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Life is like playing Bingo

A card is needed to play Bingo. We could say “I have chosen my card,” but we could say: “This card was given to me.” It doesn’t matter. Reality is, we have a card. Because we create the “purpose” of “winning” we create our heaven and hell at the same time. In Bingo as in Life there is nothing to reason about… But reasoning is not “bad” for we need it to be “successful” in the “office world.”  A little tiny game inside the “big” game, but yet the “office world” is the most important game for conditioned minds.

That is the first lesson to learn from Life.

Once we hear the calling of “numbers” (a number and a letter) we will start playing in Life. We may think that we are smart, that we have developed a “winning strategy”; but reality is that our job is to hear and to see if we got the number in our card. That is all.

Life calls, we listen… if we are AWARE. If we are not, we miss the call.
That is the second lesson in Life.

Conditioning give us purpose. Our purpose is to win, right? To say “BINGO” out loud, so everyone can see how “successful,” we are. If Life calls for a number and we don’t have it, that means that someone else may have it. We may learn the art of waiting, to seize the opportunity, and to surrender to uncertainty if “success” is our “objective.” Stress, anxiety occurs due to self-created objectives/goals/purpose. When the “monkey mind” is, there is no enjoyment.

That is the third lesson in Life.

“Wait a minute, there. You are saying that I only have to listen to the numbers being called and match them in my card, but nothing else depends on me, correct? Nothing to DO?”

Yes, indeed. Do you like that game?
“Not really, there is not much to DO in it!”
That is what you say now because you are “reasoning”, but when you are playing Bingo, when you are in it, you truly enjoy the game: The expectation that you could be the next winner feeds you with anxiety, expectation and the setbacks of Life when your number is not called; feed you with hope and uncertainty. Are you AWARE of that duality? All because of “purpose.”

Did you win the game?
Did you get to pick your prize?
Whether we win what we want or not, we must play another game! Our “little win” became history. What matters is “now.” Are we aware of that?

Do we have the belief that BINGO is “better” after this Life? Ah! the little mind and its little hopes, looking for little saviors.
Or how about the belief that winning is EVERYTHING, and we must DO anything in our power to win… Wouldn’t that stress us out every time we play?
That is exactly how a conditioned human behaves in Life, but some call that “fun.”

“Wait a minute! Are you implying that winning/achieving is not the purpose of Life?”
Nope. I am implying that “purpose” has no meaning, when PLAYING is all there is. We may say that the purpose of Life is to play, as the mind needs a reason to live; but let me assure you this: If you have a purpose, you are not truly enjoying the game. Have you noticed that?
Nevertheless, many may play the game of giving a meaning to Life.
Have we played the game of Philosophy? Religion? Doctrines? Beliefs?

It is pretty neat! Every game we play “successfully,” will allow us to “improve” and go to the next “level.” That is the ego trip… but for Life, all of those things are just human “mental” games inside the “big game” of Bingo.

Play the game. Enjoy it for what it is, a GAME. Liberate yourself by placing your made up purpose/meaning aside. Life is good as it is!
“What is the purpose of adding a purpose?”
To purposely live in the mind! 🙂

The “I” and the no “I”: Different worlds, different consciousness

“I” rhymes with “God.” “I” rhymes with “doing.”
“I” rhymes with guilt, shame and sorrow…Isn’t it a bit hollow?
“No-I” rhymes with nothing and thus, there is freedom and joy without looking for it.
“Nothing” rhymes with “Everything.”

“You” are not doing anything. “You” are not deciding anything. As a matter of fact, that static “you” don’t even exist… There is existence as there is the sky… but the sky has no “I” to single itself out.

“That is a lie! “I” am here. “I” think therefore, “I” exist…”I” can decide, “I” can change… “I” can do so many things!”
Never mind that “I” don’t know how I became corrupt. Never mind that “I” do not know how “I” became a sinner. What is important is to change, “now”!!

Life is like a roller coaster. Would you say that it is “you” who is moving the little cart? The cart goes up and so “you.” The cart goes down and so “you.” When you are “down,” it is evident that you will go “up.” Perhaps “you” want to say that it is “you” the one “making effort”?…the one deciding to “go up”?

