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The teaching of Letting go

If I could get you out of my mind, I will be happy…

While most will spend their time and resources forgetting the past through getting busy, drinking, meditating, pretending to be joyful, etc. in time; they will forget.

Because we are never the same.

General wisdom will tell us “Time heals the wounds of the heart.”
It should say: “The baby-ish mind will stop crying, when peace is brought by a pacifier in its mouth.”
I guess it is not as poetic as the former, but awareness has its own language.

The mind likes static pictures. The mind will literally cry if those pictures change.
The mind cries, complaints, makes tantrums, assumes, judges and the poor “I” believes it all.

Letting go is always about the past. It could be a family situation, a relationship, a circumstance which shouldn’t…but it was…

The mind does not want to forget for there is a “something” which is meaningful, something which supports its own idea of self.

The mind will cry: “The way that one made me feel.” “I did not feel like this before.” “I don’t think I can go on without that one.”
The mind sets the source to be “him or her” or whoever. When that one is gone; the mind will cry and then, emotions will solidify the experience of suffering by following the tears of the mind so deeply, that the heart will feel wounded.

One more time, we have succeeded in hurting ourselves. 😦

Want to repeat the drill?
You feel you need something. The mind remembers that one or that situation which gave life to that “self” who is no longer there.
The mind will cry. Emotions of sadness will follow. The feeling of suffering arrives, deeply felt by the heart.

“But… What is the solution?”

It is not in the mind. It is the strength of the heart.
Let me put it in another way: “Love is the solution.”
Too cloying and cliché for your taste?
Let me put it in another way: Less I-ness.

When the heart is healed, it is always open, there is a capacity for love.
A wounded heart will go through the process of diminishing the size of the “I,” through suffering. A wounded heart will close itself to opportunities to feel, due to fear.
Resistance will be there until the “I” gets tired…

Eventually all the “efforts” from the “I” to avoid being hurt again, (Thanks to the advice of the mind) will suffocate that “I” to the point, where survival will call for a sudden change of plans.
Love can flow again. 🙂

The mind creates its own demons and protectors. To face that creation is part of growing in Life.

Do we see why all experiences that we go through are important and necessary?
When we become aware of that “I” and the ways that Life has to slim it down, then we no longer need to believe in “holy” diets and food repression.

Life is about experiences. When we are aware of them, by looking at how the self is changed into no-self, we will understand the ways and means of Life and how our perception of being separated from “what is” brings that suffering, which most are reluctant to experience.

Do you know why “letting go” is called in that way?
Because there is someone, the “I” through the mind, who is stopping something from the past to go by, to dilute itself along with the old “I.”

The “I” is hurt through beliefs of the mind. It is self-inflicted pain.
When we are aware of the mind’s tricks, we are free. No need to repress, suppress or avoid. Just conscious awareness, observation, witnessing, spectating, watching…
Who is watching?
If it is the “I” we are tricking ourselves.
Empty awareness.