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Awaken through your conditioning

As we awaken, we could realize that to find the “truth” in specific groups, religions, philosophies, parties, teams, congregations and all sorts of labels denoting separation; is a great illusion.

As we know we are a Totality, One. Thus, a small division of people can only bring a particular viewpoint, a perspective, part of the “truth.”
Life is greater than a particular experience, understanding, reasoning, perspective.

“Wait a minute; what you are saying then is just a perspective?”
If you look closely I am not saying anything you did not know before; but something that you may have learned in elementary school: A part cannot be greater than the whole. Remember that teaching?
Isn’t that evident? That is all i’m saying.
Now, let me add some depth to it:” In Life, a part is equal to the whole.”

This pretty much contradicted my former statement. 🙂
Thus, everyone has the “truth.” Paradoxical?
Just like Life. Every “part” is the movie of Life, itself.
Our mind sees a “part,” but Life cannot be divided into “parts.”
It is a continuous.

Now let me put that into “perspective.”
A religion is a “part” and that “part” is equal to the whole. Do you know why?
Because it is just a perspective of “reality,” of the Totality, of what is. For many, that perspective is all there is. Another religion will give a different perspective and so on; thus, an intelligent person will realize: “Every religion has a part of the truth.”
Which brings me back to the beginning… Don’t you love logic and reasoning?  🙂

But let me go deeper. Because every religion has a part of the “truth,” what is not “truth” in them, is falsehood. Therefore, every time we label some part as “truth,” it has also falsehood in it.
Isn’t that paradoxical?
Just like Life.

More depth?
In Life, Truth and Falsehood are the same thing. Just labels.
Thus, while people conditioned to understand the ways and “reasons” of the “Office world,” have truth and falsehood as opposites, creating “morality” as a by-product; Life accepts that mental perspective by allowing it; while expressing itself in other terms, which is strange to our conditioning, creating a sense of “uncertainty” in us. Life is uncertain. Isn’t that one of the main traumas or fears that most have?

“So you wrote all of this just to say nothing useful… What a waste!”
Sorry about that. Here may be the useful stuff that your conditioning is looking for:

We want to understand Life from the perspective of our conditioning.
That ain’t gonna happen, Mac.

Facing emotions

To face emotions is part of the obstacle course of the Life walker.

An emotion is triggered by beliefs and healed either through the understanding of those beliefs or the strength to face that emotion.

Any emotion will manifest in the body as a pain, disease or discomfort.

For instance, someone may feel that the area in his lower neck is tight.

That will cause discomfort. Some people label that as “stress,” and may want to take some medicine/muscle relaxer to feel OK again.

When we observe emotions, for instance we could pinpoint a subtle pain in the chest. That pain comes with a sensation, a feeling, we could label that as “anxiety.”

Anxiety was the cause of the muscles tightening.

Observe the path of that emotion: It will tighten the stomach and then the neck.

Why is this important?

Because if we are unaware of the underlying emotion and only perceive the physical discomfort, we may be overlooking the cause and perhaps unnecessarily medicating ourselves.

This is a practical use of observation in our daily Life, thus a very “spiritual” practice.

Deep breathing is the remedy rather than a pill. To be aware is the panacea and not to use a label or definition.

Do you feel fear of rejection?

That is another emotion. Observe how your body tightens and how the “stress” appears.

How do you cure that fear?

By facing it.

The emotion of fear is cured by facing that which we fear.

What about fear of death?

Wait until the time comes… and then you will face it. In the meantime, your fear is about losing what is known to you.

The process of healing from a fear is a journey in itself, our healing path.

To know how to face something in Life is a learning experience. The label used is to have courage.

It is important to understand courage.

Sometimes we may need to face our fears right there with the inner strength that we have accumulated. Other times, we may need to withdraw completely and to give ourselves the time to build our confidence, our strength. To withdraw is the time to cuddle the inner child.

Thus, courage is always a manifestation of our strength.

The way to increase our fear is when we face something without our inner strength to support it. It is to build a house without a foundation.

