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Clarification by Brahma Kumaris reader from India

The reason why I post this message is to show the issues that may come due to language barriers, understandings and preconceptions.

Just to clarify: Avyakt7 welcomes questions. Avyakt7 learns from them and can share them. If Avyakt7 does not know, Avyakt7 will say so. It has been mentioned that this blog was about “Spiritual knowledge” for all.
Please keep that in mind when asking questions.

Dear reader,
I am glad to know that you are able to grasp some of the sharings here. Very happy in fact. 🙂
Thank you! Your current understanding about self transformation is all that matters. In fact, to know the self by experiencing its different facets, is all there is for in that, we will know everything else.

I appreciate your input and your willingness to read this blog despite the language barrier. Please send my heartfelt thank you to the person translating for you. Not a small thing…. I apologize for any misunderstanding.

When there is that true willingness to learn, the information comes. When there is a willingness to maintain “status quo,” nothing happens…New things can only enter through the doors of our heart and mind, when the doors are open…
🙂 To keep the doors open is the “effort.”

Best wishes and my profuse gratefulness to you! 🙂

Related to post [Who is God? (from SM 3-16-12)] I asked you that question because most of the time I think by my heart. You can say that I am highly Emotional and Sensitive person. I am not saying that this is my special quality but I am like this, I have never done any work by seeing the logic behind it. I did it because my heart said so. That why I thing many times, hey man why does not my mind work or thinks like this. See them how they calculate , estimate, how intelligent they are , so good is their thinking process. Any work that I have done be it professional one, I have done it like a mother who raises and take care of her own child, by doing so one doesn’t need brain or use it. Since I have come in the ‘Gyan’ the thinking process has increased. I have also read your articles but I would like to state that even I have my fears and confusion what we call it in Hindu philosophy ‘sanskar’ or what you call upbringing. Decision making not good, self confidence was not that much which I have now however still there is an entry for fear. n not expressive also…inferiority complex. etc etc etc 🙂 You can say that I am a fool 🙂 but becoming more Budha (enlightened) day by day. 🙂 That’s why when I understand something properly like your 1st article (realms of consciousness) I commented that I am understand what u r trying to say….I get surprised on my own self that I can even think to this level. (Not this particular one article) That’s why when I read something new which is beyond my grasp, more quickly doubt, fear and confusion come to me. No doubt there is lot of difference between your conscious and mine. Hence when I read this article I got confused. Before asking this question in between I was giving myself this answer that in whatever way God has given this ‘Knowledge’…. my work is to do self transformation.. to know thy self..and experience it. It’s been only a year since I have come in this ‘Gyan’ and whatever I have understood is because of your articles and Sister Shivani’s Programmes. No one makes you understand this knowledge here at the local level centre like what you write. This is my perception. I understand all you sayings but they have not come in my experience as of yet. From your articles and Sister Shivani’s Programmes the fear which I had regarding GOD has gone and has been substituted with love towards Almighty. But sometimes the element of fear does creeps in. In the local center here they don’t make you understand things much , they make you understand like in Sakar Murli. I don’t say that this is wrong but when there is something more to understand than this what an individual can do. In these circumstances I got your blog. I understood a lot though my experience which you wrote about is yet to come. Things that I understand whether little or more, if any experience happens I comment on it ( awesome, wonderful , like that etc etc). I am not able to write as I don’t have a very good English and a quick one. Hence my comments are short otherwise I have so much to say to you. But what i’ll do the person who translates will get annoyed with me :-). Thus I ask only very important question. I know that I have to work maximum on my fear, confusion as they dislodge me from the understanding of true knowledge. That’s why I asked you as it was creating doubts in me. I could not understand this paragraph(God is needed at this time. That is why, He becomes known through this knowledge. I cannot even say “His” knowledge but this knowledge which we have forgotten about and which is already in us, because we have experienced “before.” Things happen according to the Drama. God’s “entrance” or awareness in this Drama happens when needed in the Drama, however, there has been always some “remembrance of Him,” except in the Golden and Silver ages. We didn’t need God there. You wonder where is that “love for God” and how come that sanskara hasn’t appeared in the Golden age.) And in my mind this also came that their was a difference between the level of your consciousness during that time and in the current present time. Than even I asked you the question I am sorry for that. 🙂 Thanks for your reply. 🙂 Hope with time I understand or I get some experience. Om Shanti

Benefit of beliefs about God

“In the west I have heard the following attributes mentioned of God: Omnipotent – all powerful Omniscient – knows everything Omnipresent – His presence is everywhere. According to the gyan and understanding of God shared by Brahma Kumaris are these His (Shiva’s) attributes? If yes, how do these attributes play a part, become meaningful/significant or bring benefit to a student of Raja Yoga? Thank you.”

