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Love yourself


Religious teachings are practically unaware of the world of duality. For those teachings to choose one side and to reject the other side of duality, is considered to be “good, godly, etc.”

A human being has a duality within. That is the male/female energy, which is manifested through a body.

When we identify with the form, we call ourselves “male or female.” Nevertheless, our psyche has to agree with that denomination as well. If it doesn’t then we have the other shades of colors besides the “black and white,” male-female type of standard.

To be aware of our own eternity is to recognize that we had the experience of being a male and a female. To be aware of our own energies is to balance and harmonize male and female. There is no one who is a “pure female” or a “pure male” energy. A “macho guy” represses his femininity to the point where he will be in extreme need of female energy. At that point that neediness has been labeled as “love.”

When someone embraces the path of a seeker, sooner or later loneliness will be faced. That loneliness increases for the need of finding a complementary energy will be always there. It is part of Nature.
Inside ourselves, there is the “inner kid” which most psychologists now agree “exists.” However, there is a “full-family” inside every individual. There is the male- female and kid energies.

To balance those energies is of utmost importance to find that wholeness inside without neediness.

Once that wholeness is found, then to integrate that oneness with “others” is the next step.

“Loving yourself” is more than a “nice spiritual phrase.” It is to recognize our value, worthiness and respect for being. We could start with self caressing ourselves, pamper ourselves, to use this body to manifest that which we would like in a partner.

Obviously the above may not be accepted for there is a strong taboo against touching our own bodies or allowing complementary, natural energies within to manifest.

All of those beliefs are detrimental in harmonizing our energies. We have learned to repress and to live by stereotypes which have given us the notions of what is “good and what is bad.”

Unless we learn to balance our own energies, to live by yourself harmoniously may not be possible. Everyone will go by in our lives. We need to learn to live in balance with ourselves.

By identifying ourselves with a particular “role model” or stereotype, we deny our own manifestation. The “black and white “ belief that a “man” has to be this way and not that way, or “this is the way a woman should act..” is nothing but a belief and as such it is worth only as long as someone gives value to it.

Therefore, to integrate the “family” within is of great value to experience that oneness which is needed to embrace a greater oneness with all.

We cannot pretend to be One when we are needy. We cannot pretend to live harmoniously in a relationship with another person, when we look for our needs to be satisfied by another.

Coffee and milk get together to bring their own flavor into the mix to create something different with their own oneness.

Realms of consciousness – Part 2


If the first realm is about separation through thought; the second realm is about union through feelings. The first realm of thought is usually labeled as “male,” for thinking, analyzing, making inferences, using logic; etc. has been traditionally a male characteristic throughout time.

Feeling on the other hand, is a “female” characteristic. In many religions and mystical beliefs, there has been the interpretation that a woman is closer to God or to the Divine due to this characteristic. Nothing further from the truth. Just like there are many “brainy,” analytical, logic oriented females; there are many men who have developed their feelings. When trapped in the consciousness of the body, we only think in relationship of genders. We make that separation based on genders which is thought oriented.

Feelings are the way to get someone closer to that divinity, God, inner-knowledge, etc.

How can we say that we have love for all if we don’t feel it? We cannot “think” love to all. Feelings are meant to bring closeness. They are meant to break that gap of separation brought by thought and thinking.

To live life is to feel life. In that feeling there is interrelationship. Through feelings we can know about beauty, love, truth, bliss, peace, happiness.

None of that could be a thought, analysis, theories, etc.

Poetry is a song. That song transmits feelings through the sound of words. When we are touched by that music, we become poetry. That openness is needed. That is called sensibility. When we are sensible then empathy and appreciation appear. With that intuition.

Through feelings, the knowledge of “me” being different than the “movie” of life, is not felt; although it could be “logically” understood.

Nature or God could be good sources to develop those feelings when there is some apprehension to deal with other human beings. We cannot say that we honestly love everyone when we have fear to someone…. and when there is fear, there is no love.

Love to God is said to be a way to transform the self. It is, because when we feel deeply, we close that separation. That feeling of beauty will bring beauty in our lives. Once we know about that beauty we can only align with that. All the other things lose their meaning. This type of romantic love with the Divine, the “other” has been labeled as “pure,” “good,” etc. Through that experience is when we know the duality of “ugliness/beauty,” but the inner work to understand this goes beyond this level of consciousness.

In those feelings “we are,” we exist because of someone else. Our tremendous love for Nature could be as intense as someone’s love for God. Then, we are living, feeling, breathing because of that “other” thing.

“I live only for God.” “ God is my everything.” Sounds pretty good, until we discover that the time to live for ourselves, to discover the greatness of our own existence is also important.

Living for others is a typical female characteristic which needs to be balanced with knowing the self.
Here is when the third realm of consciousness appears, the self.

Question: U have mentioned that we should balance opposite(male and female) energies in ourselves.How to achieve that? Through yoga only ?

Thank you for your question.

Yoga is necessary but to take up activities which are considered “typical” from the opposite gender are needed for balance while in the consciousness of the body.
i.e: streght training is considered male. A female should consider that. Flexibility is considered “female,” a male should consider that.

Writing poetry, singing and dancing are considered female activities. A male could take any of those… That is the idea.
Being in Nature and developing higher feelings through the appreciation of its beauty is another way to balance your energies. Also, to feel those sanskaras in you. If you are in a male body, feel those sanskaras which are feminine, because through knowledge we know that we have been both genders throughout the cycle. If you are in a female body, feel the opposite sanskaras and let them “emerge.”

Here, I have written some articles on this:


Best wishes!

Question: Om shanti brother, what could you tell about the fact that we come in male and female bodies? I often wondered why that was necessary, all of us being souls. It is “only” because we live in the world of duality??

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
Yes. The physical world is the world of “forms.”

In soul consciousness there is completeness but at the same time there is unity for there is no perception of “division,” or separation. The paradox being that the male and female energies are “one,” but manifested in 2 different “forms.” In body consciousness, we are stuck with the “form” (male and female) and we cannot perceive the “energy” as one. therefore, we fall into “neediness” to search for the “other half.”

At the same time, it is only through a “form” that we can “create” life… That is the unity of 2 different forms, and this is the quest of the Drama, to make sure that souls could keep “coming down.” 🙂

This Drama “moves” due to the forces of duality. “One” becomes “two,” just to become “One,” again. That is the “movie show.”

Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother, If a soul plays a role of a male in the final birth, does it means it will be playing a male role throughout the kalpa? How does that work?

Thank you for your question!

Not necessarily. According to gyan, a soul can take birth in the same gender form up to 2 consecutive births; otherwise it just switches from “male” to “female.” In other words, you could be “male” now and either “female,” or “male” in your next birth. If you become “male” again, then you following birth (3rd in this example) will be that of a “female” necessarily.

Best wishes!