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Question: Om shanti brother, what could you tell about the fact that we come in male and female bodies? I often wondered why that was necessary, all of us being souls. It is “only” because we live in the world of duality??

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
Yes. The physical world is the world of “forms.”

In soul consciousness there is completeness but at the same time there is unity for there is no perception of “division,” or separation. The paradox being that the male and female energies are “one,” but manifested in 2 different “forms.” In body consciousness, we are stuck with the “form” (male and female) and we cannot perceive the “energy” as one. therefore, we fall into “neediness” to search for the “other half.”

At the same time, it is only through a “form” that we can “create” life… That is the unity of 2 different forms, and this is the quest of the Drama, to make sure that souls could keep “coming down.” 🙂

This Drama “moves” due to the forces of duality. “One” becomes “two,” just to become “One,” again. That is the “movie show.”

Best wishes!