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My next goal: “I” want to go to Heaven…


From the last article on Oneness, we can really see interdependence, that everything relies on everything else to co-exist. This is the higher consciousness needed to realize that “we are not alone.” It is the “You” and “Me” deal that separates.
Granted; when Joe Average keeps telling Joanne about all his great accomplishments in life so she feels proud of him; in that consciousness there is a need to understand their language of separation which brings “having” and “possessing” one another as the “normal” thing to do.

We need to understand that we may need to “speak” the language of separation with them; but keeping a state of consciousness far beyond that moment. If Joe Average felt oneness with Joanne, he wouldn’t need to try to impress her. Who is he trying to impress whom?
“Me” wants to impress “You.”

Is there anything wrong with seeing things in the separation of “you” and “me”?
No. It is just a state of consciousness.

It is in that state of consciousness of separation where most religious beliefs have been created.

There is “heaven” which is the ultimate prize. The “six figure job” in the afterlife. 🙂

Of course, “I” want to go there. That becomes my new “motivation in life.”
What are the requisites? That is the “job qualifications.”
You have to be “good.” You have to follow the commandments. You have to love God. If you don’t follow the above, then you will not get there. You will fail. You will not get the job…
You will miss heaven for eternity… 😦 and that is a long time… 🙂

Then, going to heaven becomes an exclusivity for not everyone could make it; it becomes another competition, which truly reflects the ways of our society.
Just another reinforcement for an ego driven personality. Not everyone can go there. But “I” have to go. “I” have to “make effort” to go there.

As we can see, in the above belief there is that reinforcement of “I” as something completely individual and separated from everything else.

Why do you want to “be good” and “do good”? Please ask this seemingly naïve question to yourself.

Because… “I” want to go to heaven. Because “I” want to be an angel. Because “I” don’t want God to punish me. Because “I” don’t want to burn in hell for ever…

What a bunch of ego builder answers!

When we truly see interdependence, that “I” am everything; then “I” cannot go to heaven unless everyone else does, that is when heaven is important for the sake of the world. That is beyond the “I” want, “I” need game.

Humanity is greater than my “petty” self and all its fears.
That is how, heaven is no longer another belief after “I” die.

“Would you like to liberate yourself from the lower realms of life? Would you like to save the world from the degradation and destruction it seems destined for? Then step away from shallow mass movements and quietly go to work on your own self-awareness. If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself…”
Hua Hu Ching Ch 75

If “I” do good. I am not good. I just “look” good.
If I am “good” then thanks to “me” there is someone who is “bad.”
It is when “I” go beyond that duality, beyond good and evil, when “I” die alive “now,” then everything can exist without separation. A different “reality.” Awareness. Consciousness.

“To the ordinary person, the body of humanity seems vast. In truth, it is neither bigger nor smaller than anything else. To the ordinary person, there are others whose awareness needs raising. In truth, there is no self, and no other. To the ordinary person, the temple is sacred and the field is not. This, too, is a dualism which runs counter to the truth. Those who are highly evolved maintain an undiscriminating perception. Seeing everything, labeling nothing, they maintain their awareness of the Great Oneness. Thus they are supported by it.”

Hua Hu Ching Ch 19.

Question: we have brahmakumaris set up in india , it directly means brahmakumaris have most of its follower in india ( very few outside india as less no. centers out of india ) does it do not means mostly hindus have a ticket to heaven ? what abt the people outside who do not even know abt brahmakumaris ? heaven is copyright of mostly indians….

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,

We need to look at your question in an “unlimited way.” 🙂

There is the knowledge of “rebirth.” For instance, some BK was born in South America in this birth to settle some karmic accounts, but most likely that soul have lived in “Bharat” (Not India only) for most of his 80 something births.

The word that you are using “heaven,” sounds very “enticing” dear soul… Let us just call it, “A” for the sake of brevity.
So, you are saying that mostly Indians have an “air conditioned” ticket to “A”? Great. Don’t lose that ticket or exchange it for another…

Let me just say that some people like “B” instead (Silver age)…and others, “C.” (Copper age) However the majority of the souls in this Drama, will go to “D” instead because that is what they “love”, that is what is known as the Iron age… and dear soul, India is that place now for that country have the greatest population in the world… That is known as “hell”.. 🙂 SO, with that type of reasoning we can say that mostly Indians are in hell now… No wonder they deserve heaven.. 🙂

Dear soul, The Drama is made in such a way that those who need to know BK will know. No worries. Let me share a little personal story.

