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Healing the wounds into Honesty

Calvin and Hobbes

Mary was in the emergency room with her Father who was very sick. After many tests, it was discovered that he had a tumor in his colon, which bloated his stomach and wouldn’t allow him to have a bowel movement for many days already. A nasogastric tube was placed in his body to suction out trapped fluids.

Mary’s father was suffering and feeling miserable while waiting for surgery. The hospital was very crowded despite the 24-hour non-stop surgeries.

The environment was surrounded by high pressure, sadness and uncertainty.

Even though, Mary knew deep inside that his father was going to be alright; she couldn’t help but to drop slow tears when feeling her father’s suffering.

To watch how slowly someone’s body shuts down could be an emotive experience.

Destiny is the same for everyone at the end of this lifetime, but how we get there, differs in every situation.

Someone may read lots of books and hear many Gurus and even hear “God speaking” about the fact of our eternity, but when a situation like the one above is experienced in our lives, somehow everything we “know” is of no help during that time. We forget everything we know about “spirituality.”

Why is that?
Have you wonder about that?

Life will show us where we are.

A person who is not aware of his beliefs or how those beliefs influence the way he lives his life, is simply living by “default.”

In that moment we discover our emotions.
A person, who has not looked into healing his emotions, cannot put any sort of “intellectual understanding” into something practical in life.

There is no death but change.
Someone’s suffering does not have to be our own. Human misery is a consequence. Not something “bad” or “good” but a consequence, which could change our own consciousness; our awareness about our own lives.
If we only could become aware of that.. 🙂

Many times we experience limits in life.
A room filled with sadness, will influence whoever is in it, unless we learn to expand our energy so nothing can get in. We need to be aware to experience that.

Life will only show us what we “are,” and we will see that through the mirror of relationships.

When we observe ourselves, we may need utmost honesty. This type of honesty does not come from the rational understanding, the world of “good and bad,” “right or wrong” or “pros and cons,” it comes when we follow our hearts without hesitation guided by our intuition and insight; for we know that this is the way to connect to life, to be one with it. However, some may believe that “to follow our heart” is to follow our emotions or someone may recognize love as an emotion.

Even in that mistake of interpretation, there will be benefit by learning through the experience in our own skin.
The reward may not be a belief in “Paradise or Heaven” in the afterlife, but to know exactly where we are “now,” through the mirror of life.

That type of honesty is hard to come by.

Beach healing and therapy – By Paul Demske, LMT


Note: The article below is from my friend, Paul. He shared this article with a group of local energy/light practitioners and I requested him to allow me to share his article in the blog. Paul is describing the healing aspect of Nature, which Avyakt7 has experienced (Avyakt7 is an avid “beach goer” with infinite love for Nature.) There are several ways to clean your chakras at the beach.
Why is this important?
Because we accumulate heavy energies throughout the day and we need to “clean” our energy field from that heaviness. If we go on, our mood will change and our sensibility will shut down. Our aura field expands and shines when we are healthy. We are in “inter-beingness” and our subtle/energetic body is in constant relationship with the totality. To be in Nature is natural for a healthy human being.


“There are occasional times or periodic episodes in our lives when we become disconnected, or as Abraham-Hicks might say, we are “out of alignment with Source.” And intuitively I recognize when the need arises to follow through on my personal prescription or inner-guidance system, to take time-out from the demands of life or self-inflicted judgments and false beliefs about myself. I get back to nature. And although the parks along the seawall of downtown Saint Petersburg have been like church to me for about twelve years now, there is also a time when the specific need for the beaches along the Gulf (or Ocean) calls to me with its own medicinal characteristics.

Walking barefoot has been a part of my nature which I probably picked up from my Mother. But now I do it consciously and with more frequency in part because I understand, as an energy worker, the benefits of connecting with the Earth, grounding, and even as a cure for insomnia.

But there is such an INCREDIBLE feeling when my feet first touch the sand. The therapeutic results are immediate. My shoulders drop, the muscles in my face soften and I often release a deep “AAAH!” exclamation which vibrates down into my abdomen, down my shoulders and out my hands. It is an acknowledgment of connection, gratitude and humility on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level.

The beach is also geographically unique in that it contains all the elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth, simultaneously. In addition to the sun providing healthy Vitamin D for our skin in as little as 20 minutes per day, 83 elements of the periodic table, biologically available, are found in sea water. Inhaling a sea mist filled with negatively-charged ions, or molecules that attach to your lungs also boosts your immune system, according to naturopathic doctor Connie Hernandez.

In addition, proponents claim that swimming in seawater opens pores in the skin to allow the absorption of sea minerals and the expulsion of disease-causing toxins from the body. Nature’s own flu shot!

Moreover, the beach can provide an almost-instant chakra cleanser, opening and stimulating all of our senses. Its vastness inspires creativity, wonder, perspective, tranquility and introspection. And on a personal level it invokes elements of creative expression that transposes itself into the music I perform and the massages I provide to my clients. I often draw Reiki symbols in the sand to activate the intention of global healing. Even though you are likely aware of many of these benefits of the beach (we DO live in Florida, after all!), just think of this as a reminder of who you Are.