Everything is all right as it is


Many individuals do not understand or bother about this thing called “spirituality” because of all the “beliefs and out of the world experiences of some which were dogmatically taken as the only way which God communicates to humanity to redeem human kind from their sins.”
Why bother with God?
Because that label expresses the “Big Boss” of all bosses. The “guy” up above all. The one and only one… The God.

Caught up in an anthropomorphic belief; God becomes the extension of a paranormal dream of something “better” than “this.”

Once a person lost in that dream of wonderful experiences, which only supports their belief of knowing “a superior being,” decides to stop worshiping, to stop praying for little favors and to stop carrying the consciousness of a needy child looking for “his Father;” then at that point, that person may discover 2 wonderful things:
1) “I am”
2) That which is not “me” is.
That is all.

No religious beliefs required.
It is from that point where “depth” could arise.
First, we perceive the separation between that who “I am “ and that which “is not me.” In easy terms, Life and Me.

It is the strength of that consciousness of “Me” which creates the depth of separation and all different religions and beliefs there are.

When we understand the above, we could have the interest in knowing that which is called “Me.”

That is the beginning of self-realization.

That journey may have different turns. It is not the same for all individuals. It is a personal journey.
Does it mean that we shouldn’t join a religion or philosophical system because of their “one size fits all” approach?
To know means to experience. One thing is to merely accept what Ananda is saying. A different thing is to accept it based on your own experience.

That is the difference between “blind faith” and inner honesty.

Let me put it in another way.
The other day I was sharing some realizations with a friend of mine. The talk about “Armageddon, destruction, the end of the world,” etc. came up. Another person there added further material to that talk. She believed in UFOs, Life beyond the Earth and she implied that the “best way to get all of the people on Earth together, was to fight against a common enemy.” Those are the ET invaders, of course.

All of these beliefs can get out of hand. The mind can come up with wonderful things.
The fear of death and annihilation pursues most people nowadays. A belief to be “saved” has to be there for their personal comfort. That anxiety and sense of feeling unsecure hunts people down day and night.

All of those beliefs are not “bad” but part of the changing experience.
It does not matter what will happen in the “future.” The only thing that matters is how I feel “now.” “NOW” is the converging point of Life.

I cannot pretend to live life in joy while having fears, guilt and preoccupation. I cannot enjoy Life to the fullest “now” thinking that something “better” or “worse” is in the horizon. That is how panic arises, which is fear.

Is Ananda denying the possibility that God may punish him or that world destruction may arrive without him having asked for forgiveness and of being trapped in hell forever and ever and even worse… missing Paradise for eternity?


Because of the experience of “my own” changing eternity. That is all.

The above may be a belief for someone else. That belief by itself, does not bring inner peace of knowing that things are all right as they are… unless there is experience.

When I told my friend, “things are alright as they are.” He replied: “ But… we have to do something to stop the madness of destruction. We have to co-create. I don’t see how that saying of “doing nothing doing to get things done,” could apply here. We need to do something…”

I told him: “You are being honest with yourself. If that is what you feel in your core. Do it.”

Obviously two different states of consciousness. None is better than the other. I understand him, because I recognize that consciousness from before.
Shall I tell him that “I have the truth” or “my consciousness is better than yours”?
That is silly. His consciousness will change and so… mine. Different timing.
The world will change and so “I.”

Isn’t it silly to try to stop or to reject that which naturally is meant to change by itself?

Doesn’t destruction bring automatic creation afterwards? Doesn’t a state of great ego bring an automatic lack of it when suffering is overwhelming due to that ego?
Do we see the game?

That is Ok. Someday we will. 🙂

The eternal traveler keeps observing different scenes in Life. If he gets trapped on those, he will suffer. That is how the teaching: “I should not be attached” came into being.

That teaching is not well understood and not well explained.
Being trapped is not a function of “willing.” It is a function of “being.”
Being what?
Some people call that a “free spirit.” I call it, someone who enjoys the moment, Life.