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The pursuit of happiness

What is the recipe to be happy? What is the method?
Why are most people looking for that “achievement”?

It appears that no matter what we DO, no matter what we achieve, there is something “lacking” and precisely that is what we believe could give us happiness.

Are you wealthy? Are you healthy? Are you vital? Are you beautiful? Are you famous? Are you intelligent? Are you confident? Are you wise? Are you attractive? Are you in a fulfilling relationship?

What is lacking?
That is what “I need” to be happy. That is what I desire.
Isn’t happiness the absence of desires? That is an inaccurate definition!
I wish you to be happy! That is my desire. Would that desire make me unhappy?

We try to define happiness, research it and hold it with our own bare hands although it is a shadow of intellectual illusions. 

We dream about a constant state that we haven’t experienced. Life changes. Why can’t we? We believe that to prolong a moment of joy, is happiness. Belief upon belief we live in the anxiety of “achieving” a dream, just to keep on dreaming. When are we going to wake up?

A donkey is looking to grab a flying carrot. It looks so flawless, so tasty! That is our pursuit of happiness.
Awareness dictates that carrots exist, but they don’t fly.

A happy person does not have thoughts about being happy or unhappy.                 That is why he IS happy.
Every experience in Life is necessary just as it is, no matter how we label them.

Your dream comes true but happiness does not.

We want strawberries out of Life. We dream about them. We believe that “achieving” strawberries in Life will make us happy and fulfilled.

Life offer us lemons instead. Why don’t we make lemonade?
We are stuck with our belief in strawberries. Unable to bend our position to observe things from a different perspective.
Look! Someone has strawberries and he is happy! I want that for me. If life doesn’t offer that, bitterness is the “side effect” of that trauma. We feel unhappy, unfulfilled. What can I do with lemons, for god’s sake!
A “best seller” on how to achieve strawberries will be made.

“Achieving” strawberries or lemons will not make us fulfilled in Life. It is the experience of enjoyment of Life experiences what will bring fulfillment.

Lemons by themselves may be too bitter for some, not for all. Taste them to know. Open up, so the possibility of mixing lemons with something else arrives. Lemonade is such a refreshing drink!

The dream of strawberries is only a dream. If that dream becomes a reality, it doesn’t mean that fulfillment has arrived. We are looking for fulfillment not strawberries.
Shall we wake up from the dream of living Life through dreams?

Questions: Arriving “there”, Spiritual weed and Tantra

1.”You know we all are in our own personal journey of life but sometimes there is this pressure of over thinking and thinking about unfulfilled desires of life. Like I wish I could have the BEST person in my life, I wish I had a desired job, desired family members. And yet I accept it most of the times, but not all the time. Now, How a person is able to reach to a state in life where everything seems (or is) fine, it seems quite impossible you know, sometimes we are sick, sometimes emotionally disturbed, how to just get rid of all this and just BE okay with everything? Can living in present moment help? Can desires stop coming! Or I have to just detach myself from them. And finally when this duality inside is going to stop? Like the MIND should not interfere, or may we should not feel it?”

Thank you for your question.
Short answer: All of that is possible when “you” don’t exist.

if someone ask you the question above and you tell them my reply as being yours, you may be in trouble. You wouldn’t know how to support this answer, for it is not your experience. Therefore, misinterpretation is unavoidable.
For example, the above could be interpreted as:
“You should kill yourself. Once you are gone, you are happy.”
As crazy as that may sound, some philosophies have supported that. However, it is a huge misunderstanding.
Or you may hear this answer: “That is in Paradise, Heaven. It is the “reward” for being “good” here. Then, you will fulfill all your wishes.”

Many people have already asked your question. Many books have been already written about that topic and many gurus have already spoken their words of wisdom… however, things are the same. Unhappy, wishy-washy people with plenty of desires to fulfill and an overloaded mind, want the “right method” for happiness.

