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Question: Dear Soul, thank you for this wonderful means to explore gyan. i have a question about today’s blessing . When it mentions the bondage the Gopies tie God(Krishna) to and tje bondage we tie Shivbaba to the Kalpa Tree. What does that mean? thankyou.

Thank you for your question and for your kind words!
Dear soul,

The blessing said this: “May you be worthy to be remembered through tying God in the bondage of your love and devotion.
On the path of devotion, it is remembered that the Gopis tied God in bondage to them. This is the bondage of love and devotion which is remembered as their divine activity. You children tie the unlimited Father to the unlimited kalpa tree with your love and devotion and the memorial of this also continues on the path of devotion. In return for this, the Father gives the seat of the
heart-throne to both of these ropes of love and devotion and makes it a swing and gives it to you children. Constantly continue to swing in this swing.”

The meaning of that blessing is to be one to be remembered as those who have love for God. To illustrate that blessing, in the path of devotion Krishna (who is viewed as God) is portrayed with Gopis having love for him. Similarly, in the cycle (Kalpa tree) we will be remembered as those who have “eternal” love for God for even in the path of devotion that love is remembered through different memorials. For that reason, our devotion and our love (path of knowledge) are recognized throughout the kalpa and that knowledge should be the swing to get to the Father’s heart throne.

Best wishes!