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It takes more energy to resist than to let go


Those were the words of wisdom that I heard from a yoga teacher in a class that I attended named “Hot flow level 2” where the temperature of the classroom is about 90 to 100 F. Lots of sweaty enjoyment there! 🙂

No doubt she is “right” about letting go… almost.. 🙂

When we speak about physical resistance, then that may be the case. When we are talking about emotional issues, then to let go takes greater courage and greater wisdom than to resist, when there is someone there “choosing” to resist or to let go.

More conventional religious teachings/ spiritual teachings will make it “easy for us,” when they teach us to “resist evil,” “resist anything that is ungodly,” etc.
Those teachings will put us into selecting one side of duality and rejecting the other.

That teaching is not “bad” at all; but for someone who has a different vision and experience of the reality of life; that teaching could be viewed with further depth.

Both, to resist and to let go arise as a duality of being someone. Being someone means to have a defined view a defined image of “who I am.”

In most conventional teachings to “know who you are,” is very important.
Nevertheless, to define yourself is a problem of the thinking mind. Why? Because by doing that the opportunity to change and evolve will be minimized.

In the world of duality, to learn when to resist and when to let go according to the circumstances, is an indication of wisdom. To “always” reject resisting as in a commandment may be useful in some circumstances, but not in others. Nevertheless, the non-verbal, non-intellectual understanding of these things will come to everyone of us at our due time.

In the meantime, we just need to acknowledge everyone’s path and personal timing and growth in life.
Those were also the words of wisdom of my yoga teacher in that session… So many words of wisdom! 🙂

Yes… many know those words of wisdom intellectually, but which can only be understood by another when we can see that wisdom in “action,” in front of us; and that is the beauty of a relationship, when there is the willingness to learn from the “teacher” in front of us…

Resisting and letting go are meaningless when the individual becomes “nothing,” that is when the mind full with definitions, ideas and ideals is left aside; that is known as emptiness.

Being empty takes us into our nature of being formless. Paradoxically, because we are formless, non-defined; we adopt a “form.” It is through that form that we relate with the world… and that is the importance of knowing the state of emptiness; because in that way; we are something but…we are not. We are there, but we are not… 🙂 We are individuals… but we are part of the totality… Oneness. Both at the same time, not just one side of the coin.

The above goes beyond the simple religious understanding of “good and bad.” 🙂

Beyond the truth of our own truth

form and formless

The understanding of form and no-form are deep “ideas” to keep our minds entertained with “intellectual” spirituality. The words below are actual words from enlightened people from different religions.

If we are able to perceive their truth, then the light of openness will be shining in our third eye. 🙂

“Everything that exists has a form,” mentioned an enlightened person.
Then his followers believed that, repeated that without further depth and made a dogma of that.

Then another enlightened person said: “ Form is emptiness and emptiness is form.”
Followers made a dogma of that. They compared that teaching with “everything that exists has form” and found that emptiness is everything. Although they couldn’t understand it nor believe it… but to follow someone is “good” when the path of the lonely maverick is the other choice… 🙂

Another enlightened person said: “ That which has form is equal to that which is without a form.”

Not too many could understand that. They thought it was senseless; however, because it came from an enlightened person, followers believed it, repeated and made up their own interpretation. “what this really means is …..”

Yet another enlightened person said: “ To say that there is form and formless is not to have the right understanding.”

Followers followed. Followers interpreted. Followers fought with others about having the “truth.”

Finally, another enlightened person said: “ There is form and there is no form. No form brings form. Thus, No form is equal to form but no form is different than form. No just one answer but both answers at the same time.”

Followers were perplexed. They repeated those words for intellectual amusement. There was absolutely no understanding.

Who has the truth?
Please realize that every “enlightened” person is coming from a different perspective. Their perspective will be understood by those who are in that consciousness that is for those who have experienced those things in their own lives. Without being in the same consciousness, “following” will be only a matter of blind faith.

There is no intellectual understanding here that will help. Intellectual understanding is confusing, it is dry and dualistic.

When a person has experienced “emptiness” he can experience fullness at the same time. When a person has experienced form and is attached to it; that person will not welcome no-form; and thus will be unable to see how they relate together.

Please see that this is not a matter of repeating things, believing things and defending things.

By emptying ourselves from all beliefs, we could be open to experience without a lens, without a predetermined color to see; that is; we could be free from our own preconceptions.

A mind full of dogmatic beliefs cannot have the freedom to see more than what he is taught to see.

A mind without a life of conscious awareness, cannot see, understand, beyond the experience of physicality.

The formless will give us the form


In Spirituality, there is a space, which could be perceived when our minds are totally tranquil, at ease. It is a space of awareness, just like seen the ocean without any waves… in that experience we could perceive the “formless.”

The “formless” is a subtle perception of serenity, calmness. That is a closer as I could get with words.

As we feed ourselves with this, there is the experience of nurturing the being. This is spiritual nutrition.

That “formless” experience will have an impact in a person. The “formless” will impact our “form,” that is the way we behave in the world.

For example, when we observe the behavior of someone smiling and moving with grace and elegance in life. That is surely a “form,” that we observe. That harmonious behavior doesn’t come by learning “etiquette,” in some school. That is not what we are referring to, here.

The impact of the formless in our form means a complete change in attitude.

A person who has learned, “cultivated” a behavior perceived as “elegant” will not show that behavior at all times. It is usually part of a created personality which will show the real self only when there is a problem, when dealing with difficult people, etc. At the end, the “monkey is a monkey even though dressed with a nice suit.”

Harmony in movement, grace, elegant behavior, serenity; what we know of as “having class,” is not something learned. It comes “naturally” out of that “formless” experience repeated over a long period of time.

Nature is truly a source of this change. When we look at the sky at night and just feel mesmerized, fascinated by the beauty of it, when we appreciate the wind coming and cooling us off and when we hear the music orchestrated by nocturnal animals around us, in all of that experience; the little “I” and his “big” problems disappear. The giant waves of the mind calm down through the admiration of beauty.
This is to nurture the soul.

That nurturing space produces serenity, peace, well being. That is the formless. That is what changes human beings in a subtle, inconspicuous way.
Harmony comes from the source of harmony, when there is recognition of it. Nothing better than Nature for that.

As the “formless” make up a “form” through the behavior of a human being, we could see how our current “form” our current way of dealing with people and our own selves, is in close relationship with our experience of the “formless.”

A person who does not have the experience of the “formless,” will merely “copy” what that person observes. As it is the environment, so it will be the behavior.

Spirituality, on the other hand; will show us that the subtle, the “formless,” that “serenity,” is the building block of a harmonious “form,” that is a gentle behavior.

Our “form” is how we relate with the world.
Therefore, in spirituality the formless will give us our form and our form will be the means to relate with others… the world.

“The clairvoyant may see forms which are elsewhere, but he cannot see the formless. The telepathic may communicate directly with the mind of another, but he cannot communicate with one who has achieved no-mind. The telekinetic may move an object without touching it, but he cannot move the intangible. Such abilities have meaning only in the realm of duality. Therefore, they are meaningless. Within the Great Oneness, though there is no such thing as clairvoyance, telepathy, or telekinesis, all things are seen, all things understood, all things forever in their proper places.”

Hua Hu Ching – CH 20 – By Lao Tzu.