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There is a time for everything. Time to party and time to sleep…


As Brahmin souls, we typically go to bed at 10 PM and wake up at 3:30 AM. Typically. There are exceptions as we know, for it is numberwise.

Let us say that Carlos is a “nice guy.” A “Kali yug” soul who likes to “enjoy life.”
Carlos has a friend. His name is Anil. He is a Brahmin soul.

From Carlos’ perspective, Anil “bhai” is a good person. Very honest. Someone who Carlos can count on for anything he may need, especially; his “wise” advice on things, when Carlos gets in trouble.

Carlos is concerned about his friend Anil, though. For Anil does not have any fun at all. From Carlos’s view, Anil just meditates all day and talks about his invisible friend “Baba” and his knowledge.

Here is a typical dialogue between the 2 friends:
Carlos: “ Anil, there is a nice party tonight. I want you to come with me. It will be lots of fun… I mean…It will be a good opportunity for you to do “service.”…Come on, bud!”
Anil:” Thank you bro. You know that I cannot stay like you do, all night. I can only go with you for a couple of hours, then I need to go back home.”
Carlos: “ A couple of hours???… This is a party and not a funeral viewing…You are going to have fun. You’ll come home straight for your morning meditation. I promise, you will not miss it.!!!” 🙂
Anil: “Thank you, Bro. But maybe some other time. “
Carlos: “ But Anil… You live only once. Have some fun.!! For God’s sake… You are going to miss so much while you are playing the sleeping beauty, “part.” I am going to be dancing, talking, meeting new people and watching the beautiful sun appear in the horizon in the early morning.. then .. I will crash and have a good sleep…

Is Carlos right? Or is Anil right?

Anil will be a “golden age deity,” and be “awake” for most of the cycle. Carlos will not. Carlos will be playing “sleeping beauty” most of the “time” and then wake up towards the end to have “some fun.”
Is Carlos missing something or is Anil missing something in life?

I hear, “But Carlos will be sleeping for 4500 years until a prince kisses him and he will “wake up” then.”
🙂 There is no experience of time for a soul. Besides, Carlos will be “home.” Isn’t this the time to go “home”? Well, Carlos will be there taking a “long” nap and just as when we wake up after a good night sleep and it seems that rather than 5 hours of sleep, we slept for 30 minutes; similarly Carlos will feel the same. He will have all the energy to conquer the world, while a Brahmin soul will be in his “stage of retirement” when Carlos wakes up.

It is a matter of timing and perspective. It is relative.

Anil didn’t miss the party if he truly didn’t feel like going. His sleep was important for him.
Similarly in the Drama. No one loses anything. The perfection of this Drama is that we will go and “wake up” where we need to.

“The Golden and Silver age party” of 2500 years is not appealing for all; but just for Brahmin souls.
Take away the “nice labels” such as Golden age or Paradise or heaven… Call it just “Spring,” you will see that there is no more fights about who “truly goes to heaven.”

However, for Anil bhai; this is the time to “accumulate.”

Question: Om shanti! i couldn’t understand few lines stated as-those who don’t go to golden age still experience their golden age.kindly answer.thank you.

Thank you for your question!
Your question is in reference to the article shared yesterday about:
“Understanding the Drama in a devotion-less way”
I would like to ask you to read this article:

Those are the comments from one of my dearest Sakar Murlis, the one from April 20th, 2012. Once you read it, you will understand what i mean.

Nevertheless, let me fully explain my answer:
The issue is that in Sakar Murlis the Golden age is equated with Paradise, Heaven.
Many times those words, “Golden age” and “heaven” are interchanged.
In my view, that is not completely accurate.

We cannot say that “Everyone is in hell right now,” without finding “heaven” for everyone as well. This is “pure” gyan.
Baba has mentioned about the “50%-50%” deal. There is day and night- 50-50.

if someone experiences hell, that one must experience heaven as well.

The issue is that the “Golden age” is BK Heaven only. For a “new” soul having his first birth at this time, this is heaven.
But, it is not so for a BK soul. That is easy to understand once we go deeper into the concept of being “numberwise.”

