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Question: How would you explain incognito vision and divine vision?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

I would like further information of what do you mean by “incognito vision.”
I have heard about “divine vision” and “vision” in BapDada’s language.

I have heard “incognito” in BapDada’s language as well which is a bit different of the typical English word. (assumed or false identity.)
In BapDada’s language “incognito” means to be there without being noticeable.
“Vision” in BapDada’s language usually mean the way we perceive the world. Therefore, “as your vision, so your attitude.”

Finally, “divine vision,” means 2 things.
1) To have a “vision” as when a devotee sees Krishna during lunch time (or another time.)
2) To have the awareness that we are souls while interacting.

Please clarify your question if you would like a more concise response.

Best wishes!

Question on “Animal-land” evolution


My dear, dear Avyakt7,

In one of the recent SAKAR murlis BABA has said that in SATYUG of course many animals will be there but not all the types which we have in KALIYUG. This fact was somewhat confusing to me. How can the animal types not already present in the GOLDEN age appear during KALIYUG ? For example let us assume for the sake of argument that dogs are not available in SATYUG and that they appear later on in KALIYUG . This is possible only if a dog’s soul floating around canl find an already available body. Hence I thought that the body types must already be present from the confluence age onwards extending into SATYUG and then continue thru the whole cycle, is it not no ? ( Unless we are talking of evolution etc according to DARVIN). May be that I have erred somewhere in understanding. Kindly clarify.

Thank you & best regards to you and everyone of our divine family

Dear soul,

Thank you for your fantastic question!

This answer may help some souls to figure out further stuff!
As we know in the Drama, circumstance change. As it is the environment so are the beings in it.

When does the first fly appeared? Obviously as the environment changed into a suitable environment for them to appear, then they appeared. 🙂 Magic!
Now, if you ask me to explain to you the process of how exactly this happend and how a bug developed into a fly; I cannot tell you that. No one can.

However, I can facilitate a better example so your question could be understood.

Now, you see different races in the world. This environment is the environment of variety. Now, let me ask you: What was the race in the Golden age? 🙂 Have you seen a hispanic Narayan? or a Blonde Lakshmi? No.

The race is white with black hair.
So, how the other races appeared? 🙂 Through entropy, beings matched the environment little by little. From white light you have the latent capacity to show all colors of the spectrum as in a rainbow, which will be shown as the environment changes.

Then, obviously the other races appeared as entropy increased, just as animals developed as the environment changed.
We need to remember that there was a destruction at the end of the Silver age, and that meant many changes in the environment which we don’t know of.

Now to finish the example of the races that I gave.
That has been used by some to say that the “white race is superior” than other races because that was the original deity race.
That is not true at all.
The white race now has no resemblance with the features of the Golden age. However, from that white skin color, all other colors can appear later on and other modifications in the structure of the body can appear as well.

When we are caught up in the body and just one birth, we are conscious of only this life. We are not conscious of the many lives we have lived in other bodies and the different colors of clothes that we have worn.

Same for animals. The “clothes” (animals bodies) will appear as the environment changes. There are summer clothes and winter clothes and from those 2 extremes, fall and spring clothes also appear… just like in the cycle of time.

Best wishes!

Reader remark: Duality

Picking one side means to acknowledge the other, for one side exists because of the other.
Free your awareness from duality and all of the sudden, we will see something different, which was hidden from the “intellectual” mind. That is freedom from the known.

Dear Avk 7,

The gap between these 2 sentences speaks a lot.

The first sentence (in italics,) has a meaning only in night i.e. Copper-Iron & Confluence Age. It is meaningless in the day as there is no darkness, no contrast.
When u free ur awareness from duality there is only one side of a coin or same thing on both sides of the coin. Only Happiness, Peace…..etc. Ichchha matram avidya (= ignorance of even the word desire.)
Even in night though both sides are there but there is no clarity. Happiness & sorrow will be there, but we do not understand them accurately as they are, as our intellect is corrupt.
This Confluence is the only time where everything is crystal clear, if our intellect is S. P. (Sato Pradhan).
Even in day G. A. & S. A. though there is no contrast there will be superlative or whatever they say in English. (It is not my mother tongue, so excuse me.) That is some one will be better than other and still someone will be best or one of the best in some skill or speciality or wealth or…
But no one will feel anything abt. it. (anyway he is my brother)

Dear soul,

There is the world of non-duality and the world of duality… For us being conscious of the world of duality “now” the phrase in italics still apply. We pick non-duality, but still experience duality. On the other hand for a being like a deity who is unaware of duality; there is no duality at all.