Dear reader,

Thank you for your great question. I am assuming that intellectual debates as to why God is this and not that are out of your question. You are asking about benefits of a belief and I will answer based on my experience. Please bear with me.

Your question comes at the right time! I will be sharing in an article a couple of videos and insights about Christianity and how the life of an unparalleled historical man such as Jesus, could be made into a religion by followers who do not have spiritual insight but merely the will to promote and to maintain a dogma as long as possible.

The thought that spirituality is about following commandments, rules and regulations is in fashion. Of course, the “helping tool” is not spirituality in itself, but just a helping tool.

Many had experiences with Jesus throughout time; through “miraculous experiences,” attributed to God; but the core of the message, which has always been about “ inner change,” was replaced by devotion and self-righteousness. The popular “We have the truth.” “ We know God.”

A religion was invented. Followers are needed.

I can only answer your question based on Avyakt7’s own experience, but using my current awareness.

First, All of the attributes that you mention about God are just beliefs. A belief as mentioned in previous articles has its “good” side and its “bad” side. A “good” side is the sense of belonging. The sense of protection. The sense of not being by yourself.

When there is a belief, there is a group who has that belief as the means to maintain unity. The strength of that belief will be reflected in that unity.

In my experience in Brahma Kumaris; avyakt7 would have not been able to go through the changes in consciousness without that first “helping hand.” Definitely there was a special power helping me go through those changes. My belief increased.

“God tells me that I need to do certain things to change. I love God, therefore, I will do those things.” End of report.

That “love to God” was an idea that I had with me. That idea gained a form and physicality through the teachings of Brahma Kumaris. I even had the chance to “see God” in “person,” to get messages from God directed to me, etc.
That increases your faith, your devotion, your sense of belonging … but not necessarily your self-transformation.

Avyakt7 couldn’t and wouldn’t change if there wasn’t that inclination to do everything for God.

What Avyakt7 realized later on in his path, was that all I needed to experience was a different consciousness. That was the “Godly help” needed, just to get me there. Once I experienced that consciousness, then the “method” learned to get there, needed to go away so I could see if the change in me was “real.”

Otherwise, if I depend on the method for a change, then there is no change at all. Those who have experienced this, will be able to understand what I am conveying.

Thus, to answer to your question; a student of Raja yoga will get benefit if their belief is wholehearted. That is total.

You can believe any attributes about God. That does not matter practically, in your inner change. Only knowing the attributes of God is of not much value, but as a belief it will give you certainty, it will give you a “little push” to go through the Spiritual metamorphosis with some certainty.

Up until the point where this “different consciousness” is experienced, the child stage of spirituality is still going on.

Every religious path where God, the “father” is named, has that same aim of bringing change or reforming the “child“ from previous “unrighteous” ways (and make him a follower.)

The issue is that without the experience of that “different consciousness,” then to be in a “dogmatic safety box” is all there is. Self-righteousness increases.
We start believing that we have “arrived” already even though our minds have not been observed. We believe that we have arrived when we depend on rituals and practices to maintain our spiritual life. We believe that we have arrived when all we have are beliefs and commandments to follow.

Evidently, there is more in Spirituality. But to be able to open that door of uncertainty is not something that everyone is willing to do.

The child needs to grow up. Going away from home and opening the door to other experiences does not necessarily mean to get “lost in darkness,” when the child has been brought up with kindness, knowledge and unconditional love.

Best wishes!

Questions for June 12, 2013

brother, there are many freshers bk who works in night shift. what can be the approach for amritvela for them?

Dear soul,
Thanks for your question.
Amrit Vela is a matter of consciousness. Where is your consciousness at 4 AM? That is all.

You could be sitting, standing, doing things, etc. Where is your consciousness?

Best wishes!

How do I experience Baba as the child?

Dear soul,
By letting the inner child be free.
You can only experience a relationship as long as you believe to be that which you want to experience.

In my case, “I” am a friend, not a child anymore.

But if you want to have all relationships with the Father; then become a “detached observer.” That is as paradoxical as Gyan could get.

Here some Murli points taken from the avyakt Murlis:

Avyakt Murli dated October 28, 2012. “To be merged in the Father means to become the same form as the Father.” that is to “become combined and become One.”

