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Question: How do I know what is best for ME?

I really enjoy reading your articles. I want you to shed more light upon being open to life. I have grown a lot in the last few years but I still feel that I get stuck in situations and that one thing which I find hard to get out of. If I am in a situation, and I am confused, thinking takes over and it’s hard to get out of it. It’s hard for me to take a decision. But I also don’t want to give up on this whole process of taking any decision and just live with what is. Then I say, but I want this ! As a result, I don’t find myself living fully and I find myself caught in this mental web. This in turn impacts my life, my energy. How to come out of this and gain more clarity, focus and know what I really want and live my life accordingly ? How do I see and know what is best ?! Is it that what I have is best for me or should I go according to my desires and wishes?
Thanks a lot for this blog !

Thank you for your question.
Notice the entanglement of the “I.”
I am stuck. I want this. I want to make sure, it is “right” for ME. I want to make a decision. I want you to explain to me

As long as that knot of “I-ness” is within you, there is no chance to see the knot. How do you see it? By keeping a distance…

Because you like this blog, today I will share with you, one of the valuable “secrets” of the masters…
Here it goes: “You can get what you want in Life, by changing course…. If the path you walk always lead to yourself, you’ll never get anywhere.” (Kung Fu Panda – “Secrets of the Masters” 2011 movie.)

That was the concise answer to your question.

Now let me add the “fluff” for there may be an expectation to write more stuff.
There is no formula to get rich, famous and beautiful. This is Life; not the “office world” mentality of getting what “I want in Life.” For that, we have other “secrets” that people are willing to buy; but even though they applied those “secrets” to their own lives, they are still looking for something more permanent to “achieve.” That is how all the religious stuff became fashionable (eternal achievement) and to make it more palatable for the masses, it was renamed as “spirituality,” but it may be another business venture indeed.
It is important to grow up from that mentality.

Life is not there to protect your  personal “interest.” Life has its own course for every individual. It is magically threaded in a web of occurrences (serendipity is the label in fashion) for our idea of individuality is only one part of what is.
We are individuals but we are not. The mind cannot understand that to make a sound “decision.”

There are many ways to “make decisions” in Life. Thinking is just one of them. It may use reasoning, logic, previous experiences. It touches the most superficial layer. Wishes, desires are other options. Throwing dices is another, and I may add, as effective as any of the former. I like my gut feeling.

It works something like this: I go to a restaurant and I feel that the mushrooms are not ok to eat. I just leave them. My friend asks: WHY don’t you eat your mushrooms? I answer: Because  a little bird told me not to do it.  Then, I go to the market and see organic, all natural, 100% “pure” apple juice. The bottles are made of glass so I can see the contents. The color of apple juice differs from a clear one to a darker one. Which one is good for ME? I get the bottles close to my gut and feel for a response. There is no voice speaking to me. I have to feel my gut.
Sometimes apple juice is sweet, others not a sweet, few times it is almost like apple cider. If I thought that apple juice has to be sweet to be good for ME, that is pure conditioning.
Heck, I may take a glass of the apple cider thing before I return it. Who knows, that was “good” for ME?

And here it comes another “Secret of the Masters.”

By helping ME (going out of your circular path)  you help YOURSELF.

So, is there such a thing as “helping others”? That is only “ego support 101.”
But… if you think that this is a formula to be “successful in Life,” and apply it to be rich, famous and beautiful… I assure you that there is no better way to get to hell, faster and risk-free,  guaranteed…. 🙂

That is enough writing before misunderstanding appears.

Outdated teachings

Because you can only give who you ARE, unless you ARE love, there is no love to give.

We are taught to believe that we can give love without BEING it, as when we can give money to someone when we “get it.”
We cannot “get” love  to give, unless we ARE.
Any “effort” on BEING loving is self-deception.

We are taught to be desire-less to be happy. However, what is the anxious need to go to “Paradise,” to reach illumination, to please God, to become “soul” conscious”? Those things are desires just like any other “mundane” desire.