When we free ourselves from duality there is no happiness, neither peace as a concept. Those concepts “happiness and peace” have their opposites as well. The experience of being beyond duality is beyond words. WHy? because our language expresses duality.

The experience of being beyond duality could be expressed as “bliss,” however that is just a label to express something that cannot be put in labels… When we are caught in the rationality of words, we miss the experience.

In the confluence age we have knowledge, but as you realize it is numberwise. So that “crystal clear” addition is numberwise. We are finding “new” things about gyan and going deeper than what it was possible before.

The words “better than” are words used in duality only. Such a word couldn’t exist in a world where duality is non-existent.
You value wealth, skills, status, etc. Over there, they realize those are just roles. Once you are blissful, how can you think that you are “more blissful” than someone else?

Only here in duality and without the full experience of bliss.

Best wishes!

Question: Statistically, can I become a King?

Looking at the souls statiscally I have found a few questions tickling me always. In almost every murli Baba tells us that He is making us the king of kings, we are all becoming Laxshmi Narayan, He is sending us to Satyug and we have 84 births. But going by statistics only 16 souls ( 8 kings and 8 queens) are eligible for this in the Golden age. Only 9 lakh souls will have 84 births. How can we say that we are all going to become king of kings. As much as we try we should accept that the real high posts of Satyug are filled by the senior BKs. We have many dadis and senior brothers and sisters in gyan for 50+ years. What is left is the position of subjects. Baba does not like this question but statistically is it not true that we are all racing for the position of subjects which might not require all the intense effort in the form of Amritvela, food, Brahmin discipline etc.

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,

In Sakar Murlis, Baba’s method to motivate the children was to tell them that “everyone could be a King.” Then, in other Murlis, he has mentioned, that “Number 1 and 2 are already fixed” but also that “the children should race ahead of Mama and Baba.” 🙂

Then, in avyakt Murlis, BapDada changed the “plan” into “become part of the first division.” No more Kings and Queens.. become part of the royal family…. and then, He said that “He could add more beads in the Rosary of Vishnu…” 🙂 BapDada’s role has always been to motivate the little children to reach the “stars” according to a childish understanding of the children, of course.

I disagree with you as far as thinking that “the real high posts in Satyug are filled by Senior BKs.”
To be a senior BK is a role like any other role. Every role has its own “pros” and “cons.” Your capacity for self realization is not proportional to the hierarchy of the role that you play in the world, but in your ability not to be a “role” but soul consciousness.

Finally, let me show you something interesting… For us, this thing of becoming a King or a Queen is a big deal. What do we gain in the world of happiness? A status… we happily say..that is from our perspective right now.

Now, once you are in the Golden age and you are a “happy camper,” soul conscious and blissful; let me ask you what is the difference between a “king” and a “subject” for a self realized deity? 🙂

It is just a role. The word “status” is not known.
For a self realized being, the castle is not important neither how many”veemans” you got. But enjoying the self is…

Best wishes!

Question: Dear Brother, Should we try to understand GOD or trying to understand ourself is sufficient? Action is equal to equal and opposite reaction. If this is true then deities must also be getting the reaction for their actions. Drama is based on karmic philosophy then how is it that Shiva gives such great knowledge to all the souls yet does not recieve / accept any fruit of it. What exactly does BABA means by Karma, Akarma & Vikarma? THANK YOU.

Thank you for your great question!

Your questions require answers with a higher notch of depth… Here we go… 🙂

Dear soul,

We probably need to realize that the only thing that we have the responsibility to understand is the self. God in relationship with us becomes an incentive, a source of inspiration and knowledge. Those things which God provides are meant for self realization, not to discuss if God is this or that.

I enjoy when I see the reaction of people when I say something like “God is omnipresent but also a soul…” 🙂
That will be the “highest manmat” for some, equivalent of receiving hell forever… 🙂

Caught up in words…

Please be mindful that those words are plain definitions. If we define God we cut off the experience that we may get. Many think that because we see BapDada then we “know God.” For some bhakti individuals God is equivalent to seeing Dadi Gulzar, for others, equivalent of Brahma Baba and yet for others, they just visualize a point of light in the subtle body of Brahma Baba who in turn is “loaning” Dadi Gulzar’s body. Describing that, they call that description “God.”

None of that gives the experience of self realization. As the murli mentions, “very few will know God as He is.” Please remember that. More concepts we use to try to define Him, the further from the truth we will be, because words are in the realm of duality and God is beyond that.

On your question: “Action is equal to equal and opposite reaction. If this is true then deities must also be getting the reaction for their actions.”

