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Question: Om shanti brother, what could you tell about the fact that we come in male and female bodies? I often wondered why that was necessary, all of us being souls. It is “only” because we live in the world of duality??

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
Yes. The physical world is the world of “forms.”

In soul consciousness there is completeness but at the same time there is unity for there is no perception of “division,” or separation. The paradox being that the male and female energies are “one,” but manifested in 2 different “forms.” In body consciousness, we are stuck with the “form” (male and female) and we cannot perceive the “energy” as one. therefore, we fall into “neediness” to search for the “other half.”

At the same time, it is only through a “form” that we can “create” life… That is the unity of 2 different forms, and this is the quest of the Drama, to make sure that souls could keep “coming down.” 🙂

This Drama “moves” due to the forces of duality. “One” becomes “two,” just to become “One,” again. That is the “movie show.”

Best wishes!

Question: Hi brother soul, I want to ask you, now as it is clear to me that everything that is happening to us is based on karmic accounts so the body that the soul get in a birth is also based on karmic accounts only ,is this true? And if so,then what about eunuchs,the body that they get is also based on karmic accounts only?And one of your answer states,if you remember where you mentioned about the male body and female body that the soul gets birthwise but then in that case what about eunuch body who are considered neither as a man or a woman body,I am asking this point only body wise as I now when understanding soul everyone is equal . Thanks dear soul.

Thank you for your question.
I believe rather than eunuch, who is usually referred to males who have been castrated; you are referring to “homosexuality.”
Anyhow, even though the body is of a male or female what matters is the gender that person identifies with. That identification could be an issue and that is where a karmic account resides.
A soul in a male body could actually feel like a female trapped in a male body. This obviously will bring suffering.
One of the concepts to understand when we deal with duality is that in body consciousness, there will be a longing, neediness for a “complement.” That complement is an “opposite.” That perception of opposite is not determined by the type of body that a soul receives but what this soul thinks about himself/herself to be.
Still the rule of “a maximum of 2 births in the same gender” holds true; however, that is “physical gender,” and not psychological. (what a person feels to be.)

Best wishes!