I was born in Peru. There was no Brahma Kumaris there when I lived there, but I was inclined to hang out with the Hare Krishna’s for a free intro to the Bhagavad Gita, even though I was raised catholic and went to a private catholic school. I was searching for truth and God. So I went to different spiritual gatherings … searching…

Once I moved to the USA, Brahma Kumaris appeared in Peru through the works of an Australian soul, his name was Terry (I believe.)
Then, my sister living in Peru, had a subtle experience with Brahma Baba and in a few weeks, she ended up at the BK center in Peru, which recently opened. Then, she told me about her spiritual experience and found out that there was a BK center 8 miles away from my home in the USA. She asked me to go there and take the classes…

That center was the only one in that town and I didn’t have the excuse of living far away… 🙂 Nevertheless, After I finished taking the “7 day course,” I disappeared from the BK world for 7 years as I thought that all of that was “nonsense” because it was completely away from “proven” science.. 🙂

But… here I am.. sharing in this blog…

Best wishes!

A Paradise full of ego


Religions teach about the importance of “self-less love.” Religions teach about being humble.
Religions teach about brotherhood among human beings.

If all of those many teachings are followed, then there is a “reward” for that. That reward is called “Heaven, “ “Paradise.”

Therefore, whatever we do in this life is meant so we can “get” something “good” after this life. Sort of “life insurance.”

That “trap” has been used by many religions to get the followers to do things.
Do now. Get later.

In this way, followers will “do.” Followers will become “this or that,” to make someone else happy with hopes of getting a reward. Paradise.

That has been used as a source of spiritual ego as well. The popular: “ We are the ones who will go there. Come and join us.” “We have the truth.”

I am not debating the existence of that Paradise. I am merely pointing out how that knowledge of something different and “better” in the future, could be used to “manipulate” people now.

That manipulation depends on the understanding of some individuals about that place called “heaven.”

In Gyan, we know that “heaven” is another age in the cycle of time. If we call that “the best age ever,” we are setting up ourselves for suffering, for we will reject the “now” in hopes to reach the “futuristic” heaven. Then, with those eyes and understanding, we will look at the Golden age as another opportunity to display our ego by reaching a “status.”

It is not just enough to get there, but we need to get a “status,” as well for otherwise, we will miss “happiness.”

The paradox is that someone gets there by simple karmic return. It is not by “doing things,” but by being ego-less.

How is it possible then to have an ego driven reward as an incentive “to do good,” when the task is to become egoless?

That is why, it was created the schema to “become a beggar.” That plan was taken literally by many religions in such a way as to make us believe that to be “poor” is great.

That interpretation of Paradise is merely an interpretation according to our traditions and ways of behavior. How is that?

In this society, we value “status,” we value being “the elite,” we value “being special,” we value working hard now to be assured for the future. It is not about enjoying the journey, but simply to use everything as a means to justify the end result.

When we look at spirituality under that perspective, we will distort that reality, we will make spirituality just another assignment that we learn by going to school, just another topic to learn, something to do to get a “better job” in heaven.

It is important to recognize that heaven or paradise are not rewards. They are simply places which karmically we could experience.
When we get caught up with labeling, we will use “paradise” as an enticing label, when it is merely an experience which has a determined time.

Therefore, please do not transform your life so you can go to heaven. You will not do a “good job.” Please do not “make effort” so you can get a “good status.” This is not a “career fair.”

Being ego-less, being virtuous is its own reward, because that “future” happiness can be experienced here and now; that is the way how through the law of karma, we could access through cause and effect, a future that is in line with our current state. In a few words, Be happy now, if you want to be happy later. Reach a level of happiness now, so that happiness can go with you.

In this deeper understanding of knowledge, we could see that being “miserable” now through penances is not the ticket for a “better” future.

The world of comparisons: Another creation of thought


Thinking is considered so important in our lives . We value thought. We call thinkers “intelligent,” we are amazed by their use of words and clarity of “thought,” etc.

That becomes another form of “entertainment.” Our value system as a society is meant to reward the “thinkers.” Nevertheless, those thoughts are at the same time the cause of our own “hell.” In fact, it is not that we “are” in hell, but we are in hell, because we think in a “hellish” way.

All we need to do is to watch our thoughts. This thought came. Then another, then “I” created a love story which cannot happen, then I feel sad, upset, etc. Then, my thought will take me into more pain by remembering that scene over and over… and then we say, “time will cure that pain.” However, what we do not seem to realize is that time is an invention of thought.

Because there has been a “lapse” of a recurrent thought due to a “distance,” then that thought diminishes, it goes away. We call that “time.” In fact, the “cure” is in distance, to have a distance from the object which we perceive as the source of our emotional pain. Time has nothing to do with it, because… it doesn’t exist.

Thought is clever in making comparisons as well. We use words which come with “built in” technology to “compare.”

Greater than, wiser, this versus that, lesser, etc, etc.

