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Interpreting experiences to create dogmas


Every time we interpret an experience, we create a belief.
Every time we find an intellectual explanation supporting our belief, we have made a dogma.

A dogma cannot stand the movements of Life. A dogma is destined to collapse or to continually re-create itself to survive.

In my Life experience, I had some people telling me about my future. We call those “fortune tellers.”
It is my experience that their prediction became a reality, even when my Life at those past moments did not show any remote likelihood of what I was being told.

Obviously we have different kinds of “fortune tellers.” My experience was with the “good ones.” 🙂

Do we want an explanation about the power of “fortune telling”?
If we live under Yogananda’s experience, we could say something like: “ That person is able to tune into God’s mind.”
If we live under the consciousness of a fundamentalist Christian, we could say: “That is the work of the Devil.”
If we live under the scientific “know it all” consciousness, we could say something like: “It was a subliminal message. You were influenced through that story and you acted it out.”

Do we see that in all of the different consciousness interpreting an experience, there is an explanation?

Which is one right?
That is not the right question. Just observe that there are different states of consciousness formulating an explanation.

Some years after this “fortune telling” experience, my destiny brought me into a religious group who believed in something they call : “The cycle of time.”

Basically, it is the “eternal return” explained by Nietzsche in the West, but understood by many other ancient cultures from different parts of the world with their own spin.

In a nutshell: Every moment is eternal. We could say that every moment will repeat again; however; that is merely intellectual “information.”
In “reality” every moment is completely new.

Paradoxically, because every moment already “has happened,” some “fortune tellers” with that gift, could see it. Life is a movie and some individuals have the gift of “fast forwarding” or “rewind” the movie of Life.

The above merely shows that the “I” is an illusion. We are part of that movie, not something separated.
From that perception, we could perceive the beauty of Totality which others may call “omnipresence” and yet others, “God.”

Let us say that I believed in the religious explanation of the cycle of time given by this religion.
“This is the time to change your destiny. If you don’t do it now, you will not be in Paradise and that unfortunate event will repeat for ever.”

Obviously, my experience of “fortune telling” was supported by the explanation of “eternal return” which at the same time was interpreted in a religious way by some religion due to another experience that I had.
What is the result of so many interpretations?

A dogmatic view of Life.

The fact of recognizing that the “I” is an illusion in a continuously changing world, will clearly allow me to see that the “I” is not “doing anything.” Because everything changes there cannot be a static entity such as the “I.”

Nevertheless, the consciousness of the “I” and the “Me,” (normal consciousness) will compel me to see the “reality” of the “I” doing things.
“I need to go to Paradise.” “I need to achieve God consciousness.” “I need to be saved.” “I need to become a guru.” “I need to be an angel.”
All of that is the illusion of the ego to maintain the “I.”

Are you saying that we are predestined and that there is no free will, then?

I am saying to forget that intellectual nonsense of believing in labels and to feel the moment as “it is,” that means to enjoy it. Isn’t that “good karma” after all?

I am saying, that Life is not pressuring anyone to accomplish anything. Just enjoy the moment.

I am saying that “YOU” as “YOU” are right now, cannot go to Paradise or any other “holy” place until that “YOU” goes away… and at that point, there is no need to go anywhere….

Ananda’s Life experience is already showing in the palms of his hands. Ananda’s Life is related with the position of the planets and stars in the sky. Why?
Because Ananda belongs to everything and he is related with everything. Ananda is not something existing by itself.

The ego arrives and says: “ I can do whatever I want with my life.”
Right. Just like regulating my breathing or stopping my heart beats or changing my consciousness or stopping my thoughts or becoming “more intelligent”… Sure, we can change all of that at “will.” No self-help books needed or Gurus for that…

Are you saying that “I” am a “puppet” of destiny then?

No. Once the “I” goes away, the “right” answer in that consciousness will arrive … all by itself. 🙂
If the “I” remains then the duality of being “predestined” or having “free will” will exist and with that, more beliefs to believe in…

Question: omshanti, i am Nxxx from amritsar. I am godly student last 1½ years. I am 26 years old. Today i receive this new blog by inner beauty. I have one question but actually not asking by me. It’s by other godly student. Her question is that if we are as like in present and after every 5000 years we will as like as we are. Then what different. Actually she want answer for this question. I try to clarify everything by gyan. Can you tell me answer?

Thank you for your very good question, N.! (your name will not be published unless you request it.)
I will elaborate on your question so we can get to the “one sentence” answer.

Every moment is eternal. It has to repeat. The meaning of being eternal makes sense only when “time” is understood. Since in BK gyan we understand time as cyclical as you pointed out, and that there is always a “cause” for an “effect,” it follows that it must repeat. Because a moment repeats, we can go to a “fortune teller” and she can tell us “our future” as long as she has an accurate connection. Why? because we have “done” our future before. That is why, the future is also our past. Paradox.