We are taught to “help others in a self-less” way; Nevertheless, we cannot BE self-less by separating “I” from the “others.” As a matter of fact, to “help others” is just a catchy phrase. By helping others, we only help ourselves. Do we get this riddle? We are not separated.

We are taught to take Life seriously, whether in the mundane business world or in the Godly world: Time is money- Become someone, save yourself from hell; hurry up! This is your only chance, if you miss this chance you will be doomed forever…
We cannot enjoy life when there is pressure to attain something, when our process is not being respected. Then we are willing to “sacrifice” our lives now for the promise to “enjoy” something in the future. That is a wonderful “method” but nothing else.
That promise of a “better” future is empty, as the “I” as it is now, cannot be the “I” in the future.
Our desire for a “better future” will only make us reject the “now.”
Once we realize the depth of all of those beliefs in our minds; then we are ready to put aside all of those teachings, to unlearn all of those things which keep the “rat-race” going in our minds as well as the division, of the mundane and the divine. 

We could be aware of our own fear to continue in Life without those “training wheels,” those half-truths which we believed to be the “holy truth.” Ego needs the security of being part of a “selected” group, the mainstream, the Godly family, the familiar faces…

The above realization is the first step of our catharsis as seekers.
Before that, being a seeker is just another fashion, another way for the ego to believe in himself as “virtuous,” another way to socialize and to show how many spiritual books we can read and how many authors we could quote. That is a source for fattening our needy ego, for we could obtain the label of “knowledgeable” among our peers.

A catharsis then, is a process of unlearning and with that, a process of unleashing our repressed behaviors.

We could understand that some beliefs are just equal to the belief in Santa Claus, a technique meant to teach a self-centered person, the “joy” of giving a gift to another… but the belief in Santa Claus will be deep down in our unconscious no matter how much we could reason and understand in the surface of the conscious mind. Its depth  in the unconscious is proportional to the amount of time we have spent drilling down such beliefs in our conscious mind.

For that reason, we shall deal with emotions, the “programming” of our unconscious.

Many individuals who have not experienced the process of a catharsis are caught up in blaming a society, a religion, a practice… unable to see that every experience is invaluable in our development.
What is important is to know when those “tools” need to be discarded, so we could embrace something new.

For instance, ego is a “tool.” It is not a “bad” thing, a vice. It is a mechanism of “self-defense,” something that will allow a person to survive in this society. However, it comes to a point, when that grown up ego, is an obstacle to flourish by connecting with others… then ego must go away through a process of catharsis.

The “programming” is erased. Some religions pretend to have “the method” to erase the emotions stored deep in our unconscious. However, everyone is not the same. A “method” may work for some but no others. Life will bring the right conditions at the right time. Different Life experiences are tailored to our particular needs. We are not alone.

Through that catharsis, you are empty and open for newness. It is in that emptiness how Love IS.
Before that catharsis, love may be pretty talk, romantic “get aways,” and fairy tales.

“I” want to help others

help each other out

“Helping others” is not at simple as we may imagine.
There are no “others” when we are aware of our interdependence.

When we perceive that the world is a mirror of that “me,” which will show me “who I am” without any need of using fancy definitions or beliefs, then perhaps the realization that “helping myself” as the first step in “helping others” will be evident.

“Helping myself” could be easily misunderstood. It is not about “building the self” but it is related with dissolving it. That means, to empty the mind. Flowing in life, means to connect with life. That connection is non analytical. There are no “pros” or “cons” to be weighed for action.

Someone may say that “he likes to take action” and “do something about an issue to help resolve it.”

Without “helping ourselves first” all we will “do” is what “we think is right.” Our beliefs will be displayed, hidden under the “holy keywords” known by all: “This is the truth; “ “This is what is right,” “This is justice,” etc.

For example: If we perceive the world as being ugly, bad, and rotten, it needs to be changed; etc. that perception is merely speaking about us. The “mirror” is working at that time.

