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No fear means emptiness

As long as there is a created personality, there will be fear at different levels.

Fear of what?
Fear of death. Fear of losing a job, fear of losing a “loved one,” fear to be dismissed by the religious group, fear to be left alone, fear of people, fear of saying what is in your heart, fear of the system, fear of the tradition, fear of God, fear of the Devil, fear of life, fear of darkness, fear of ourselves…

All of those fears have the common denominator of our idea of “losing something.”
That something is part of the personality, the created ego which does not realize or does not want to see that everything changes and that nothing remains the same.
We believe that our thoughts, our ideas about something have to be the “same,” by doing that we are blinding ourselves from the “reality” of change.

The runner who wakes up everyday early in the morning at 4:30 AM to run, no matter what; is viewed as an “example to follow.” “Look, he is amazing. He wakes up everyday at 4:30 to run, that is why he looks so slim and fit. I should be like him or “you” should be like him.”

We may not realize that anything which is done without “higher” consciousness tends to become a ritual, something more important than life itself, something which a person cannot live without; that is that “good ritual,” becomes a source of dependency; a new “drug” to keep someone high .

The fact that someone wakes up everyday at 4:30 to run should not be any source of amazement. Is that person enjoying that run? Is that person conscious of what he is doing during the time that he is out there running? What are his ulterior motives to do that?

For some is to “get it over before life gets in between.” For some “ to beat John in the next race, “I” need to train harder and longer.” For others, “to keep their weight down so they can enjoy eating.” Yet for some, the enjoyment of telling people what they do early in the morning, so they feel better about themselves.

All of the above only creates fear in the person. The reality of aging will come by and with that a “forced” change which means suffering. That “achievement” means nothing without enjoyment and gratefulness. At that point we become a “has been.” 🙂

If we are not realizing our own obsessive compulsive behaviors, we cannot enjoy life. All we are doing is feeding that illusory personality, giving that “ghost” life.

As we “work” (realize/understand) with all of our fears, then the possibility to discover emptiness appears; and with that emptiness of personality comes the wholesomeness of life.
Fear free.