All of our lives, we have believed that those comparison are reality. As a matter of fact, our society works under those premises . “The best should win,” “Be number one,” “Don’t settle for less,” “Do your best,” etc, Most of those words are clichés now.

Here is where the interesting thing occurs:
We meet Spirituality.
All of the sudden, the world of “all being equal under the eyes of God,” could become a “big lie,” if we know that John is smarter than Guy. Was God able to make John smarter just for the “fun” of it? 🙂

That world of equality becomes senseless, for the physical world shows everything but that. To be competitive is appreciated. To “beat” everyone else is cool.

Under that “thought” when we understand that “few” will go to Heaven and will be saved, and the rest will not… those words, obviously are full of that “comparative” understanding.

How can you understand it any other way when we know that only “selected” ones will enjoy everlasting life and the rest will perish under the gutter of despair and eternal damnation…? 🙂

Then the “better” syndrome appears. Logical. It cannot be otherwise.

Nevertheless, the “lucky ones” have the understanding through this knowledge (Gyan) that souls are equal but numberwise. That means that I cannot compare John with Guy at anytime for they are different even though “equal.” That is a paradox.

John may be more thoughtful but Guy is a blast. John may have a great job, but Guy has the looks… John has the big house, but Guy has many friends… Numberwise.

Further, through this knowledge we know that “we could be equal under God’s eyes” because we are souls like Him, but just acting parts, roles in a cyclical eternal play called the “Drama” of life.

Nevertheless, due to our “comparative” mind, we will be stuck in the role, the ‘acting’ but we will overlook the actors.

“Look, I am an Emperor, but you are a subject.” Comparison.
“Look, I will be in heaven and you will stay here…. in hell.” Comparison.
There is always a way to compare.

Why do we compare? Because there is ego. That is all.

When we stress that comparison, we are not talking “pure” spirituality out of knowledge, but merely using our “old” language from “before” spiritual knowledge. That is “normal” language.

However, we become clever and then we say: “But God Himself talks to us like that!”

Is there any other way that we could understand at least a little bit of what spirituality is? Probably not. Comparisons we understand, numberwise, we do not. Black or white we understand, paradoxes we do not.

That is why we are stuck playing the “little children role…” Throughout all religions, is the same theme… any “holy scripture” has the same old theme.

Nothing wrong with that. All beneficial according to the Drama!

Point in Depth: Demystifying Heaven and Hell


“Heaven: The most elitist place ever created.” Avyakt7

As we grasp the depth of this knowledge, we can avoid speaking in terms which bring a “black or white” understanding and observe that in between something “black” and something “white” there is a range of color tones that need to be considered as well, for they exist; for those colors are “real.” This is what gyan calls, “numberwise.” In that range, there is variety of perception and experiences.

When we talk about Heaven, Paradise; we necessarily have to talk about “Hell.”
When we say, “This is heaven,” we have automatically “created” what is not Heaven and conveniently assigned to that the nice label of “Hell.” 🙂

We need to recognize that this Drama is about experiencing. There is a range of experiences which need to be experienced according to capacity.

“Happiness” is one of those magical words, which also brings its dual opposite; that is “sorrow.” The interesting aspect to “see” is that happiness can ONLY EXIST where there is sorrow. Why? Because duality works like that. We can only recognize happiness because we know about sorrow, we have experienced sorrow.

A Brahmin soul has the experience of “non-duality,” that is the only difference in experiences between a Brahmin soul and a non-Brahmin soul. That experience of “non duality” is what a Brahmin soul will call “heaven,” nevertheless; that experience of non-duality is never experienced by any other soul in the Drama. Therefore, a Brahmin experience of “paradise or heaven,” is merely a Brahmin experience which, among Brahmins will be a “numberwise” experience as well.
Therefore to say, “I am a BK soul and only BK souls go to heaven” is an oversimplification of looking at Gyan in depth. We are caught up with labels.

Every religion has made the same “mistake,” of assuring their followers the experience of this “unique” heaven. If you look at every religion which believes in “heaven” and “hell” there is a “black or white” understanding, a childish view, an oversimplification of something which only this Gyan has mentioned many times in different Murlis but which is hardly understood: NUMBERWISE.

A soul who comes for the first time in the cycle, in what is known as the “Copper age,” (Please don’t take that name literally as meaning a “third class ticket.” It is not like that,) that will be their “highest experience.” Their “heaven” will be there. Similarly when that same soul experiences his most degraded stage; that experience of “hell” will not be as “terrible” as it is for a Brahmin soul. Please see that those ranges of experiences differ among individuals.
The greatest mistake in understanding Gyan, which is meant to be “UNIVERSAL,” is to have the Brahmin soul experience as the “yardstick” as the measurement guide to “judge” all the other experiences from different souls.

That is why as we “grow up” in this knowledge, we will not be caught up in romantic words, or names which bring a “division” of something being better than something else.