Sure. But it is “neutral” for there is no duality and… there is entropy so the quality of those activities will diminish until it gets to the point where it loses neutrality and then we have “good and bad actions.”

On your last questions about “karma,” “akarma” and “vikarma.” According to the sanskrit dictionary, we have “karma” as “action,” meaning “doing something,” then we have “akarma,” meaning- without performing actions (detached observer) and then we have- “vikarma,” as “sinful” actions. (I would suggest to use the word “dual action” rather than “sinful” for the “bad” connotation that this word brings.)

Karma can be neutral when there is a return without duality- Golden age.
Karma could be “sinful” when there is duality. The deep significance of that is once we understand duality, that an apparent “good action” has its counterpart of “bad” and viceversa. For example: I think I have done a “good action” by paying for the school tuition of a child. Now, because of that, this child experiences being beat up at school by “bullies.” As you can see, there is nothing “pure” good.

Akarma is the “doing” of actions of ego-less beings. Doing without doing. This is what BapDada calls: “doing for the sake of it.”

Best wishes!

It is my “effort” or my “fortune”?


The question of “my fortune” or “making my own effort,” usually comes up in souls who have thought a bit about the concept of predestination.

Question: If everything is predestined, how is it possible then to be “my effort?” that is the million rupees question! 🙂

Then the “typical” politically correct answers will say something like:” You don’t know what you did in the last cycle, so you have to make effort.” But then we hear something like: “What Baba can do, if that is in the child’s fortune!”

Then, my favor politically correct answer, arrives: “It is your responsibility/effort before something happens. After that something has happened, then it is Drama/predestination.”

Sounds good huh? 🙂

At the same time, that answer proves that what is truly important is not the “before” or “after,” but the “NOW.”
Neither what happened yesterday nor my golden age status, but “now.”

Now that we have a better handle on duality, then we can understand something else; we can really grasp the concepts of “being and non-being.”

Those words weren’t my invention. Quantum physics talks about it as well as some scriptures.

Since predestination (Drama) is the opposite of “Free will,” /”my effort.” Then… we can see that both concepts are complementary of each other, just like day and night. That is duality….

So… it is “my effort” or it is “my fortune”?
Both at the same time… 🙂

Any rational, logical analysts out there who cannot understand that concept of “unity of opposites”?

Of course, all this rationality is just to display the illusion of “power of words.” In reality those concepts are just a description… just information… words… their utility resides in making us “think.” 🙂 and keep the mind busy with knowledge…

The experience of living life is beyond those things. That is why the key is to experience the “being,” the self first… so then, we are ready for “non-being.” 🙂

Wait a minute… Baba hasn’t mentioned those words… that is your Buddhist, Taoist, Sufi, New Age “manmat”! 🙂

Being is the awareness of our existence. The physical world. Non-being is the soul world. Seet? 🙂

Spirituality is beyond religions…

Question: It is realized that Karmateet stage is being aware of things, situation, people and events as they are, instead of interpreting or labeling with our mental concept or adding more to it. Also the biggest mistake one can make is to have the desire to attain this stage in the future as it will never happen as you have mentioned in one of your articles yesterday heaven is something we will attain in future as this is out of pure ego. Your thoughts?

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

Being a detached observer or karmateet, is to observe the movie of life without being affected by it. That is our emotions will not be affected neither our thoughts in a dual way.

Words have duality in it. thus; it is hard to express spiritual understanding through a language which supports duality.
When BapDada refers about having “good thoughts,” it is not just to “produce good thoughts,” as when I say: “I should be sending good thoughts and pure feelings to so and so…,” but “good thoughts” are a natural exchange with the environment through feeling happy, content in the experience of soul consciousness. Some religions like to call that “compassion,” BapDada calls that “mercy,” or “cooperation.” In that karmateet stage that contentment will be there.

The same is with the word “desire.” Some may be thinking:” but there are “pure” desires… to become karmateet is a pure desire….”

Any desire is a desire. A desire is mind. Mind is duality. When there is duality there are 2 things that will need to be experienced: “good and bad.”

Rather than a “pure desire,” the word that we can use is “commitment.” In Commitment, we have an ongoing relationship with Spirituality. This on going relationship will bear its own fruits according to our efforts/fortune at a particular time. It will happen, but there must be commitment; just like in a relationship.

Because BapDada is our teacher, we have a commitment. Experience the difference between those 2 words: desire and commitment.

As we are caught with words, it is necessary to experience something so we could try to share it by putting it in words. In the quest of words, we could get entangled with rationality and logic. The paradox being that a human being nowadays thrives in rationality when in fact, is the most irrational being there is.

Best wishes!