“By being a detached observer, you will easily become companion of the Father and equal to the Father.” – Avyakt Murli June 10, 2012

“Unless you constantly have the consciousness of a detached observer, you cannot make BapDada your companion. The experience of the stage of a detached observer enables you to experience the companionship of the Father.” – Avyakt Murli, November 25, 2012.

Let me ask you this; why “make effort” to have one relationship when you can have all of them? 🙂

Let me recommend to read this:

Best wishes!

Om shanthi Brother… What is the difference between being Powerful and in silence? Are they same or different? Can you also define each of them. Thank you Brother.

Dear soul,

To be powerful is to be in a constant stage of inner silence. That means beyond thoughts and thinking.

Please do not be content with more definitions. If you define, you cut off the totality of the experience.

No more definitions. Experience the inner self and then everything will come to be understood without definitions.

Best wishes!

Questions chosen to be answered for May 20,2013

Questions for May 20,2013

Om Shanti Bhaiya/Behen, I am 2 year old of Baba’s child. I am learning to churn the knowledge and I usually come up with many questions. One of the Bk brother suggested me this blog, and hence I am writing to you. Few of my questions are: 1. When the sanskars are recorded in the atma, why should we be soul conscious? Irrespective of soul conscious or body conscious, it is the sanskars that we enact. All that we do is based on these sanskars only. Then why should we be soul conscious and what is the importance of this? 2. How does the action be always right when we are soul conscious? 3. What Is the difference between being soul conscious and Swaman? 4. Is swaman necessary, even when we are in soul consciousness? Which practice becomes more important as the first thing in the early morning? Practice of different swaman’s or the soul consciousness? 5. How do I start looking life as a drama? i would also like to know, where can I find the replies – will they be published in the same blog or mailed? Thanks for the replies in anticipation.. From Baba’s child, Anupama

Dear soul,
Thank you for your very good questions! You will find that many of the questions that you may have; already have been answered in the blog. All you need to do is search them by typing a keyword in the “search articles by keyword” box.
Yes, churning brings many questions; thus, you are churning; but also churning brings the answers as well for many of those questions as we go deeper.
On your first question:
1. When the sanskars are recorded in the atma, why should we be soul conscious? Irrespective of soul conscious or body conscious, it is the sanskars that we enact. All that we do is based on these sanskars only. Then why should we be soul conscious and what is the importance of this?

Answer: Are you a soul or a human being? 🙂 Both. Right? For if you say that you are a soul, then I would say; great… you don’t need to eat anymore. In this knowledge you will find that as we go deeper there is no just ONE answer but it all depends in our state of consciousness.

As you said, We don’t need to be soul conscious, there is no one forcing us to do so…it will happen anyway but not “now” for most. If it is in your fortune, you will become soul conscious “now” as the “sanskara” plays (as you mentioned.) Because we know about the law of karma, unless you “do” something, to get you out of “entropy” (coming down) then, things will keep on going down. No constant soul consciousness will happen by just sitting around. Your “doing “ becomes your future even though it is predestined as such. So, you “do” but it is predestined. This is called a “paradox.” Gyan is full of paradoxes.

According to Gyan, the time for soul consciousness is arriving. If you are aware of the “call of time,” then you will do the needful; otherwise; you will not; which is alright as well. The only difference is that the Drama is having “auditions” for soul conscious actors for the next 2500 years. If you are interested, you can “try.” If you don’t, you can be comfortably sitting in the soul world for those 2500 years where there is no experience of time. (That means that you will not experience that as a “long time.”) The “good news” is that you will experience soul consciousness in your first birth anyway, but then, entropy will quickly change that stage.

As you can see, there is no such a thing as “we should” be soul conscious. Everything is easy. Make your “choice.” 🙂 The importance of soul consciousness is in your awareness of experiencing a state of non-duality “now” rather than “later.”

2. How does the action be always right when we are soul conscious?
Answer: Because in soul consciousness there is no duality, the word “right” is not used. Words such as “right or wrong” are useless in soul consciousness. In soul consciousness you will flow with the Drama as a leaf floats in a river and you will be OK with your destination. There is nothing to fight against but just to enjoy the ride. Because you are flowing, your activities will be according to the call of time and according to your nature. Soul consciousness means egoless, and when there is no ego, activities will be egoless as well. That is what we call “right.”