That is why, the “churning” of older Sakar Murlis were updated as time went by and we ended up with a Murli, such as the one of April 20th 2012, when the concepts are being explained in a different perspective.

In short. Everyone will experience their own hell and their own heaven. Those words (heaven and hell) are not places, but rather experiences.

The Golden age, is Heaven and Paradise for a BK soul only; but every soul will experience their own “Golden age” although not in the “Golden age.” 🙂

If you would like further explanations, please feel free to write.

Best wishes!

Topics in Depth:Because everyone experiences hell. Everyone experiences heaven.

4. Because everyone experiences hell. Everyone experiences heaven.
Only BKs get liberation and liberation in life

This point expresses duality. It is a very important point.
Heaven and Hell are experiences not places. In the Golden age there is no knowledge of heaven or hell. From the “iron age” perspective if you are a BK, that is heaven. From the perspective of a new soul, “this” is heaven.
Other points coming from this seemingly inoffensive deep point are as follows:
1) Your length of time of experiencing heaven is equal to your length of time experiencing hell.
2) From a BK perspective 2500 years of heaven is matched by 2500 years of hell (suffering) That intensity is gradual like when day light transforms into night time and that experience differs from soul to soul.
3)The longer time you act in the physical world, the shortest your stay will be at “home.” (soul world.)
4) The greatest the capacity of a soul is to stand happiness, likewise that same capacity will be great to stand suffering.
5) Everyone gets a karmic account according to capacity. If you performed a karmic activity, you have the capacity to stand the consequences.
6) The highest pure being also becomes the most impure of all. A deity has the potential and the capacity to be a devil.
7) No one is better off than no one else. Just different experiences. Those experiences have a high and consequently a low which is equal in intensity but in the opposite direction.
8) God exists only because Ravan exists. God is the solution but also the problem. 🙂 there is no solution without a problem, nor problem without a solution.

We are the only ones in Heaven…

Gyan is universal. It explains that in the cycle of time different individuals will come down at different times. There is no "best time" for whenever an individual comes down that is the "best time" for that individual.
This explains the concept of numberwise. The capacity of the soul differs. A soul with greater capacity will experience duality with greater intensity. The first half of the cycle is about soul consciousness, out of duality; however, entropy still plays a role.
In other words, the quality of the experience of soul consciousness will diminish as well. That is why Baba calls the "silver age" semi-heaven in certain Murlis or the place of "failure" for the BK warriors who weren’t able to "make it" into the Golden age.

Those statements are meant to give us an incentive to "improve, " to be better so we can get a "better status" as if the idea of the whole cycle was to get the highest status at the beginning of the Golden age. Paradoxically, because the Drama is numberwise, not everyone will be able to experience the same. This is a matter of fact in gyan.

The issue with BK gyan as it is now has some implications. The understanding of "numberwise" is not really implemented, for otherwise, terms as "Heaven" wouldn’t be spoken about so loosely. Not every soul will be there and those who will be there will experience that heaven at different times, therefore; not with the same intensity as others. But, that shouldn’t matter because every soul has different capacity. When we throw into it the concept of predestination, we know that it is just a matter of "fortune, " a matter of capacity for those who will experience the first years of the "golden age." The problem is to call it :"Golden age." To use such a label as to create division in something which is numberwise. Please see this.
Every soul, every single one of them will experience their own "golden age, " their own "hell" and their own "purgatory as well."
This is gyan, pure gyan without the bhakti spices.

Once we see that we have winter, then spring, then summer and then fall, we will see that the same is with the cycle of time. If we want to call spring "heaven," and those who do not like spring to be "hellish," that is a problem. Numberwise means that there will be souls who will like winter time and … there is nothing wrong with that. It is the way the Drama has been created.

Nowadays, in the depth of hell, there are souls who believe this to be "heaven." This comes from the Murli. Their intellects have been "programmed" in their roles to think that way. Nothing wrong with that. It is the way it is…