The simplest pleasures in life remind us of our personal Divinity and Universal Connectedness. Whether we choose to put on our favorite loose-fitting clothes and attend a laid-back, beach-front gathering, or to find a place of solitude and necessary alone-ness (not to be confused with loneliness), our miles of endless Floridian beaches allows us a fresh element of therapeutic peace.



Paul Demske, LMT A native of Green Bay, WI, Paul is a Licensed Massage Therapist (MA#66850) / body worker, musician, Reiki practitioner, voice impressionist, writer, photographer, and certified Quantum Touch™ practitioner. His multi-faceted levels of experience led him to Florida in 2001 to further pursue my spiritual path and self-initiated education in the areas of wellness, quantum physics, metaphysical studies, alternative research and awareness, and as a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator. Available for massage sessions in Pinellas County. 813-438-9171.


Silence, Movement and Calmness – By: Mathias

(from “the Awakening”- Mathias – translated from Spanish)

Many times we limit our thinking by talking to ourselves and by talking to ourselves in a negative way, through the use of language in an improper way. Together with this; we are continually ingesting toxic emotions which have brought our planet, physical and emotional damage.

How do we finish these habits?
1) By becoming conscious of silence
2) By having undivided attention to movement
3) By taking things with calmness.

1. Becoming conscious of silence:

Silence allows sound and symphony to build and shape up everything that exists in this world.
Silence also communicates, meaning; it transports subtle information to far away distances with great intensity.
Silence allows restructuring of our language and its form by nullifying the effect of a destructive atmosphere.
Silence gives life to “space.” Without space there is neither form nor harmony.

When rain drops down, it has sound. The wind has sound. The combination of both is symphony.
The space between each sound will bring stillness to the mind.

In that stillness. there is emptiness and in this emptiness, it is possible to expel or eliminate any type of energy from the physical body, even the one which has introduced itself in the heart.

To begin the “healing dose,” it is important to bring an attitude of celebration, cheerfulness and then dance. All of this is in relationship with others.

Many times in the “party of life,” the sounds coming from the mouths or hearts of someone, are like noise, but still we need to dance. For movement will not allow us to accumulate that given energy, and they will hesitate to give the same noise again.

Celebration of life is a song. The symphony of silence.

In order to heal and regenerate we need to use:
Light + sound
Space + time
Silence + Stillness
All of that will equal cellular regeneration.

We could call everything mentioned thus far, the “structure of the symphony” and this should be combined with the other “doses” to intensify its effect.

This effect with affection is called magic.

Before trying to take the next step, let go of all structures from the past. Don’t fix anything without making sure that you have let go before.
Let go, give a space to yourself. Now fix a “theme” to work on at a time, then give it form. Then, let it go; do not expect anything. Let it go. To know that this movement has harmony with life is known as celebration.

2. Bring complete attention to movement.

In this movement there is power. That harmonious movement utilizes this symphony; that means time and space which together along with harmonious breathing in total consciousness, will bring the renovated restitution of energy in the self.

A relaxed, fluent movement increases performance. It improves the distribution of oxygen, allowing us to better absorb the essential nutrients of life.

Movement with attention and consciousness will allow us to reach self-mastery of the physical senses with greater agility besides clarity of vision.

This extrasensory perception will speed up the manifestation of what is emitted in matter. The mind in its state of density usually stops this movement.
To move means to let go. To bring attention means to fix, to establish, then our consciousness will be able to give that a new form.

3. Take things with calmness

Psychological time and the structures from the past, need to be eliminated. To go beyond time, we need to finish with all interest in physicality and all its different roots.

To be in calmness is the art of disinterest. It is to generate a redirection with the unlimited. To break all barriers brought by time means to move at great speed. That speed without harmony, creates chaos.

For example: One morning John went for a walk to know the town but with the excuse in his mind of “not having time,” he wouldn’t allow himself to enjoy anything.

To take things with calmness, is to introduce in the mind a new habit, a new behavior, which means to observe and then to emit, to act and then to perceive , to perceive and then to transport.

Transformation of that which is perceived, means to dissolve and generate new spaces, where the physical senses do not play an important role, since these are limited by time and space.

For example: To listen in silence is only possible when you are capable of going beyond the influence of any physical sense. This is done through the stability of vision. That is, to look for a space where the mind is free from the influence of time. To be in a hurry or to believe to be in a hurry does not help to relax the mind. The “information” will flow through you and because you are unable to “catch it,” this information will naturally dilute itself.

Calmness means to feel the absence of the unknown, is to surrender to certainty in an appropriate way. It is to feel that that which has arrived to you has necessary motives to exist and requires total acceptance.

In this conformity with that which exists, a natural skill will emerge in you and the nutrients for life will arrive to you and all of the sudden only gratitude will emerge in you.

The harmonic movement allow us to take things with calmness; that is to feel total respect for that which comes without any further labels as good or bad, because this labeling will not allow its manifestation with a null state; it will avoid the development of communication and healing through a healthy use of the energy of words.