That is the “I.” You will truly pray when you are down. When you are not down; if you pray, it will not be praying… but acting.
Up and down, just like left and right, just like north and south, just like good and evil, just like right or wrong, fat and thin, cruel and compassionate, virtuous and sinner… Do you see the game?
No?? 🙂

The cart goes up and the little kid is there enjoying “going up.” Then… the cart stops and whooom! It goes down… Shall the kid cry and get upset? Isn’t to be in the tracks of the roller coaster of Life, the name of the game?
Going down is the opportunity to go up. Once “up,” you’ll go down…

“But what is the meaning of all of that? What is the purpose? What do I need to do in Life?
How can I be all the time “up” and not “down”? What is the method? Who is the true God that could help me? What is this Life trying to teach me?”

NOTHING. 🙂 But the “I” could make up the teachings…
Just enjoy the ride….Allow for the inner kid to smile.
There is “No-I” in that. No rhyme or reason…

Solving the “problems.”

Tired of hearing easy solutions from others, I decided to find those solutions by myself.
The solution and the problem are different ends of the same rope.

Feel tired?
-Take XYZ. You will feel energized.
Feel rushed and stressed out?
-Meditate. That will solve the problem.
Your girlfriend is angry with you?
-Just love her. Love is the answer.
Have a disease and want a cure now?
-Pray to God. He can help you.
Your “I” is the problem?
-Become One with Oneness… Practice “less-I-ness” to accomplish that.

Tell me your “problem” and “I” will give you the “solution.”
It is free of charge!

“But all your talk deals only with observation and awareness…”

Isn’t it interesting how we feel in a certain way, and we do not know why?
Nevertheless, “to know why” will not do a thing for us. To become aware of it, will.

“But… just awareness?”

My dear, if you were aware…really truly aware of what is going on, you would know.
Aware of your feelings, your emotions, the way your body feels during the day, aware of the way you talk. Aware of how you move. Aware of the way you breathe. Aware of how the “outside” penetrates the “inside,” and the inside the outside…aware of the thoughts going on in your mind…

“But… that is a lot of stuff to keep track of…”

For the “I,” yes.
Become aware of that.

“But what is the method, what is the thing that “I” must do to achieve that awareness?
There is no method. There is nothing to do.
Please keep this mantra in your awareness: “Everything the “I” does to fix his own perceived “problems,” it is just a distraction to be aware of itself.”

“That is nonsense. Then how can “I” “improve” “myself”?
By being aware that there is an “I” wanting to “improve.”

Want for an angel to help you “improve”? Want for a way to control things and the outcome of those things?
That is the “I” looking to survive.

Paradise as a distraction; anyone?
Do you think that “I” will go to Heaven?
One thing is for sure. “I” cannot go “there.” Neither “you.”

Don’t understand? Too cryptic? Perhaps “I” am too difficult?
Want for things to make sense? To be logical? Some nice story so you can tell “others”?
Your “spiritual” age may be the equivalent of a 1-year-old baby. This stuff may not make sense to you but in a few years, it may…

At that tender age, to believe in punishment by God or the Devil is a good thing. It is meant to shape you up… You, “bad boy…” 🙂
Pushed to “do things” so you could be rewarded by God in the future? Great tool to discipline you.
At that age to believe that your Life “now” is about “getting salvation” in the after life is indeed, a nice toy to play with. It will keep you busy, so you don’t get in trouble…

Oh…I see, you don’t believe. You call yourself an “atheist.” Are you “saved” from this sort of childhood?
No. You are in the same boat, but the opposite side. A believer or a non-believer call each other through the same phone number. A message is left in the answering machine, the other party will hear it, erase it and leave his own message. That is the game.

Enjoy that childhood because it will change… Sooner or later it will change.

At that time, you may want to read this article again. Perhaps it will make sense then.

“Cow does not remember when it was veal.” Paradoxically, even though the same…they are different.

I want to know the truth :-)


Intellectual understanding of life, is only meant to ask intellectual questions about it.
There cannot be “truth” in any answer as there cannot be falsehood. There can only be beliefs… and as we can appreciate there are many of those.

We cannot explain about ourselves by separating from life. We cannot chase our own tails thinking that “the tail” is different from “me.” That is just a thought, a belief when the reality shows that the tail is always there with “me.” Do we see that?

