspect of the continuous physical reality.
Creation and maintenance or sustenance as part of that cycle, are not mentioned with the same emphasis or intensity as destruction due to other reasons.

In the “thinking” realm of consciousness, “proof” is important.
However, the “thinking” realm of consciousness is unable to “know” spirituality by experience which is extremely important. Thinking is just theory, a description, a concept. Experience on the other hand, is it.

That is why we can have many people writing about “spiritual topics.” Some with Ph.D’s and other degrees. Their writings or talks will be plain descriptions with empty messages unless those individuals have “walked the path.”

Thought brings separation. Therefore, a belief system is made implying separate things. One of the main topics in most religious dogmas is the idea of being an “individual” versus omnipresence. Some religions believe in an individual God whereas others believe in God being omnipresent.

Who is right? 🙂 Great topic for a lengthy and boring debate.

There will be God and there will be “me.” Two distinct entities. Moreover, “Me” is separated from the world. Things happen around “me,” in the “movie of life.”
If someone like the Pope is in the “movie of life,” then the Pope is separated from “me.”
Is truly the Pope part of the movie of life? Or isn’t he another individual, another “me” from his perspective?
Please see the depth on that question.

Let me put that in another way: Is the Pope an individual or is he part of the movie in relationship with “me,” the indisputable “individual”?

The Pope is both. He is an individual but at the same time, he is part of the movie (and thus omnipresent; for the movie of life is everything) it just depends on the perspective, the point of reference. (Me, the movie or him.) “Normal” people cannot understand that there are 2 answers which are equally valid. “Normal” people plainly take side on one answer and make a dogma out of that. They call that the “truth.”

If you are following me up to this point, dear reader; please now do the following… It takes great courage…
Now change the word “Pope” for the word “God.” 🙂

With greater consciousness, we can see that everything, even “me” is part of the “movie of life,” and the consciousness of “me” will only exist if “I” am coming from that consciousness of individuality… which is where 99% of humanity resides.

Let me give another example of experience versus theoretical “science.”
We can think all we want about love. We can write deep discussions about it. We can have opinions about love coming from “renown” individuals… latest experiments about love, latest research about it…all of that cannot make us understand what is love. We need to experience it. We need to feel it, to know love. To “Be it.”

That is the second realm of consciousness.

Reader remark: Sharing a song

Brother, one of the songs I have always liked ‘A Whole New World’ from Alladin, re-read the lyrics again recently and it perfectly described how I was feeling, understood it in a new light. However, just today read Dadi Janki’s ‘No One Should Pull My Intellect’ dated 24.5.2013 where DJ states: Baba spoke about the stories of God, the Friend, of Hatamtai (putting a bead in the mouth -don’t say anything) and Allah-Avaldin (Aladdin), God the One who creates the kingdom. So was inspired to read the symbolic meaning of the genie and lamp and share the link and lyrics of the song. http://suite101.com/article/aladdin-and-the-magic-lamp—meaning-and-symbolism-a344878 A Whole New World – From Alladin I can show you the world Shining, shimmering, splendid Tell me, princess, now when did You last let your heart decide? I can open your eyes Take you wonder by wonder Over, sideways and under On a magic carpet ride A whole new world A new fantastic point of view No one to tell us no Or where to go Or say we’re only dreaming A whole new world A dazzling place I never knew But when I’m way up here It’s crystal clear That now I’m in a whole new world with you Now I’m in a whole new world with you Unbelievable sights Indescribable feeling Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling Through an endless diamond sky A whole new world Don’t you dare close your eyes A hundred thousand things to see Hold your breath – it gets better I’m like a shooting star I’ve come so far I can’t go back to where I used to be A whole new world Every turn a surprise With new horizons to pursue Every moment red-letter I’ll chase them anywhere There’s time to spare Let me share this whole new world with you A whole new world That’s where we’ll be A thrilling chase A wondrous place For you and me.

Dear soul,

Thank you for sharing that song… I am sure many sisters and even perhaps some brothers will feel inspired by it… 🙂
The romantic feeling to “fall in love” is great, specially if the beloved one is God. There you have the image of Brahma Baba to put a male body to God and there you have a love story … 🙂

As far as I am concerned, God is beyond genders and even though we are trapped in that duality, in this world we need to learn to balance those 2 energies (male and female) and live as complements of each other.

To fall in love is an indescribable feeling, but to depend on another for our own happiness is to be trapped in dependencies, it is a dream where only those who wake up will know.

Godly, divine knowledge is meant to emerge the qualities in us of a master of the self. That means not to be dependent on anyone, not even in God… now, that is the God that I know of; completely altruistic and not looking for “dependents,” but emerging the “master almighty authorities” in us.

Of course, there is a time when a child needs a Father to grow and a teenager a boyfriend to feel self-respect; but there is a time where adulthood comes and then things change. Your friend are the divine energies- God- knowledge and the Drama. That is the time when we have to do things “ourselves,” as a master of the self. No one can take the steps for us.

Such is life. Such is spiritual life as well.

Best wishes!

Poem:Oh my God – You are my Father BY: VVRISOR

Oh my God, Oh my God
Yes my Child, Yes my Child
I want some thing, I want some thing
Ask me Child, Ask me

I want to become like you, like you
Yes my Child, Yes my Child
Follow me, Follow me
Take that my Child, take that

What is this Father, what is this
Churn it my Child, Churn it
Thank you my Dear Father, Thank you

I Churned the KNOWLEDGE, I Churned
I got the POWER, I got
But it says ‘maintain PURITY’, maintain
It brought me PEACE, It got me LOVE, It got me BLISS

Thank you my Dear Father, Thank you
I realize now, that you will not give, you will not give
you will not make me like you, you will not
I have to become, I have to with my efforts

I realize now, I realize, to TAKE it from you
I am your NATURAL CHILD, Natural Child
I am your Natural Heir, Natural Heir
I will become like you, one day I will….

Thank you My Dear Father, Thank you.