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Harmony and Balance: The main qualities to be aware of in Spirituality

In general human beings are used to “static” things. Humans become comfortable with the “status quo,” and that comfort becomes later on, simple stagnation.

When embracing a particular spiritual path, there is the transitional “shock,” meaning that whatever I had done in the past, my “ex-life style” will be viewed comparatively as “bad,” “negative,” “full of vices,“ etc. Our way of embracing something “new” which is viewed as “better” or “purer” is by rejecting our old “self.”

That is how those “instant” but ephemeral changes in personality happen. We see people converted into a particular religion or spiritual path and expressing that conversion and acceptance through a new behavior, different clothes, a new way of speaking, etc. However, this is a very external change.

That “new path,” becomes the source of life for that person. It is the way to identify the self. Then, obviously there is this great determination to follow the particulars of this path, “no matter what.”

Unavoidably, that person will become serious and that seriousness will take away the joy of living. There will be an inner conflict going on which will be typically suppressed in order to “be 100%” with the new life style, to be “loyal.”

At this point is when “zeal and enthusiasm” is lost. This is the moment when the spark of living life in a very light manner is forgotten and the time when emotional “fighting” starts.

That means that harmony and balance have been lost.

We can try to convince our own self that things are “alright” by converting that determination into stubbornness, but once the zest for life is gone, which means that we are no longer present in life, we are “death” while still living.

Without balance and harmony there is no healthy determination.

The compass of any spiritual life style is balance within. It is harmony with the surrounding circumstances.
Balance brings happiness and that happiness is capable of changing “shells into diamonds,” in a happy way….
To acknowledge harmony and balance within is to start our spiritual journey with our hearts open to embrace change, and that is not easy.. but it is easier if we are happy. 🙂

Spiritual efforts: The magic of “Check and Change.”

How do you check if your activities/actions are the “right ones”?
How do you check if your interactions are according to the slogan of “making everyone happy”?

We could go through life without even realizing about being happy.
If we have ever asked the question, “Am I happy?” For sure, we are not. That is the beginning of this thing which is known as “the spiritual search.”

The questions above may seem a bit tricky, but it is not dependent on a “method” to realize if my activities are the right ones. It is not dependent on following a particular set of directions either.

It is a feeling. We feel the “vibes” of someone.
When we observe without judgment, we can “catch” how someone feels at a particular moment and act accordingly.

“Checking” is easier in others than in the self as we know, but both are related; because depending on my current state is how much accuracy will have my assessment of someone’s “day.”
This is why, it is important to recognize a particular state of “being” in us. We can call that “peace.”

That particular state could be known through meditation. Once we are acquainted with that state of natural peace, we will automatically know when we are “out of synch,” by just checking on the self, by just being aware.
There is no need for any “laws” or mental image of that someone who we want to imitate because we consider that person “spiritual.” Any imitation is not the “real thing.” A change in behavior is not the real change.

Let me stress this issue one more time: We need to recognize our own state of peace. Become familiar with it. Anything which takes us away from that, is the source of the issue that we may need to explore in our “checking.”

Basically, why is that “thing” taking our awareness from a peaceful inner setting? That is what checking accomplishes, but it is not a question that requires a mental logical answer. It is just to be aware of the moment we enter into the land of “peace-less-ness.” That is all.

Once that happens and we become aware, “change” takes place automatically for we will go back to that state which we are familiar with, as long as we are fully aware.
When we relate with others in this state of peace, which comes from “being” that peace rather than “acting it,” we will be able to answer the questions above, without writing extensive commandments or laws or methods.

The source of “checking” is our own state based on our own awareness. “Change” happens when aware.
Everything starts in the self and finishes there as well.