We separate from life itself and then we ask:
who am “i”?
what is the purpose of life? (Life being something different from “I,” of course.)
Where do I go when I die? (Question full of “I.”)

Those questions are a great starting point of philosophical musings and theories.
Then someone says: “Here are the true answers.”
Q: Why do I need to believe them?
Because they come from this great authority. End of report.

OK. I will believe.
So what?

Is it going to help that I “know” to be a spirit or a soul or whatever word I want to use?
Not a bit. When a loved one “dies,” how do we react even though we know so much intellectual information, so many beliefs?

We mostly behave just like anyone who does not “know” anything…. but our “knowledge” could allow us to “save face” to look “detached,” to look “cool.”
That lack of honesty has consequences in our own health.

Do we believe in Paradise? Do we believe that we will go to Heaven just because we have joined a religion or because we believe in someone?

Then we shouldn’t be afraid of death, of destruction, of Armageddon, etc.
That is not the case. We want to protect this “I” as much as possible AND get the other piece of the pie in the “after life.” That is a greedy “I” indeed!

Ananda shares that the very “I” that we want to protect is the one that we need to realize. All the answers will come at that point little by little; and those answers are non intellectual, they cannot be put into a religion or a dogma.

That is when to “connect to the source” to become a better “I” in the afterlife is completely unnecessary, because we realize that there is no separation in between.
Again, there is no separation in between.

Who makes that separation?
The consciousness of that “I.”

Want to be a detached observer?
May not be about being detached from “others” or the “world.” It is about being detached from that “I.”

Who am I?
I am not the “I.” 🙂

Does God exist?
The believer says “yes.” The atheist says “no.”
The thinker says: “Define what do you mean by God?”
That conceptual definition automatically makes God. Then the job of the non-believer is to deny that existence.
What is the origin of that duality?
The “I.”
“I exist and therefore a greater power must exist, for obviously it is not I.”
I exist, but God does not exist, for there is no proof of his “I” being around.

The consciousness is the same, full of “I,” just different polarities, different extremes.

Ananda just points out the futility of thinking, the traps of logic and the illusion of definitions and concepts. However, use those “tools” at the “office world.” Those tools are very useful there.

When we are in tune with our feelings, in appreciation of this experience which we call living, when we feel gratitude for being without words, there is no time nor space in or minds to make useless questions. Although, they are necessary questions to make in some people’s path; the realization of that uselessness could arrive in its due time.

Therefore, “yes”…those questions are useless but then “NO,” those questions are necessary for some to arrive at a different consciousness.

Affirm now just to deny later on.
Say, it is “true” now, just to find out its “falsehood” later on.
That is why dogmas and morality are necessary, to stick with one side of the story and to deny the other…until we can no longer deny it.
What a game, my friends!
Feel it.

Enjoying the game of changes


Could we perceive that consciousness keeps on changing without our “doing” something?
Could we perceive that “goodness” is not a definition but a state of consciousness when the Universe, life flows through us in different ways and at different times and the “I” allows it to happen?

Could we perceive that even though the body transforms and the physical manifestation ceases to be, consciousness remains and will manifest again in a different form?

We are the same Ocean of consciousness manifested in different ways and into different beings according to the plot in life.
That plot could be described as the plot of oneness, which is perceived as many.
Expansion and contraction. One to many. Yin and Yang.
Are these “concepts” opposite or complementary?
They are both and none of them at the same time. All according to our own perception.

The eternal game of immortality is the game we play.

We don’t perceive the little changes in between but the contrast.
Day changes into night. Many could understand that. This is the contrast. But to be able to perceive the different changes of the morning into the afternoon requires an aware individual. Many are oblivious to that.

Most minds dwell in that contrast. The “black or white” mentality.

What is the obstacle in being aware?
The strong perception of self.

It doesn’t matter how many books or religious talks we hear. It does not matter if we have external practices to “purify” ourselves. None of that matters although it is part of the path that some individuals have to go through in life to realize the self. To go out of the self just to come back to it.

Self-realization could be paradoxically, no self.