3. What Is the difference between being soul conscious and Swaman?
Answer: Swaman (self-respect) is soul consciousness.

4. Is swaman necessary, even when we are in soul consciousness? Which practice becomes more important as the first thing in the early morning? Practice of different swaman’s or the soul consciousness?
Answer: They are both the same. It is an experience not a practice. We could practice things to experience; but “practice” by itself does not bring the experience.
The first practice that becomes important early in the morning as well as late at night is soul consciousness. Self awareness.

5. How do I start looking life as a drama?
Answer: By changing your vision, which comes automatically as you experience the self, soul consciousness.

Dear soul, in this knowledge; the experience of the self or soul consciousness is the single most important aspect. From that, we will understand everything else.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear Brother, How to remain tension-free/relax while taking responsibility?

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,
Serenity is a stage of consciousness which comes from the experience of the self on a regular basis. From that experience, anything else is colored by that serenity. You are not “taking responsibility,” you are playing…It is a game to be enjoyed with serenity.

Best wishes!

I found this question/churning on the internet while looking something, which I thought will be good to share…

1) The final stage of Remembrance

Baba says Nirandar – always remember me. And at the same time Baba says be in your Self Respect – Swaman Always.

Are these two sentences not contradicting?

If I remember Baba, My Intellect is involved in remembrance and when I am in swaman, my Intellect is aware of my original nature….

What does really Baba mean by the above two sentences?

Does it mean that when we are in remembrance, we are in swaman or when we are in our swaman, we are in remembrance of Baba?

When we remember Baba and surrender every fikr – worries, thoughts (when I surrender everything to God including mind, how can I have thoughts on my own), then we become Befikr – worriless keeping our Intellect free, by which I am able to stabilize in my Self respect – swaman giving sakash to the whole world, being in my original form, being a Narayan…..

So it is like, Based on our remembrance of Baba we achieve Swaman. Like when the child knows that his parents (Baba) are there with him, he is able to carry out his studies (being in swaman) without any botheration for food, money, shelter. The remembrance of Parents are merged in Child’s mind that because of that remembrance the child is able to concentrate himself on his studies.The remembrance is Natural.

The conclusion may be , We can achieve Swaman only if we remember Baba and have full confidence – Nischay in Baba and His Powers (Baba says He even changes the Karmic sins-accounts for the ones He is responsible because He knows the secret of Karma). And when we are in Swaman , it is only due to awareness of Baba and His actions.

Your clarifications please……………….

Avyakt7 responds:
Aha! Great churning by that soul…
The experience of soul consciousness is to remember the Father as many times have been expressed.
The answer is not one or the other, (remembrance of Baba or being Swaman) but both at the same time which become one.
In soul consciousness there is that Oneness.

Question: dear soul my query is regarding ayakt bapdada milan how it is declared before so many months ahead that on such and such dates god will come in dadi how it is declared so well in advance,or can we interpret it like how we interpret sakar muralis that if we follow strict srimat of baba all life long including bramhcharya,strict vegetarianism,not eating outside,doing amritvela,atleast 8 hrs dyan even in daytoday karma,feeling merged with god the point of supreme light,feeling light and flying shtithi,then perhaps one can invoke god the supreme energy into us,this is the last stage of rajyoga feeling one with god in combined swaroop.your comments and interpretation.

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

Many times when we want to understand something Spiritual, we use as our reference, the physical world. This is the world of schedules, unforeseen circumstances, etc. At the Spiritual level, BapDada is ALWAYS available. There is no need to set up a “meeting.” In the subtle region there is no time. Therefore, those dates basically come to us as a convenient means for us bodily beings so we can “arrange our busy schedules.”

Dadi Gulzar is the appointed instrument to receive BapDada. In this way, we can avoid misunderstandings.

Dear soul, If you want to be “merged with God,” all you need to “do” is become soul conscious, the experience of the “true” self. As I have mentioned many times already, at the soul level there is no sense of “separation” even though we are different souls, just like in the subtle region there is no sense of time. However, in the consciousness of the body, we are stuck in thinking that GOd is the “other.” That is the conceptual view at the physical level.

One more item, “to interpret sakar Murlis” is not the more convenient approach, for everyone has their own interpretation. Then, we can appoint someone as the “bona dife instrument” to interpret what “Baba wanted to say,” however; we forget about different experiences in life and we cannot make a “blanket statement” that should apply to all for them, we will miss the gyani concept of “numberwise.”
Experience, then share your experience.
Following strict Shrimat to the “dot,” is interpreting what is meant to be the experience of the “spirit of the law.”

For example, if Shrimat says that brothers should sit in the left side and sisters in the right side and never mingle among them; then your strict interpretation of shirmat will be to “never” sit on the same side of the opposite gender.