It is not a method. There is no “step 1, step 2, step 3” to follow.
It is a journey. Your own journey. This is not something that one man can tell or write to another. I have given you the “answer.” If you are AWARE, you may know what I am talking about, but do me a favor: Avoid telling it to others, for it will be misunderstood…  🙂

2.”There are things that the rishis and sadhus of the world use certain substances that help them being in the now for eg. Marijuana- Now this in the real world is considered Taboo- I have a small story to share about 100 years ago people in the villages and countryside folks were a happy and peaceful- in sync with nature- getting up early in the morning working in the fields, evening come back home post dinner enjoy the stars, the sky and the silence of the world at that point in time would rest and do this day in day out- no weekends, no site visits nothing- The reason- they used weed- Suddenly the government turned around and said let’s get the tobacco and the Spirits into the world- make it addictive and then lets tax the companies that sell those- on top of all let’s Ban the WEED-
Now if the above is true is there any advantage for the rishis and the sadhus to live the life of an average person say 150 years ago-
Taboo versus a tool to live life- Your thoughts please.”

Thank you for your question.
“Power Plants” like cannabis, coca leaves, etc. had a historical influence in many cultures. They have been used for many centuries for medicine, physical strength, and to move someone’s consciousness to another experience in a different realm or to have an “unreal” experience.
In the past for many aborigines, the INTENTION to use these plants were different than for most people today.
Most people today are not in tune with Nature to begin with. Thus, some want to escape their realities. Some want to experience “something new” out of boredom. The danger is obvious, as living in society means to fit in, and the experiences that a typical modern man may have with these plants may be out of control, thus; it is banned.
Our society has developed a “legal and moral” rejection to these plants. There is fear, taboo. These plants have been labeled as “evil” although that is changing as the medicinal benefits are “researched” and used for many patients who otherwise, could not have a quality of Life. Heavy control is used as to live in society means, control.

Yes, modern man can smoke weed and feel relaxed, peaceful, happy, elated, etc.
Consciousness have been shifted for a little time. That is all. Modern man wants that experience again and again as their “reality” is full of the opposite sensations and modern man does not know how to deal with it, but wants a “quick fix.” Thus, addiction happens. If you are AWARE of it, you will understand that the path of self-realization is not met through addiction, although addiction may have been an experience in the past.

Sadhus and Rishis come and go, just like Gurus. How many of them are self-realized beings? No one knows. No modern man could know. Thus, let us forget about them and what they DO and look at yourself. That is the beginning and end.

When you take a fish out of the Ocean and you place that fish into a bowl, the fish will survive for a little time. If you don’t change the water often, the fish will die sooner. Similarly, with most humans and their habitats. Surrounded by concrete, EMF, noise, sensory over stimulation and many other “comforts,” modern man is out of sync but looking for a “quick fix,” the magical pill to take and make all “problems” disappear. 

3.”You have specified many times in your articles that Tantra is not for everyone, one has to be ready for it. When will I know that I am ready for it, because I personally think I am ready for it. However, through some personal research I came to know that Buddhism, Zen and Tantra are in series, like Buddhism came first and then Zen was born out of it and then Tantra. So should we go in series to explore these paths, in the way they came up or may be in reverse order! 🙂 “

Thank you for your question.

Yes. Tantra is not meant for everyone. It is not a practice nor a philosophy. It is made into those by some people for whatever their objective is: To make a new religion, to make more money or as told by many: To help others… 🙂
I have also shared that according to my experience, Tantra cannot be taught. Thus, who will teach you? What you may find are just prepackaged sexual techniques and beliefs that are changed and made “new” to cater to the masses, for profit is there. Therefore, Tantra is heavily misinterpreted. Observe the current situation of “Yoga.” Now, It is in the Gym near you…however, that wasn’t the original aim for “yoga” to exist.

It truly does not matter if you think that you are ready for Tantra. It is about what Life has in store for you, what is necessary for you to experience according to your own timing/consciousness. What is necessary for you, will appear. It may not be what you like or what you have in mind, but it will appear. Be open, aware.

If someone drops a flyer under your door offering “Tantra classes” for a fee and they give you their impressive resume of all the certifications and degrees that they have achieved and all the masters that have taught them… You may take their classes if that resonates with you… but know, that THAT is not Tantra. That is Ahnanda’s “money back guarantee.”
However, if you decide to go for it… go all the way. Explore it completely, and if it ever occurs to you that you have found your “path,” and you feel comfortable in it then you know; that the time to be open for something else has arrived. Explore any path in any order, what matters is if you ARE truly into it. That honesty will allow for consciousness to change and if you are AWARE, you will know by experiencing the process and not through second hand, wikipedia sort of information.

Question: Are desires the root cause of suffering?

