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Question: Dear brother, Happy Diwali and Om shanti, We all talk about golden age and how 100% happiness and purity are there too, but can you share some of your knowledge as to how the kingdom will look like in terms of government, technology, language, and finally the educations (if that is needed)?

Thank you for your question and happy Diwali to you too!

As far as a description on how things will “be,” you could find those in the Brahma Kumaris publication from 1996, “Visions of the Future,” which are excerpts of Sakar murlis were Baba talked about that.
As far as “my” knowledge, I could offer some “churnings. ” based on “pure gyan.”

To start, “happiness” is not something that will be recognized there. That will be the “normal” state and since there is no duality; the state known as happiness cannot exist there for otherwise, “sorrow,” will need to be known and as we know, it is not. The state there is of spiritual bliss, for there is no duality when the soul expresses.

That expression has been called something like “the arts,” but it is just a word which appears similar to what we know here (artists.) Rather than a world of “artists,” it will be a world of beings expressing ‘creativity,’ meaning inner expression without influences.

Here in this world, you may have artists without creativity but just “followers” and non-artists with lots of creativity… 😉

I wouldn’t like to add more to this for I have not experienced or seen in “visions,” none of that, so pardon me if I don’t answer this question thoroughly.

Best wishes!

Question: I do have the sanskar of “anxiety” in me? Could you please advice in this matter?

Thank you for your question!
The typical “normal” anxiety is manifested as fear, worry or being unease about something uncertain in the future.
In a nutshell, an anxious individual is living in the “future,” rather than the present. Moreover, there is no certainty that worries will manifest.

Worrying doesn’t solve issues.
The word which describes this, is to be “preoccupied,” that is to be busy (mentally) before “being” actually busy.

Typically, anxious individuals would like to control their environment, control exactly how something “should be.” The practice that would help is to be “aware” and catch those moments when you start feeling anxious. At that point, you will drop your thoughts on that issue.

Knowledge is telling us to “perform actions” as karma yogis but not to think about their outcome. Those actions come from being in the present, in the “now.”
If you could be totally aware that your “now” manifests your future, you would be engaged in making the “now” as meaningful as possible, so the future is taking care of, automatically.
If the words: “the Drama is beneficial for all,” resonate with you, the outcome will not be a source of anxiety, for you will know that “it is the best thing that could happen.”

Live life by being fully present, and let the Drama take care of the rest.

Again, i would recommend to read the “power of now” from page 35, for a good description of the problems of living outside the “now.”

Best wishes!

It is that time again to talk about Time

What is time?
a watch.
Now, that is deep.

Time is a paradoxical topic. It is one of the most simple but at the same time extremely complex topic.

Quoting the almighty “Wikipedia:” “ Time has long been a major subject of study in religion, philosophy, and science, but defining it in a manner applicable to all fields without circularity has consistently eluded scholars.” The word “circularity” means that a word being defined is used in its own definition. 🙂
For instance if I define the color “blue” as a “bluish type of color in the optical spectrum.” I am using circularity. What is the issue?
The problem is that I am trying to define something which is undefinable. That is the problem that St. Augustine found: “What then is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know.”

Time from a “scientific view” has been explored here https://explore7.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/time.pdf

In this article, I am interested in the psychological implications of time as well as the spiritual ones while having BK knowledge in the background.

We are souls. Time does not exist for souls. Then, how is it possible to be trapped by this “illusion”?
Perhaps we should call that “body consciousness.” As a matter of fact, the psychological effect of time is the biggest body consciousness there is.
Because we believe that “there is a past” and a “future,” we do not live in the present. As Mr. Tolle mentioned, the “Now.” Our personality is built upon the past. Our sense of self-respect comes from it. We compare and remember the past to bring situations of sorrow in our life.

With the future, we bring “fear” in our lives. We want our life to fit a certain pattern so it fits our imagined future. We sacrifice “now” for the “future.” To get the goal is more important than to live life, now. We are more interested in going to the “next song” in the CD of life, rather than fully listening the one song playing now. This is a disease.
The “Drama” clearly shows that there is movie playing. That movie is “time-less.” Why? Because it is eternal.

Time is “created” with “creation of matter.” Time does not exist unless there is the reference of matter.

In BK knowledge we know that matter cannot be created (also scientists are aware of that, but when is about defending Christianity and their own “Evolution” creation tales, then miraculously they forget about the first law of thermodynamics.)

Because the Drama (The movie of life) is eternal, it must be repetitive just because it is cyclical as well. The movie changes at every second. There is no future. There is no past.

If I say “my past” is a second ago. That is not true, for a second ago I was different from who I am now. I am always becoming. To be “accurate” is the role which is different. That role comes with a body and that combination is what give us the sense of psychological time. In other words, I believe to be an unchanging individual with a name representing a body and a particular role to play. I am “somebody.” 🙂
That is the illusion. The only thing unchanging is the soul and there is no sense of time for it. But paradoxically, my consciousness is not related with the soul but with the role and the body.

