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Question: Love is the basic character of pure soul them why Baba always says that “always remember me and do not remember any other soul”.Is unconditional love with any other soul is wrong according to Baba`s shrimat.

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul,

Today in the avyakt Murli (2-24-13) BapDada mentioned:

In the Murli of this particular date, Baba said this, and I am doing this according to that direction.” They don’t consider the time or the particular circumstances, but they hold on to the words. Because of making this one mistake, they continue to make many more mistakes.”

As mentioned many times, that sanskara of taking things literally without further thought is truly making us be closed down into the world of a “shoe box,” which we consider to be Shrimat. If there are 2 Shrimats which may look different, then we will pick the one which is more “radical,” the “tougher one” just in case.

In your question, there is one important aspect that we need to consider: Remembering Baba alone is the same EXPERIENCE as soul consciousness. In other words, when you are in the consciousness of “you” the soul not as a thought but as an EXPERIENCE, you are remembering Baba alone. Those “radical” (remember me alone) words do not mean not to love anyone else, for then we are cutting off the nature of soul consciousness which is love. Love is not directed to a “particular” being even if that is God. That thought is pure and simple bhakti, devotion; romantic idealistic “pink love” for little girls…

In soul consciousness there is love and the expression of it. Unfortunately, our “idea” of love is tinted with “iron age sanskaras” which translate to “possession,” “uniqueness,” “attachment,” “neediness,” “fulfillment through another,” etc. Those things are not love at any moment.

Please do not be trapped into “more words” anymore. Go into the experience. Experience soul consciousness. Experience love, let that love be unrestricted, let it flow. Soul consciousness is the aim and objective. That is it.

Best wishes!