…When I started exploring spiritual knowledge, I came across this point that “desires are the root cause of suffering”. I have contemplated a bit on it. And I do agree that lesser the desires, lesser will be your suffering. But you know they say that final aim of a person who wants to be fully enlightened, you have to become “Unknown to desire”, now how is that possible. Desire of getting rid of desires is also a desire. Desire to achieve enlightenment is also a desire. Becoming a deity… making God as your companion, getting Jevan Mukti, getting moksha, all these are desires. So, can we really become “Unknown to desires”. Icha matram avidya, that’s what they call it.
And most important, is it possible to become desire-less human being by living in sansarik (being married and with family) world??
Now even if you attain this stage, “I want food at least one time in a day” is also a desire. I know I am bit confused about this. Please explore and elaborate on this.

Very good question for the common good!
Just observe what happens in you, become aware of that. Let yourself be the one who experiences those words.
You have a desire. Nothing wrong with that. You want to be happy. That is a desire.
You are currently not happy, because you think that happiness is some “state” that you need to achieve, some state that others have achieved and you want that for you…
Some will create a method to reach that “happiness.” Buy a big house, get a significant one, become famous, do yoga, meditate for 10 hours a day, repeat a mantra, get a Guru, etc. You follow the method, you obtain what the method says… but you are not satisfied… you have more desires.

Why are you still having desires? Because “you” haven’t achieved that “happiness.”
The “I” wants fulfillment but “can’t get no satisfaction” 🙂
The issue is not the desire. The issue is the “I” who cannot be satisfied. You could have one desire or many desires, one thing is sure; the “I” will not be satisfied once that desire is fulfilled as a “reality.”
Do you see that?

Do you want to be “illuminated”? Do you want Moksha? Do you want God? Do you want to accomplish all of those “spiritual” words?
That is the desire. The good news is that you may achieve those words at anytime. However, as long as there is an “I,” there will be no satisfaction.
Then suffering sets in. It wasn’t because of the desire; but because the “I” cannot get satisfaction.
Then, you realize: “Ah! The problem is the “I.” Let me get rid of that.”
But the “I” cannot get rid of himself.
However, there is suffering! It is that suffering and nothing else the one burning that “I.”

Therefore, when you say: “Desires are the root cause of suffering,” then I understand that desires are a very good thing for those who would like to reduce the size of their ego, their “I-ness,” but a “bad” thing for those who want to keep their ego intact or make it bigger… then for those; to get rid of desires or anything else except the “I,” is the medicine…

If you are trying to be desire-less by getting rid of desires, by repressing them and rejecting them; you will learn that your “I” will become stronger, big… your ego will blossom without a doubt. Thus, try to get rid of your desires. Invent any method. It doesn’t matter. Follow any method… It does not matter.
The important aspect is to get your ego big enough, so it is ready to burst out through suffering… then at that point and not before, you will start the journey of dissolving the ego.

When there is no ego, no “I,” then there are no desires, for who is going to have a desire? Although, there maybe desires…they are not as you used to know them. It is not that the desires have changed, but “you” have changed… there is “no –I.”

There, you could be married and have 50 children, a dog, a cat and a parrot and… there will be no ”I” to fight against the “I” of your wife, your children and your parrot.
How do we want to call that state of “no-I”?
Let me throw some neat words at you: Happiness, Paradise, Moksha, Jeevan Mukti, no-desire, Being one with God… but here is my favorite: Empty.
Your baggage is gone and so “your” desires.
All the best to you!

The choice to be happy

You said that we are not predestined, then we have free will… right?

You are inferring that we have “free will” just because I said that we are not predestined.
I said that there is no “I.” Therefore, predestination or “free will” are both non-existent, but only if our consciousness is engaged in the perception that something static, such as the “I” exists.

Most religions are coming from the perception of the “I” as a reality. The “I” has to become someone in the future. The “I” has to attain something such as Paradise. The “I” has the “free will” to do it.
Please observe that it is not a question of “I want to do it” only, but “you” must be ready, ripe enough so the doing does not come as an imposition, as something forced due to an idea, a belief.
For instance, I have shared many times the importance of learning to live alone. It is part of the path of self-knowledge. Many individuals may agree, that it is “good” but very few will be ready to do it, as a matter of fact the situations, circumstances will not allow it if we are not ready.
It is important to observe that this “I” is not separated from Life although “I” may get an impression that “I” am separated.