While things are happening, only there is a need to celebrate life. To use our time in healing that pressure of our own mental belief that everything should happen faster. Sometimes, that movement in our life stops because we are not ready; and this will bring great consequences; which could last days, months or even years.. . and even though that could happen, still take things with calmness because in the least expected moment, perhaps a door will be open! We could come in, but to remain there, means to maintain that harmony and thereby understand that everything is coming to us in the right moment. This does not depend on no one or anyone. It just happens. When? At the right time.

In the meantime, celebrate, smile and dance with life.


Question: Dear brother, Welcome back from vacation, hope you had a wonderful time… om shanti.. As my awareness of emptiness in thoughts/soul conscious increases, I feel different physically too, my question is lately I have had some articles about a doctor curing cancer with this meditation/yoga/soul conscious , is it possible we can cure physical dis(ease) with the power of this awareness?

Thank you for your question and for your warm welcoming!

Dear soul,
It depends on the “type of soul” and the karmic accounts that soul has. Through soul consciousness you may feel a “crucifix to be a thorn.” Cancer is one of those diseases which are usually emotional in origin. A prolonged experience of soul consciousness definitely will take care of the emotional issues and then healing could start. For a Brahmin soul this may not be that easy for the amount of karmic accounts over our “shoulders,” but for a “newer” soul may work.

Mama had cancer. How is it possible for the #2 soul to “die of cancer”? Wasn’t her soul consciousness enough to overcome it?
As I said before, a Brahmin soul has many karmic accounts which are pulling us until settled. Although the body maybe dying, and there may be pain which I am sure Mama was feeling, soul consciousness will diminish that experience of pain. That could be a real challenge if we are not acquainted with that experience of soul consciousness despite physical illness. Mama had a good stage despite her illness until the end, that was the fruit of her experience of soul consciousness. This challenging experience was an obstacle that she had to overcome, so she could be “kar

A “newer” soul may develop cancer, then through that experience of suffering, their karmic account may be settled and then something like meditation or something which could induce emotions to heal, will make their health better. We may think that meditation made the trick, but before that “trick” there was a small karmic account which needed to be settled.
Underneath every disease, there is a small or large karmic account which will translate into healing or additional suffering until the account is settled.

Best wishes!

Question: Hi,dear brother, My question is that if have any kind of physical pain in our body then is it so that we feel that pain in our subtle body?As it is written in “gita” also that “jeev atma” feels the pain. Please clarify. Thanks

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul, There is a connection between the subtle body and the physical body. In my practice as “massage therapist,” I had the experience on working through energy in someone with very mild touching, and that person felt relief from pain in her physical body. I do not know the “ins and outs” of how that works, but it works…:-)

However, as the Murli has indicated, is the “soul” the one who feels pain and not the body. The body without a soul is life -less.
In physical pain, the soul feels pain and it is manifested in the body.
Emotional pain is also felt by the soul and it is manifested in the subtle body which in turn affects the physical body. Many diseases are manifestation of emotional issues.

Best wishes!

Healing the heart through poetry: Letting go

As the clouds move through a perfect moment with the sun; a timeless instant in the sky,
my love of beauty cannot remain, for it will hurt to let it go.

My perception and feelings must go on, to a place with no name.
The moment needs to finish when the instant vanishes as those relentless hopes which have no place to sink in.
Beauty never stays the same, but only in the heart of the beholder.
Beholding is not the way, as the way is always newness…

It just remains to go away.

I found what I have lost: It is something which only I know, which I have not experienced before.
It is a song with no name. No artist or signature to claim it. It is just a song which plays every time there is beauty to see, to perceive to feel.
As I cannot possess beauty with my hands, as I cannot embrace it with my limbs, I must let it go and learn to just see. Let it be.

Tomorrow will be gone.

The moment could be eternal, even though it is just an instant;
There is no opportunity for deep feelings, there is no time, no opportunity for questions,
it is all just one moment with no guarantees…

Let it go. For it will go.

In the experience of something which is gone there is sadness coming from the soul.
It is heaviness in the heart, for I must understand that beauty needs to go.
As darkness moves into a day full of light, and as the sun moves to meet the horizon,
many colors will be seen, which I can only see when I forget what is to see.

Time has no friends. New birds will appear flying in the sky just as a new wave appears every time the former disappears to be lost in the ocean.

Forever gone, but not so.

Perhaps as I let you go, something will come which otherwise wouldn’t.
Going away is not the end, but just another beginning.
Hope just fills another day with nothing, to be empty handed.

I need to let you go, to let you be free from my mind…. to see that this is not the afternoon that I thought it could have been…
Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be.

There is a maybe, a tomorrow; but that only brings further sorrow.
You need to fly from my mind and meet your destiny, which is not mine.

To hold onto beauty is a mirage, a beautiful mirage in a sunny afternoon;
as clear as the white sands of that ocean which welcomed us in the elation of that summer that could have been.
The mirage will pass but your beauty will remain. Things will change, but that change only makes your beauty…
more beautiful.