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Question: Awareness and Self-Consciousness

“I am afraid that I don’t become self conscious in the name of awareness as I find being self-conscious actually limiting. I think we need to become one with our feeling not separate right ?! Can u please point out a clear difference between the two ( awareness and self consciousness ) ?”

Thank you for your question.
Observe that you have 2 words which are confusing  your mind. You asked me to “point out a clear difference” between those 2 words.
When we are dealing with the world of the mind, we use analysis, we compare two “different” things to find its similarities and differences, then we think we “know.” All of that is what we have been taught in the “office world.” Just to keep the mind with information. In Life, things are not necessarily about using the mind and information.

So, in light of those “office world” teachings; let us take a look at the dictionary:
Self-Conscious: Feeling undue awareness of oneself, one’s appearance, or one’s actions.
Awareness: Knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.

The mind searches for a difference between those 2 words. Ah!! One is about the “I,” oneself; the other word is about perceiving everything with or without the “I.” Great answer!

Now, that you “know,” you may start “practicing” the definition of one word and not the other. That is what most people call “spirituality.”
That practice will take you to an ideal created by your mind through the interpretation of words.
Thus, your practice is about agreeing with your mind. There is no change in consciousness with that. To think that you are “better” because you practice what your mind believes to be “right,” is not “what is,” but merely an idea.

Once we get out of the mind, we see things in a different light.
A word is not to be taken literally,  for it can only be a pointer of something that cannot be exactly described. What matters is your experience of that word, knowing that everyone may have a different experience of that word AND that your experience could change.

When Ahnanda uses the word AWARENESS, it is not the dictionary word. It is what you already KNOW as awareness through your own experience. In my words I could add some bits that you were not AWARE of; but as you experience them, then those will become part of your AWARENESS.

Please do not analyze words. Just recognize them in yourself, if they are familiar with you. Be aware that we use words just to try to describe our experience the best we can, but that is not enough.

You said:”I think we need to become one with our feeling not separate right?!”
Feel “what is.” Forget the ideals. Once you know/aware of “what is,” without beliefs, mental judgments, inhibitions and emotional difficulties…it will change by itself. 🙂

Thus, the important aspect is the dissolution of beliefs, judgments, inhibitions, taboos and emotional difficulties to be open, healthy, innocent again…

Do you know if you are aware?

Many times we could read or hear that “spirituality” is about awakening.
That is not just “spirituality.” That is conscious living. To live Life in consciousness.
Life is far greater than just “spirituality.”

Have you noticed when your consciousness changed from being a toddler into a teenager?
That is because there is no division between toddler and teenager. It is a continuous.
The words “toddler” and “teenager” could be used to explain things intellectually, but observe that by taking those concepts to be literal, we are creating a separation which does not exist.

Let me use the word “karma” now, to explain a belief.
If you are suffering from a disease now, that is the consequence of your past karma. Correct?
Disease = “bad;” therefore, that disease is “punishment,” “settling karma.”
Actually the “big picture,” the “unlimited vision” is not related with seeing Life as a fearful trip where “righteousness” is all what matters. That is just a religious perspective, which is different from what Life shows.

“Karma” is actually continuity. Our perception of “good, bad” is the opportunity for change. Life changes.
A disease now is the opportunity to appreciate health, to be able to be in tune with it.
When we appreciate the disease for giving us the chance to be in tune with health; then we are ready for change. When we reject the disease, we will suffer our experience.

“Why is that necessary?”
Because we weren’t conscious of being healthy.
“Is that bad?”
No. Lack of consciousness will take us into being conscious again. That is the trip, the journey.

We go from one extreme to another. It is in that awareness how appreciation arises.
How could we appreciate day, if we don’t know night?
If we learn to appreciate both; then we understand the continuity, change that will happen. Life is not a traumatic experience anymore (as the ego will see it) but just an experience to be enjoyed, appreciated, play with and let go. That is to be in the “now.”

However, that experience could be surrounded by “man made,” “artificial stuff,” such as beliefs, dogmas, moral standards, traditions… Please remember this: Nature… Life is not bound by Human laws, beliefs or traditions. It is not bound by your belief of a rightful God, for Nature, Life, the Universe, “His” creation… is not bound by those “rightful” laws.

When we are appreciation, then there will not be the experience of duality, choosing or having a preference; for we will know that everything changes at its own time.

What is to be awake then?
To be conscious of the process, the change. We are Life itself, not something separate.
To be conscious that this change will happen whether the “I” want it to happen or not.

When we are change itself, what could the “I” hang onto?
Nothing. Except a belief… and that is why, as we become more awake, deep beliefs will go “naturally” away… That is the change.

Health related suggestions to keep a balanced BK life style.

Here is my “little” list of different things which I have found beneficial in my BK lifestyle. Out of experience. Thought it could be beneficial to share these items.

1) Acknowledge the body. We are souls, but we express and experience through a body. This body is invaluable now, for it will allow us to settle our karmic accounts.

2) Acknowledge your emotions. There is nothing wrong in feeling love for someone or for many. What you feel is… what you feel. Acknowledge it, accept it and refine your feelings in a satopradhan (elevated) way. Transform feelings which are colored by our “pre-BK” lifestyle into something beautiful. Love to God is not in opposition to other types of love. Love to God will teach us the proper way to love others.

3) Spend time in Nature. This is the time to become sensitive and sensible. Let Nature open your heart to beauty. Sounds, colors, smells, sensations are all beneficial to be in balance with the unnatural ways of our “modern society” built upon “cement and isolation.”

4) Embrace the arts. Take up any artistic endeavor that fits your personality. This is a good way to emerge Golden aged sanskaras .

5) If medicine is needed for the body/mind connection, always go with something Natural first. Avoid “secondary effects” and “cure all” pills from your friendly drug store as much as possible. Many times, old “Grandma’s remedies” will work.

6) Take vitamin B12 to supplement your diet. Vegetarian diets are supposed to be complete in itself but given the circumstances of abuse of Mother Earth, what we obtain is not complete with all nutrients. Find for yourself different methods to improve your eating according to our code of conduct.

7) If looking and feeling healthy is appealing then avoid eating starches, white rice and all sorts of white flour.

8) Use different types of oils in your salads and for cooking. Coconut oil is well known for its properties to help our memory. It may be an “old folk tale” and not “scientifically proven” but try it and see.

9) Before going to sleep, slow down and take a brief walk, breathe in and out and relax yourself. Yoga and the quality of your sleeping will feel better, afterwards.

10) Use the sunshine as a natural way to revitalize the self. Early morning hours for a few minutes. Gazing at the sun while moving our head side by side in the early hours is a good way to keep our vision stimulated. The ophthalmologist may say that this is not true. Try it and see.
The water of the Ocean, will revitalize you right away. When you are charged with “negativity” go for a swim.

11) Practice pranayama and hatha yoga on a regular basis. Those 2 types of exercises are all that is needed to keep the body healthy. Use the early morning hours for this.

12) Smile, sing and dance.

13) Cook your own food. Even if a BK is cooking for you.

14) Enjoy life. Even if you think that it is “hell-ish.” Living is experiencing. Change your vision on that and learn a different way. This is the only time you have.

15) Enjoy solitude and silence on a regular basis.

16) Be yourself. Dare not to be “normal.”