A few days ago, I ran into a work friend who I haven’t seen for 3 years or so. Life brought an opportunity to re-connect. Whether we connect or not after that meeting does not depend on “my free will.” It depends on timing, the circumstances, where we are in Life and the observation that we are not the same after 3 years.

We may say: “It was by chance that I ran into this person,” but we are not looking at the whole picture, destiny, the movie of Life and how the different threads move. Definitely there was a reason, although; the right word is not “reason” as Life does not operate through a “reason” but rather is like a piece in the puzzle of Life going in place.

Another example: Many individuals are experiencing an abusive relationship. They know that they need to “get out” of it… but they will not. They have another agenda in their minds, which they could label as “love” but they will not leave until the situation becomes unbearable, until suffering has reached its utmost… then, they will call that as leaving the relationship due to “free will” or because of a “realization.”

You see?

Happiness is not a “choice” then…”

Good observation. Many times I hear through different “spiritual” literature, that “happiness is a choice.”
That is only meant to inspire people who are lost in the perception of the “I.”
Moreover, the idea is that if they do not “choose happiness,” they are wasting time… Observe how absurd is to compare Life with the “time is money” mentality. No one is wasting time, for exactly what they are doing, is what is supposed to be.
No one is going to become “enlightened” if there is a decision to meditate 24 hours a day rather than 1 hour, in order not to “waste time.”
Life does not work only to support human thinking and objectives.
That mindset believes that spirituality is a continuation of our society’s ways, values and mentality.
Happiness is not a choice. It is a state of BEING… and BEING like consciousness is not in the hands of the “I” to change.
Happiness is not just a smile, an easy going personality “happy go lucky,” happiness does not appear as a goal, as some “objective in the future to achieve.” It is not something that we “get.”

You ARE happy without a choice, right now, without a thought, without an objective… it comes to you when you are in complete acceptance of your BEING, for that; it is a process of BEING.
Acceptance is just a word to describe the openness to fuse with Life.

What is the “choice” to be happy, if most do not know where to start? Suffering with moments of elation is what most know. How to reach happiness then?
Nevertheless, to buy a car may be labeled as “happiness” by some. To get a degree, a job, a spouse, a house, a kid, etc.
All of those things are not related with BEING, thus the experience is short lived, thus the need to continually look for something else, something to achieve, a desire to fulfill…

Paradoxically in that state of continuous anxiety to accomplish, to “get” happiness…. Happiness is not in sight.

When we say “I am happy”… Happiness has gone away, for happiness is not framed by time nor a belief that I have about “reaching happiness.”

To understand how time-less is BEING is to observe how limited our definition and concept of happiness could be.



Without happiness there is no experience of fullness.
Without being full, there is always the sense that something is lacking.

That sense of lacking something is what triggers our search in life for meaning.

The meaning of life then, is to be happy.

Happiness is not something that we can achieve. Happiness is not something which happens when we “do” something.
Happiness is a state of being which has no dependency.
Happiness does not depend on an outside being or circumstances around us which will eventually change at a given time.

The meaning of being spiritual is nothing else but to be happy. That is how a spiritual person does not necessarily live in a temple or professes a religion.
The trademark of a spiritual person then, is happiness.
That happiness has “good karma.” 🙂

It does not matter what you believe in. That will change.
It does not matter what you think that you possess, for that which you have now, will go away.

Nevertheless, happiness shall remain.

Happiness is a natural state of being which has been lost primarily due to our continuous separation from the totality of life.
Too much individuality and zero totality. 🙂

If the above sounds too “mystical” or “metaphysical.” Let me put it in “real” words: We have separated ourselves from Nature, from our natural habitat and replaced that with a “virtual” world of walls, concrete and too much thinking…

We have invented something called “positive thinking,” to help us deal with this issue; but peace and harmony does not depend primarily on our thoughts but our feelings.

Clear your thoughts, empty your mind from thinking, so you can be in the moment.

I hear: How can I do that? It is very difficult to slow down my thoughts, forget about clearing my mind…

Go back to Nature. No religious beliefs needed there. No punishment waiting for you if you don’t do this or that…

Learn to appreciate the harmonious balance in Nature. Let yourself be moved by it.
Leave the office behind. Leave the so called, “money troubles” away from you. Allow yourself to enjoy the moment.

