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Finding God

Some individuals have an idea that God is “someone,” (HIM but not HER) according to their experiences or belief systems. There are others, who have experienced the fusion of their “self” with everything else, as when the drop of the Ocean forgets to be just a drop, to become the Ocean itself.
What do they call that experience?
To be one with God.

As that experience was related to others without the experience, misunderstanding occurred.

“I am God and so are you.”
The “I” thinking to be God. That is a gross misunderstanding.

God is probably the most misunderstood word in spirituality. All definitions of God, from different believers do not match. All experiences from different believers are not the same… but yet, ironically some will call their experience, their belief, their definition or concept to be the “Only Truth.” Do you see the issue? It is ONLY about the “I” who expects to be “right.”

That is why, it becomes prevalent to look at that which is the only thing you can only know in its entirety, without intermediaries; that is YOU.

The “know yourself” is not another concept, another belief for we cannot define it, cannot put it in words.

Observe. Find out who is that “I.” Find out if the mind is that “I” or the “I” has a mind. Find out if the “I” produces thoughts. Just observe thoughts without using the mind to ask questions such as: Where do they come from? How can I stop them? The minute you use words to describe your internal universe, that is the minute your description becomes a lie.

Why? Words are static. Life is not. Words convey duality. Life is not. Words separate. Life is not. Thus, how could we use a tool which does not fit the job?

Any spirituality where literal words are used as “truth”… is truly a lie. There cannot be such a thing as the “holy words of God.”
Life cannot be described in words, thus; to learn about YOURSELF may be all there is, away from words.

We cannot know about that “someone else” who is known as God, for to know means to BE; but when “Your-self” is “no-self;” there is no difference between that ego-less “someone else” and “you.” Then, you know… “God.”

Words do not allow me to go deeper, for I cannot express myself clearly in English, if I don’t use the pronouns “I” and “You.” But let me add that what may be “real” is well beyond those 2 words. We are trapped in pretty words, in the mind.

Someone who has an “I” cannot know God.

That is known as “self-realization” or “God realization” or to make it less religious: Awakening.