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Question: Dear Brother, one thing is bothering me for sometime, the time from when I have decided that I will follow shrimat and be with baba only while doing all my lokik jobs. In gyan, a time comes when you don’t find attachment to any lokik relative as well as lokik profession, I want to do service and want to follow brahmin code of conduct honestly. At that time, It is very difficult to decide how to go further? I am in scientific profession where nobody accepts the knowledge and many theories are opposite to the real understanding (according to gyan). I have come so far in this profession that I can’t leave it but if I continue, I won’t be able to give time for sewa and regularly go to centre which I really like… While I also think that If I am really following brahmin code of conduct, I should be more satisfied with my work… Could You please give me some suggestions if I was successful in making you understand this problem? Thank you…

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
Follow your heart, not your mind.
Service is no only talking gyan and doing public events or socializing with people so they come to the meditation center. “Service” is unlimited when we “show the Father through our actions.”
We are “numberwise” in this path; so if you listen to your heart, you will know what is next.

Best wishes!