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Without happiness there is no experience of fullness.
Without being full, there is always the sense that something is lacking.

That sense of lacking something is what triggers our search in life for meaning.

The meaning of life then, is to be happy.

Happiness is not something that we can achieve. Happiness is not something which happens when we “do” something.
Happiness is a state of being which has no dependency.
Happiness does not depend on an outside being or circumstances around us which will eventually change at a given time.

The meaning of being spiritual is nothing else but to be happy. That is how a spiritual person does not necessarily live in a temple or professes a religion.
The trademark of a spiritual person then, is happiness.
That happiness has “good karma.” 🙂

It does not matter what you believe in. That will change.
It does not matter what you think that you possess, for that which you have now, will go away.

Nevertheless, happiness shall remain.

Happiness is a natural state of being which has been lost primarily due to our continuous separation from the totality of life.
Too much individuality and zero totality. 🙂

If the above sounds too “mystical” or “metaphysical.” Let me put it in “real” words: We have separated ourselves from Nature, from our natural habitat and replaced that with a “virtual” world of walls, concrete and too much thinking…

We have invented something called “positive thinking,” to help us deal with this issue; but peace and harmony does not depend primarily on our thoughts but our feelings.

Clear your thoughts, empty your mind from thinking, so you can be in the moment.

I hear: How can I do that? It is very difficult to slow down my thoughts, forget about clearing my mind…

Go back to Nature. No religious beliefs needed there. No punishment waiting for you if you don’t do this or that…

Learn to appreciate the harmonious balance in Nature. Let yourself be moved by it.
Leave the office behind. Leave the so called, “money troubles” away from you. Allow yourself to enjoy the moment.

Give yourself the gift of sheer enjoyment of Nature without paying fees or vacationing to exotic places…. 🙂

Everything needed is in the temple of Nature. By listening to its sounds and being delighted by its beauty; that is how that rigidity, that tension in the self could be removed, then naturally as we are part of Nature again, those cloudy thoughts will go away.

Once the being has inner balance, then it can be in harmony with everything else.

This is not about going far away into the woods to live as natural as possible, no! This is not utopia!
A 7-Eleven store will be near you along with a Pizza Hut wherever you go nowadays… No escape from that! 🙂

This is about learning to BE in balance so I can BE in balance everywhere… even at the office, even with the kids, even with God… 🙂

This happiness is not a faked one. A smile will naturally appear. Your face will lose its tension, your forehead will not frown that often… so you will get a natural face lift! 🙂

When we learn to be in tune again with the sounds an cycles of Nature, we will recuperate our balance, our health our “good” feelings… our happiness.

Our thoughts playing its competitive, fearful and obsessive 24-7 show, are coloring the otherwise blue, pristine sky in our minds.

Those cloudy colors do not allow for the rainbow of peace and happiness to appear naturally, without being called… by itself, without effort.

Happiness is more than a song or a dance or a smile.

Happiness is what we ARE when feelings arrive and the mind goes away… for a walk in the park… 🙂

Spirituality by rejection


One important aspect to realize about “talking” Spirituality, is that any concept that we use here to refer to “something,” is not “real,” those concepts do not exist.

For instance “ego.” That word merely describes a support for a sense of division, a difference which creates and gives life to “me” as something exclusive from everything else.

In the beginning of our spiritual quest, we only understand things through the game of duality. Ego can only be “good” OR “bad.”

Ego is “Godly” OR “Evil.” It is a virtue OR a vice.
If ego is a vice, then we need to “remove it.” We need to “get rid of it,” “destroy it,” etc.

That is the beginning of awakening in the spiritual realm. Note that many religions and philosophies embrace this game of duality. It is sometimes necessary, for not everyone could realize things through experience beyond that game of duality.

Then, a “way” of behavior deemed “good,” “virtuous,” “holy,” “Godly,” etc. is made up for followers to follow.

All of the above is not “bad” at all. It is the “beginning.”
Without that “black or white” distinction, there wouldn’t be a space for further realizations. The issue is when someone “thinks” that he/she has arrived. That “he” or “she” has the “truth.” 🙂

When in our spiritual realization we go beyond duality, beyond dividing things and naming things as “good,” or “bad,” then a different awakening happens as long as this comes as a life experience. Otherwise, if it is just intellectual understanding, there is no awakening.

That experience can appear as we “walk the talk” in life.

One thing is to say, “We are oneness. We are one,” and another is to feel that oneness without labeling, without words or thinking.

One thing is to understand that “acceptance is good.” Another is to “surrender” to life in a way as if there is no “me” there to differentiate or to separate. That is, “it is what it is.”