That is not the “spirit of Shrimat,” which is basically to allow for people of a particular tradition to feel comfortable while maintaining at ease any feelings that they may feel while in the process of conquering sex lust. Once we have conquered sex lust you can sit with anyone on your side. It is numberwise.

In other gatherings, where “sex-lust” is “normal,” it doesn’t matter where you sit as long as you feel comfortable. Different “interpretations” according to experience.

It is important to remember that all the things that we practice are meant to help us in the experience of soul consciousness. As Baba mentioned in one Murli : “Be soul conscious and then do what you want.” 🙂 This is not meant to be a “religious ritual” but a tool for self transformation.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear Brother What is Inheritance for 21 births .(Varsa) ……what exactly does Baba give and how it last for 21 births pls share thnks

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
That is a repeated question, which was answered here:


(Under comments)

Dear soul,
In the Sakar Murli, Brahma Baba task is to make sure the “children” know that God is their Father. To rely on God, to love God. By using the “father” figure (We know that father is a bodily relationship) Brahma Baba used the “inheritance” idea as something which God will give the children if they “do this and that” and love God more than anything else.

That “inheritance” is the Golden age. According to Gyan. The Golden age and Silver ages are called “Heaven.” The highest number of births that could be taken there is 20 (8 golden age and 12 silver age) The other “1″ birth could be in between the “official” start of the Golden age. According to Gyan, through the law of karma we will get to “go” where we deserve, so there is no such a thing as God “giving something.” However, this was an useful story at the time when trying to teach Gyan to the “children.”

Remembrance at the time of Sakar Baba was about using the mind to remember the Golden age and to remember God as tools to create “disinterest” of the “old” world. That remembrance has been changing in time as we see it in the avyakt Murlis to reflect a greater understanding and experience.

Hope this helps.
Best wishes!

A soul is like empty containers – Reader description of the Drama of life

“om shanti brother,your understanding of the knowledge is simply tremendous.baba/drama has rightly selected u for the glorious role u r playing and will play through all kalpa.now as i had been reading all ur articles regarding how to be detached observer and also following BABA’s murli points some experiences occur to me what i want to share to u again{pls verify is it right or wrong}.that we the souls are only like empty container in reality and also neutral silent completely detached from drama,as drama is only continuous movement and have all within it linked to each other.bt we souls are only the entity in substance.the souls are like container containing only the light and might of God.now BABA injects within us His powers which simply reduces as time passes by thru different ages.in that vacant place darkness or maya enters.therefore the struggle all the souls are experiencing is only the fight between BABA’s powers and maya,invariably it means our’s is nothing,as all power or lack of it are from baba or maya in absence of baba.similarly the body,role,wealth etc we think as ours bt these are only the result of baba’s powers depending on that how much we contain that or lose.so these also not of ours bt of baba in reality even the last drop of it.similarly baba’s power or that darkness maya act through our thought,bacha .karmana.so we are doing nothing at all simply is playing unconsciously. we just carry and play forgetting all these through the whole circle.we are only enlightened by god as the earth is by sun.on the contrary absence of that light causes as maya making the way dark for us to lead.so we can just be detached and see the struggle between light and darkness within ourselves whereas nothing is of us.again the light or darkness work through us creating the drama for us whereas we simply dont have any role or part except playing it.in that way the containers of bk souls and others are different in size in amount of taking and losing the energy of god.so it is called numberwise.so i cant be a big container like brahma baba or small like the soul who take only one birth as the percentage of heaven and hell are same to all bt varies in quantity.i am what i am bt neccessarily i am not more than a container,nothing to call as I or mine as both are created by baba or maya.i have not created anything or shall not create.therefore my thought is also not of mine.your thoughts on this pls share.thank u dear soul.”

Dear soul,
Thank you for your kind words.
Disclaimer: “My” understanding is not the “truth.” It is just a description of Gyan from another perspective. I am happy to know that you see it as useful, and that is great.

Congrats for your realization! Please just be aware that it will change. It needs to change as your understanding and experiences evolve. Your descriptions are valid as much as you have experienced them for the most part.

The “war” between “good and evil,” or “Baba and Maya,” is not part of my repertoire anymore. It is just continuity through entropy. No wars, no fights; just experiences and different range of consciousness.

The soul is a soul. A word. The experience of the self cannot be put into words. No one “creates” anything in this Drama for we are all eternal.. and that is because even though we could be many… we are one at the same time… 🙂

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Best wishes!