Give yourself the gift of sheer enjoyment of Nature without paying fees or vacationing to exotic places…. 🙂

Everything needed is in the temple of Nature. By listening to its sounds and being delighted by its beauty; that is how that rigidity, that tension in the self could be removed, then naturally as we are part of Nature again, those cloudy thoughts will go away.

Once the being has inner balance, then it can be in harmony with everything else.

This is not about going far away into the woods to live as natural as possible, no! This is not utopia!
A 7-Eleven store will be near you along with a Pizza Hut wherever you go nowadays… No escape from that! 🙂

This is about learning to BE in balance so I can BE in balance everywhere… even at the office, even with the kids, even with God… 🙂

This happiness is not a faked one. A smile will naturally appear. Your face will lose its tension, your forehead will not frown that often… so you will get a natural face lift! 🙂

When we learn to be in tune again with the sounds an cycles of Nature, we will recuperate our balance, our health our “good” feelings… our happiness.

Our thoughts playing its competitive, fearful and obsessive 24-7 show, are coloring the otherwise blue, pristine sky in our minds.

Those cloudy colors do not allow for the rainbow of peace and happiness to appear naturally, without being called… by itself, without effort.

Happiness is more than a song or a dance or a smile.

Happiness is what we ARE when feelings arrive and the mind goes away… for a walk in the park… 🙂

The big questions in life

thin ice

In the mental world, a question and answer debate is expected. Politicians do it and it is amusing for the general public. Professors and intellectuals do it, to show off how much information they have acquired.

Religious people such as theologians do it and come up with fantastic answers, which the general public may accept as the “truth.”

Ask me anything you want. I have an answer for you. Whether you believe me or not, it will not make a difference to you. No difference.

Who am I?
Where do I come from?
What is the purpose of life?

🙂 I can tell you anything. If you believe me, that belief will be another mental information to recite back to someone to convince or even to convince yourself, but that intellectual answer has made no difference whatsoever in you. No difference.

Who am I? I am a soul. I am a body. I am an alien… I am…a lawyer…
Where do I come from? From Mars, from Heaven, from God…
What is the purpose of life? To die, to become a wealthy congressman, to breathe, to be seated next to God…
Pretty words, ugly words… No difference. 🙂

Every answer only defines yourself as something. When a person is defined then there is a limit already in our minds as to what we are supposed to be or to do. That limit is detrimental in our inner discovery for whatever we discover out of our own experience will need to fit our mental beliefs to consider that experience “good,” “right.”

Ladies and gentlemen, to ask those questions are just an intellectual game. Today you may be convinced of an answer, tomorrow you may disagree. Do you know why?
Because you are never the same! 🙂

That is why I agree with the great philosopher, spiritual guru and distinguished intellectual, Mr. Pharrell Williams, when he sings: “Clap along if you feel that happiness is the truth.”
Believe what you believe…
No difference in the inner wall.
Feel happy now, that is all! 🙂


Nevertheless, some believe that you must be the same. Some believe that you must have the same ideology, the same beliefs, the same thoughts. Do you know why?

Because it is easy for them to put you into a convenient “box,” a label. “She is a Hare Krishna devotee. He is a Russian.” Those are limits imposed into a person.

In a different consciousness, you are open to discover your own potential. You do not place mental limits in you.. You discover without labels, that is you are out of the mental cage of beliefs.

You can believe anything you want about anyone. Even if you meet that person, you will never get to know the person. Do you know why? 🙂

Because if that person is alive, that person is changing all the time, unless you want for that person to fit into your mental world of labeling.

To appreciate yourself and others as a mystery, as something to be continually discovered without putting limits to yourself or to others, is truly a work of art.

In this consciousness, life is a mystery to be uncovered as we live life; thus our lives are never the same, there is always novelty because there is no limitations as to who we can be.

Two small kids were skating in the ice. One of them made a jump in the air and the ice collapsed. This kid was trapped in the ice and he couldn’t come out. The water was very cold. The kid was going to drown without help. His friend immediately used one of his skates to hit the hard ice around, to make room to pull the kid out. He was successful!!

Later on, when “help” arrived, one of the paramedics said: “How were you able to break the ice… you are only a small kid? That is impossible!”

The answer to this question is simple:
No one told the kid that he couldn’t do it. He had no limits yet.