If we look deeply inside ourselves, we may find a rejection inside us which is prompting for “action.” That rejection, is the intention behind our willingness to change something into what we perceive as “good.”
There cannot be any “good” done when our perception and intention are coming from rejection of that which we “want to change.”

Acceptance of things as “they are” is the first step, and that step goes along with a change in our perception. That is to “help yourself.”
That change is not intellectual, it is not something to make myself believe.

Our attitude may need to embrace openness, acceptance. Judgments need to go away.
We cannot “help others” when we are being separated “from them” through an idea in our minds.
A Christian cannot help a Buddhist. A German cannot help a British. If they “help,” they only build their ego-mind.

Someone who builds many temples to “help others” is residing in the egotistical mind.
Because he is separating himself from the “others.”

We need to be “them” so that change is not coming from an egotistical mind.
Paradoxically, by being them, there is no “helping others.”

Otherwise, we will “act” by emotional reaction. So “we feel good” about ourselves.
Nothing wrong with that; however, that cannot be called “helping others.”

Life is a journey. This life is a chapter of that journey. The journey continues on. Every journey is its own destination.

Arthur is a good friend of Ananda. Arthur is very sick due to eating without awareness, by not listening to his body.
Arthur told Ananda that he felt miserable because he wasn’t able to eat for the last 3 days. Arthur didn’t ask for help. He is a very proud individual.

Ananda felt Arthur’s sorrow and asked his friend Mathias, the wise tree; for a medicine for Arthur.
Ananda wanted to help Arthur….
Isn’t he a nice guy? 🙂

Mathias the wise tree responded:
“If you help him, how is Arthur going to learn? Arthur has his own journey and this disease is part of that.
Observe how Arthur’s situation is affecting you.
In life, situations will happen as triggers which will only teach the “life walker” to see his own reactions. Keep your joy and send him generous wishes.”

Ananda understood the words of Mathias, but he had a question.
“Mathias, how do I know when it is time to help and when it is not?”

Mathias responded:
“Observe your intention and rely in your intuition, but also know that unless someone asks for help, you may be interfering with his life.
Everyone has his own journey and his own timing.”

Note that “learning in life” as Arthur will do, could be viewed under another consciousness as having “bad karma.”
It will go something like this: “You are being punished by having that disease due to your bad actions. God is punishing you. You need to settle your karma and create good karma.”
That long sentence only brings fear to experience life, it infuses guilt and changes the perception of life into a dangerous game.

Life itself is the teacher for the individual who is aware.

A fruit in a tree is not ripe all the time. That fruit has a journey, a timing in which that fruit will change. The art of recognizing that change and the most appropriate time for that fruit to be eaten has no “rule of thumb” to follow. Every fruit has a different timing, we just need to observe, experience and respect that timing.

To “help others” is not a matter of “doing things” for the sake of changing someone or a circumstance according to what we “think” is right. That is just another egotistical action.

Timing is important, and to learn to wait for the “fruit to be mature enough” could be the greatest act of respect for another being’s development in life.

Helping “others.”


“To help,” without thinking about it but just as a natural feeling to reach out to everything and everyone is conductive to the common good. “To help” as a duty, to follow some religious practice or to do it with the intention of feeling “good,” is another ego booster.

Knowing “spiritual things” could be a source of ego, especially when the aim is to give free advice to someone. There is the expectation that these “words of wisdom” must be followed.
To talk is very easy, but not so to listen. To give advice to others about what they should do, is truly easy…and rewarding to our own ego.

Ananda was sharing with Mathias, the wise tree; about a problem that his younger friend, Carl was experiencing.

Ananda: Carl believes that some people are out there to hurt him. He is afraid of a particular group; but I see no reason for his worries.
I know that nowadays many people experience issues with their minds. Many are medicated because of that.
I told Carl what he needs to do, but he doesn’t listen.

Mathias: That expectation of him to listen to you is hurting your own ego, my friend.

Ananda: Yes, but what can I do to help him?
Mathias: If that episode was happening inside you, what would you do?
Ananda: I think that thanks to this “spiritual knowledge” that I have, I could manage this problem.

