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Saving the Planet

It is ironic how the most evolved species on the Earth, that is human beings; are at the same time the greatest cause of destruction of the planet.

Why? Many will come up with reasonable causes. But nothing effective has been done.

If we are looking for “solutions,” we will come up with laws, treaties, new behaviors to “save the planet,” etc. But again, very little is done.

It is sarcasm to believe that humans (as we are now) can do something to “save the planet.”

If action is not a consequence of BEING a different human being than what we are now, then any action will be limited; even though we may believe to have found a “solution.”

Why is that? It is not a matter of using logic or reason or money or technology. It is a matter of compassion and empathy. Compassion is not to be sympathetic for the misfortune of others. It is to feel that as your own experience, for we are all together in this. In that feeling action happens.

We cannot know compassion by thinking about it but by BEING it.