Also, we could appreciate that stars and Nature have a relationship with our birth. This is the basis of astrology as a profound and old “art,” which is trying to use the term “scientific,” but it depends on the artful interpretation of an individual. Also, you have the “palm readers” such as the well-known Cheiro.

The above is just a background for us to appreciate that we souls, perform a “role” which is related with the whole Drama. The roles move according to time, but it is not YOU, the soul. Just a role.

The Drama is about “going up and coming down the ladder” for a BK soul. (Please read these articles: http://bkgyan.com/2012/07/11/exploring-the-meaning-of-the-ladder/
and http://bkgyan.com/2012/07/12/point-in-depth-lost-in-the-ladder-2/ to better understand this.)

Therefore, our roles are meant to “Go up, so we can come down.” Why?
Because the physical world is about experiencing. What we call life is the interchange of “experience” and “expression.” We souls express a role and experience through the roles of others and our own. We experience the whole range of it. The “good” and the “bad.” According to the Drama, now is the time to “go up” therefore, the role of a BK needs to be performed one more time.

See, that to be detached from a “role,” is to be a “detached observer.” It does not matter if the role is “good” or “bad.” It is simply a role.

Here the Paradox: even though we know that everything repeats identically, we “experience” this time as “new.” You know why?
Because for the soul there is no sense of time. The role just plays and we don’t sit and think, :”but this role has played before.” 🙂

Therefore for a BK soul, that “fortune” of experiencing the “utmost happiness,” it is guaranteed for there is no power in the world which can stop that from happening again. It is in the role.
That is why Brahma Baba does not appear to every soul in the planet at this time or make his presence be understood by all. Different roles for different people. All good. All necessary.

Dear N. “It is just a role.” A performance, a game, a past-time, hobbies….

To finish and answer your question: what we have is NOW. That is why it is important to “make effort” now. Because this NOW is eternal. Later, we will forget about it.
That is the “game.” See? It is guaranteed that you will be you again in 5000 years, but the role calls for you to be a BK now. Just a role.

“True effort making” will show you the fruit NOW, not in the future. The future is a golden pie which will come through the law of cause and effect alone.

That was a pretty deep question. You are welcome to reply and ask for clarification any time you want.

Best wishes.

Question: What is the meaning of “Trikaldarshi”? (knower of the 3 aspects of time)

Great question.
Short answer: Gyan. Knowledge makes us aware of the movie. That is knowledge, makes us Trikaldarshi.

Long answer:
Knowledge makes us aware of the cycle of time. The cycle of time is in continuous movement. Nothing remains the same. Therefore, when we talk about a “beginning” or the “end” of times, there is none (for it is continuous) but PARADOXICALLY, we know what one “loop around” the cycle is like (kalpa) through knowledge.
To know what the movie is like in that kalpa is what is known as “trikaldarshi.”

Time is meaningless for a soul. That is why, we need to take a point of “reference” to refer to time. When that point of reference is NOW, whatever has happened before is called PAST. Whatever will happen is called FUTURE.

My past is my future and my future will be my past again. This is a very PARADOXICAL concept. It will take a while to sink in.

The reference n the Murlis about being Trikaldarshi, is to recognize that every action has a consequence and according to time, we need to align ourselves to what is coming next, in order to flow with the Drama. In other words, we have the knowledge to flow, to perform activities according to that.

Many have taken the word “Trikaldarshi” as being able to foresee the future like a “fortune teller.”

It is not like that; although some people may have the gift of seeing the future. Without knowledge, this task of seeing the future as well as performing past regressions to see the past is a very dangerous business. I am not saying that this “gift” is bad. I am saying that this gift of “fortune telling” has to be used very carefully.

Let us say that person A sees that person B will get into a car accident. Person A will “help” person B by telling him to be careful or not to drive his car for a month. First, we have added some tension on person B. Second, we are looking at a car accident from the point of view that it is a “bad” thing to happen. We are forgetting that we are eternal souls and everything in the Drama is beneficial for it will take us to the NOW again. There is a difference when we know spiritual knowledge and we need to learn to accept whatever the future holds, knowing that it will be the best for us. That is why, the only thing that we need to take care of is the NOW. That is being happy now.

Regressions are ways for a person to re-live the past. It is to put the person again to a past experience. If the aim is to benefit that person, Knowledge teaches us that we have yoga and to burn the old sanskaras… or to suffer and “settle” that account. To “play” with someone’s life experiences is dangerous for we do not know the whole ramification of it. That is why, it could be very dangerous.

Time does not exist on a soul conscious level; it is just a necessary concept such as when I say “I will meet you later.” As a matter of fact, through the practice of the avyakt stage, Baba is “freeing us” from time.