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Question: Dear soul In today’s AM , baba made a distinction between having a kingdom or receiving a status of a subject. Why is the distinction that subject is of a low stature.. Is that brahma baba making a distinction or shiv baba.. Your thoughts.. Thx

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,
BapDada is speaking through the role of a “Father.” As a Father of His Brahmin children; He is speaking as a “regular” father will speak to his little children.
Why become a janitor when you could be a king? That is his line. My father thought about me of “becoming” a famous cancer surgeon by discovering the cure for cancer… but I became “this” instead… 🙂

BapDada clearly knows about being “numberwise,” and once the children realized that gyani line, He changed in later avyakt Murlis to the new line of “being part of the first division” rather than a King… Now, BapDada can include the relatives of the king in that “first division.” We just need to be aware of the “ways” of the Father to make us “make effort.” That is His role.

As an aside, I would urge any BK who is interested in going deeper into Gyan, to pay greater attention on the teachings of the avyakt Murlis.

Best wishes!