The paradox is that time does not exist, but yet we have watches, clocks, we talk about the “speed of time,” or doing things “according to time…” etc… All of that points out to that sense of “personality” made up by a role, a body and a name (name and form.) Ego. See the “double talk”?

Now, here comes “my new point in Gyan” Ready?

Ego-less means time-less.

That is my line to fame! You can quote me on that! (Perhaps you heard that before by someone, however; ask them to give you the full explanation…) 🙂

Without time there is no separation, for there is no distance. That is why, for souls there is never a “good bye.”
AND.. because we are “time-less” we can watch the Drama as when you sit down to watch a recorded game of cricket on TV, which will hopefully last no more than 2 hours… or 5000 years… Same thing…

🙂 Food for thought.

Credits: thanks to “Pmmcur” for the picture of the clock.

Question: What is the meaning of “Trikaldarshi”? (knower of the 3 aspects of time)

Great question.
Short answer: Gyan. Knowledge makes us aware of the movie. That is knowledge, makes us Trikaldarshi.

Long answer:
Knowledge makes us aware of the cycle of time. The cycle of time is in continuous movement. Nothing remains the same. Therefore, when we talk about a “beginning” or the “end” of times, there is none (for it is continuous) but PARADOXICALLY, we know what one “loop around” the cycle is like (kalpa) through knowledge.
To know what the movie is like in that kalpa is what is known as “trikaldarshi.”

Time is meaningless for a soul. That is why, we need to take a point of “reference” to refer to time. When that point of reference is NOW, whatever has happened before is called PAST. Whatever will happen is called FUTURE.

My past is my future and my future will be my past again. This is a very PARADOXICAL concept. It will take a while to sink in.

The reference n the Murlis about being Trikaldarshi, is to recognize that every action has a consequence and according to time, we need to align ourselves to what is coming next, in order to flow with the Drama. In other words, we have the knowledge to flow, to perform activities according to that.

Many have taken the word “Trikaldarshi” as being able to foresee the future like a “fortune teller.”

It is not like that; although some people may have the gift of seeing the future. Without knowledge, this task of seeing the future as well as performing past regressions to see the past is a very dangerous business. I am not saying that this “gift” is bad. I am saying that this gift of “fortune telling” has to be used very carefully.

Let us say that person A sees that person B will get into a car accident. Person A will “help” person B by telling him to be careful or not to drive his car for a month. First, we have added some tension on person B. Second, we are looking at a car accident from the point of view that it is a “bad” thing to happen. We are forgetting that we are eternal souls and everything in the Drama is beneficial for it will take us to the NOW again. There is a difference when we know spiritual knowledge and we need to learn to accept whatever the future holds, knowing that it will be the best for us. That is why, the only thing that we need to take care of is the NOW. That is being happy now.

Regressions are ways for a person to re-live the past. It is to put the person again to a past experience. If the aim is to benefit that person, Knowledge teaches us that we have yoga and to burn the old sanskaras… or to suffer and “settle” that account. To “play” with someone’s life experiences is dangerous for we do not know the whole ramification of it. That is why, it could be very dangerous.

Time does not exist on a soul conscious level; it is just a necessary concept such as when I say “I will meet you later.” As a matter of fact, through the practice of the avyakt stage, Baba is “freeing us” from time.

Question:The kalpa (cycle) repeats after every 5000 yrs exactly. What is way to remember the act we performed 5000 yrs back so it will be helpful for me to solve today’s problems?

🙂 Great question. Thank you very much.

What we have done before, is what we will do again.
In that sense, past and future..are all the same!
(it even rhymes! 🙂 )

Even though we know that we are going to “die,” (leave the body) there is nothing that we could do to stop that. It has to be experienced.
Similarly with the so called “problems.” We need to go through them if it is in the Drama of life. One of the greatest point in knowledge is that:“The Drama is beneficial for all.”

Whatever happens to you now, has benefit because will allow you to be “you” again…in 5000 years. 🙂 We will learn some lessons, we will move in time with different experiences, but the bottom line is that every experience will take you to “now” again and again. Every “now” is eternal.

Therefore, “enjoy the problems.” They will go away to come back. Once we are aware of that through knowledge, we see the futility of worrying about the future. What matters is NOW.

Gyan gives us the tools to clear our minds from all perceptions and enjoy a worry-free mind. Last, “we do not solve problems.” Problems solve themselves.

To answer your question right to the point; you do not need to remember what happened 5000 years ago. You do not need to solve anything. You just “need” to enjoy the ride, because if you do that NOW, it is guaranteed that you will do that again! It will be eternal. 🙂

Best wishes and thank you again!