Is the Golden age better than the Iron age? Wrong question. Please take away that “better” word. Even to call “Golden age” to the first experience of the cycle of time is misleading.
It is just the 4 seasons. Some experience all seasons, others do not. However within their own experiences there is the experience of duality, the experience of “happiness and sorrow,” the experience of “heaven and hell.”

We have different experiences, different capacities, different “realities,” but we have been taught to compare (better than, less than,) judge based on one standard know as the “truth” for all, and believe that only two colors exist, “black or white.”

In that dogmatic perception, we will miss the rainbow of possibilities.

Question: Om shanti, Wheather all the spritual gurus of every other religion who bless many lives by teaching Gita, Bible or Kuran etc will come to satyog. please enlighten.

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

According to “traditional” view of Gyan, those souls will not be in “Satyug.” Let me ask you this: Is that bad?? 🙂 Is that good? 🙂

We need to understand that every age in the cycle of time is like the 4 seasons. It is exactly like that. The “negative” thing about traditional Gyan is to call the “Spring time” of the cycle as the “Paradise, Heaven, the age of truth, etc.” All of that are merely romantic names for “Spring.” Then comparisons come:” I will be in Spring but you will not.” ” I am better than you. God loves me more, etc.”

That is sheer “nonsense.” 🙂 Every soul will go where they are fit to go. Wherever these souls land for the first time in the cycle, we need to be certain that this is the best place for those souls to be.

Some do not like “Spring” and rather “Summer.” That is the way the Drama is made. The issue is in our own little games of labels. That name: “heaven” has truly made more disservice in understanding this Gyan than any other word that I am aware of.

Best wishes!

The illusion of time – Or I will be in heaven longer than you :-)

Many times when explaining knowledge we may try to convince others that it is “good” to go to the Golden age, the “true heaven,” and if you go at the beginning of it, then you will get “VIP seating” so you can watch the Golden show while in the company of no one else but Narayan and his beautiful wife, Lakshmi. Then you will enjoy 2500 years of “commercial free” bliss and peace, drinking mango juice, singing and dancing along the river Jamuna in the “unlimited party” for the next 20 births…

Then you wonder why the Drama didn’t create a “theater” big enough to house more than 900,000 souls at the beginning of the Golden age. Why is the Drama so “elitist” and at least provide additional seating for others at a “convenient early-bird fee.” (extra purification through Dharamraj, comes to mind for those willing to watch the show no matter what.)

If you are not a BK or a scientist (Scientist sanskaras as always in demand, even in Paradise) chances to get into the Golden club are null. I mean it is easier to get into the USA through the immigration lottery than what it is to get into the Golden age without being a BK first.

Therefore, how do we rationalize the fact, that John Doe didn’t have in his Drama to understand BK gyan, even though he was considered a good guy, who spent every Sunday watching his kids play baseball at the nearby park. He was a “family guy,” God fearing person, donating his time into “big brothers and big sisters,” but he didn’t get to understand Gyan. He wasn’t ready to accept some foreigner story about a Heaven that didn’t look like what he was taught in the holy Bible, “his religion.”

It wasn’t in his fortune. Sorry. Try harder next time. 🙂

The issue is that there is no “next time.”

What we forget many times is that every soul has a different capacity to experience. The happiness which John Doe will experience in his first couple of births sometime in the middle of the copper age, that will be enough. That is his capacity. Likewise, there is no much sorrow for him. He is a nice guy who likes to watch TV like everyone else, but making sure that his kids become “someone” in life. John works for for his family and he is an advocate for “Green Earth,” and “Save the Koala” among others.

Will John Doe miss the show of watching Narayan in day 1? Not a bit. That is something that John Doe is not “wired” to understand. That is out of his programming “chip.”

Yeah, but John will be sitting around idle in the soul world for a good 3500 years, while a BK soul is “living life in the big city” on Earth…. And partying “like it was 1999…” 🙂

It is not quite like that. There is no perception of time in the soul world. It is the same sensation when we go to bed and sleep. It appears that only a couple of hours have gone by, but we slept 8 hours instead. In the meantime, for a BK soul their part of bliss and peace had changed into “half and half,” so when Joe awakens, he will be full of pep and ready to “conquer the world,” while Mr. BK will be a bit sluggish and fearful after that little destruction episode at the end of the Silver age.

It is all relative. No one gains more than anyone else. It is just different experiences according to capacity.
No one loses anything, no one gains anything; our capacity will be fulfilled both ways, going up and going down. That is the beauty of predestination in the game of duality.

Relax and let it happen. “Get out of the way,” that is get the ego out and things will flow where they need to. It couldn’t be easier than this or more beneficial. It is guaranteed… or your “money back.”