Please note that every religious teaching has different degrees of depth. The ultimate teaching as Avyakt7 can perceive now, is the one, which does not require many words. No more concepts, no more duality. It is a matter of self realization and any spiritual teaching or teacher merely provides the environment for that to happen in its own time. Thus, it is no longer about “following a teaching,” but discovering that teaching in yourself so it is “truly” understood.

Ego is neither good nor bad. We don’t need to “get rid of it” even though those words could be used to explain the obstacles that ego could bring. There is no need to “embrace” ego either, for it is there already, built in as a part of our growth. Nevertheless, we need to realize its limits, we need to experience when ego turns into a hurtful personality, separating that “oneness.” 🙂

That is why, inner observation is a key element in Spirituality.

Many times in a spiritual path, we will go from one extreme into another. We will reject one side of the coin, to embrace the other until we realize that in the game of duality, one side will bring the other automatically; then at that point, we will look for our “middle,” the popular “not too much of anything,” nevertheless; when we are aware, we will acknowledge our own changes and move harmoniously with those changes.

“There is no worst blind man than the one that does not want to see.” To “see” means openness without the colors of concepts, beliefs and previous experiences. It is to be “new” in the moment, aware, conscious, accepting, open, ready, light and … happy. 🙂

“Positive thoughts” to be constantly Happy and Lucky?


In one article sometime ago it was expressed the impossibility of starting Spirituality through “positive thinking” alone; that is a “true” lasting change in the self.
This may sound a bit “rebellious” as there are many ideologies which put all their money in that “positive thinking” stuff for it sounds pretty and they believe in “positive thoughts” to change the “behavior.” As a matter of fact, BapDada talks about “pure feelings and good wishes” which in fact will give as a consequence “positive thinking.”

Is avyakt7 saying that Bapdada is wrong? 🙂

BapDada is right. We need to remember that “being” and “feeling” is a “true” way to convey thoughts, honest thoughts. Otherwise, without those feelings and change in our “being,” any sort of “positive thinking” is simply “fake thinking.” That is right.

That is the sort of “communication skills for coworkers” course that we can get from a CD at work, to become better “communicators.” Everything is based on “scripts,” without inner changes. It is all fake, all part of being “politically correct,” to cover our own selves in case there is trouble. It is a “strategy” to survive at work and to keep getting the paycheck.

Spirituality is not like that. Spirituality is concerned in true change of the being expressed through the feelings so the thoughts are of that same quality.

If I think “ I am a peaceful soul” how is it possible to experience peace if I AM to begin with, Peace-less?
How is it possible to think that “things will be alright” if I am pushing for things to go “my” way ? Is perhaps “my” way separated from life? Is “my” way “life”?

Is any “positive thinking class” a fake then?
No. The end goal is correct; but the “method” may need to be revised. This is not about “making up” positive stuff and to go out there smiling with a fake smile while the “positive thinking” class is in session or to put up a happy face when I am dressing in whites…. BapDada asked us on April 5th, to be constantly happy, that is obstacle free; that is a constant bestower of jewels… that is “equal to the Father.” How am I going to do it? By reminding me to smile at all times? By playing some sound in my cell phone to remind me to smile? 🙂

The knowledge of duality has the answer. Night changes into day automatically once night time reaches its limit; in other words; by being totally aware, without escape, by feeling that sorrow, that anxiety, that anguish, which is that “hell” in us; that is by being conscious on those things, then they will go away just like night time changes into day light. That is part of observing the self. That is the “work.”

If I am living in the night, in “hell,” I will not pretend that I know “peace,” that I know happiness and all of those virtues. To look up the words in a dictionary so I can start working on “peace” will not take me anywhere. To try to emulate the “elevated” behavior of someone, will not take me to peace. It is impossible. Why? Because I AM Peace… My vision is clouded, my consciousness is sleeping. By being aware of that negativity is how I clean that negativity out of who I am. Through “Yoga” I can perceive that reality of “peace” but… it will not be lasting, that is why; that peace that I feel today, it may be gone tomorrow unless I continue with that yoga; right? 🙂 A submerged sanskara does not mean permanent change. The beauty of yoga is to allow me to realize the “true” beauty of those virtuous through a connection with God, that is the easiest way to get “hooked” into self transformation, but let us be aware that “eating a candy does not mean to have a full meal.” God will not provide that full meal for us. We have to do it ourselves.

I need to start honestly where I am, and that is usually “darkness.” When I am in “hell” whatever I perceive as “happy,” is at the best a glimpse of what could be; for that negativity, those vices will be covering the “view.” True change starts with a change in consciousness.

Night changes into day without “my” intervention. By accepting one side, the other will come and that change will be at the “root” at the “being” so it can flow through the whole tree… and not through the leaves, the thoughts.