In the meantime, the game of life goes on. Some may want for a God to protect them, to make them feel especial and loved. Some may look for that in human beings. Others may look for some other type of fulfillment from “others.” Once life provides that, the search continues on… the “self” is not satisfied.

The duality of the “self” and “others” is very strong.

No self. Empty. Pristine. Innocent. Wonder. Joy.

The dynamics of love, resides in the art of enjoyment.



In one of my trips top India, I was introduced to Cheiro’s works. I was fascinated by the ability to find the destiny of a human being by looking at his hands or just by knowing the exact date and time of his birth.

I was equally fascinated to find that “gift” of fortune-telling in people I knew. Of course, I wanted “proof” and I had “proof.”

Nowadays, this fascination solely reflects the existence of that Totality in life.

How is that?
“Our” destiny is related with the position of the stars at the moment of our birth, which in turn develop the “right” circumstances (through their influence) for other things necessary to occur.

Everything is inter-related. Our mission in life is already there.
“Our” hands only show the script to be performed.
The “science” of astrology has existed for a very long time and among many “primitive” cultures.

What is the issue in observing that this “I” is truly a part, a script to be performed in the “big” picture, which has a mission like a domino effect, for other things to occur?

The obstacle is called ego.

“No one has asked me for permission about how my life has to be lived.”
“I am always in control of things. It is rubbish to believe otherwise.”

“You can be whoever you want in life.”
Of course! It cannot be otherwise… and what you will be in life is exactly what the Totality needs. If we do not realize this, that is OK as well. Whether we realize it or not, the “plan” is there already. It is all good. We cannot mess things up! 🙂

But… I am not a puppet. I am “ME.” I have rights. I have a choice….
Yes… “you” do.. until “you” drop that consciousness of separation from the Totality… then that word “choice” is meaningless for what “we” do is our only choice and that goes according to the “plan.”

Q: So, If I am just a script in the movie of life, what is the significance of living?
A: To enjoy the script. 🙂
Q: But how am “I” to enjoy it, if “I” am part of that?
A: Drop that “I” and observe like watching a TV program or a movie. Then you could enjoy it, commercial free! 🙂

That is “illumination.” That is being a “detached observer.” That is to be part of the Totality, to be One, to be merged with God, to be a “witness,” to be…

Now, do we see why to enjoy life is the main requisite of this meal deal? 🙂
We are eternal. Everything changes, but that change is the Totality, the movie.
This is not the only life to experience, but rather than go into the past or the future, let us enjoy what it is now, at this moment, for that is what exists.

To go back into that enjoyment of life is what spirituality is supposed to do.
End of report.

So… what about religions and beliefs?
As long as fear is being transmitted in one way or another through a belief or through a religion, there cannot be enjoyment of life.

That is why the “dance” of cause and effect (karma) cannot be labeled as “good” or “bad” (as religions label) for everything is necessary as it is happening and we could observe and enjoy being in the movie.
This is the paradox of being an observer but also an actor at the same time. However, there is no “ME” in there.

But Hitler was bad. But killing is terrible.
Cause and effect which will be experienced by the “doer.” If you kill, you will experience to be killed… but at the same time, you are eternal….
So “you” cannot be “killed.”
It is the game of consciousness, of being aware… That is all.

A game to enjoy and to smile…to observe and to be delighted. Some take it seriously. Some take it as a “life or death” situation… That is their game… 🙂

Question: Om Shanti It is explained in the GYAN that the original nature of a SOUL is PURITY, PEACE, LOVE, BLISS and POWER. It is only because of loosing its ‘original nature’ by SOULS, the NATURE also got polluted and the present day conditions in this LOUKIK WORLD. Kindly elucidate on: WHETHER its the DUALITY in our nature that is causing PURITY to become IMPURE and the Present Day Situation and we are heading towards DOOMSDAY?

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,

It is a story. It is the story of going up to come down, so we can go up again (duality.) The sotry of how “one” becomes “two” so it can become “One” again.
Reality and illusion, purity and impurity, etc. “Reality” has been replaced by “Illusion.” That is not the Nature of the self but the name of the eternal game (Drama.)
How something which has reached the highest level of entropy (impurity) goes back into low entropy? (numberwise purity) Through destruction. That works both ways. Going up and coming down.

Just a game which we call with different names.

Best wishes!