Mathias: How? If your mind leaves you and you only see people trying to attack you.. How would you manage that?

Ananda: I would look for help if I had this realization of feeling continually attacked.

Mathias: If your mind leaves you and your mind makes you see things that do not exist, what type of help would you look for?

Ananda: Then, I couldn’t do anything but to suffer…

Mathias: You will only suffer? Mathias feels that you are not being completely honest…

Ananda: Well, what else? I have Mathias or Raysha. I have confidence in both of you… and I could look for you.

Mathias: Ok. That means that it is important for someone who is in that state to feel that he has someone to go to…

Ananda: That is right…
Mathias: That is the first point. Second point: Professional support. In this way, Mathias answers your question: When something is happening to someone and that person comes to you, then only ask yourself; What would I do if that was happening to me?

For everything that happens around us, is happening inside us as well. When you are honest with yourself you are helping that which is happening around you, even though you cannot see it. We are all interconnected, my friend… There is no part which does not have a connection with the totality.

Ananda: I see. When I feel that it happens to me then my action will help the other as well. Then the task is to be that person that Carl feels that he can confide.

Mathias:… with honesty.

Feeling is always before talking. Any “spiritual wisdom” could be meaningless to another if we have not felt the need of another. That necessary empathy is mentioned in the saying: “Wearing someone else’s shoes.”

Wisdom is not just to give… but to give what is needed, according to time.

Help is only help at the right time


Mathias, the wise tree; had some healing powers. By using the wisdom of Nature, Mathias could help heal human beings from different diseases.

One day, Raysha; one of Mathias’ friend; brought a doctor close to Mathias.

The medical doctor was very sick. Raysha thought that Mathias could help him heal.

Mathias asked for the doctor to touch the Earth and to extend his right hand, up towards the sky.

Mathias “scanned” the doctor and without a doubt told him what he had to do.

Mathias said: “Doctor, place your back on Mathias’ trunk.”

The doctor placed his back in the trunk of the tree. The doctor felt some sort of energy coming to him. It was an overwhelming healing energy which left the doctor immersed into it.

The doctor rested for a few minutes and he felt well. He felt that his health was coming back to him!

The doctor left Mathias’ park with gratitude.

Raysha couldn’t wait to speak about this “miracle” to his friend, Ananda.
Raysha said: “ Mathias healed the doctor. That doctor has been sick for sometime and no one was able to cure him. Now, he is well.”

Ananda responded:” Really? I have a friend as well who is sick. She is a spiritual woman, and so far no one has been able to do anything for her…. I will bring her to Mathias.”

Raysha: “Who is that friend?”
Ananda: “Her name is Paula.”

The following day, Ananda brought her friend to Mathias. Ananda was hoping for her to be cured right there.

Ananda spoke to Mathias: “Mathias, here is Paula. She is a spiritual person and right now she is very sick. Can your help her?”

Mathias, welcomed Paula and asked her to touch the ground, the Earth with one hand and to raise the other hand with her palm towards the sky.

Mathias then spoke: “ Paula, when Winter time approaches, you could send healing thoughts to Nature and use the feelings of your heart to heal Nature with your vibrations.”

Paula was confused. She asked: “ When am I going to get well?”

Mathias answered: “Paula, you will. Now, Mathias has to go.” Then, Mathias stopped speaking.

Ananda was wondering what was going on? Mathias did not heal Paula. Ananda thought all sorts of things and felt ashamed in front of Paula…. 😦

A few days later, Ananda went back to the park to speak with Mathias. Ananda had a demanding vibe in him.

Ananda: ” Mathias, why you didn’t help my friend Paula? She was sick. Raysha told me that you cured the old doctor the other day, but when it is about my friends, you don’t do a thing… I thought we were friends…”

Mathias allowed Ananda time to expel his frustration and calmly said:
Mathias:” Friend, help can only be given when a person is ready and desires to be helped. The doctor got his disease by helping others to get well. Paula got hers by her own doing. The doctor learned through this disease to feel greater empathy for humanity. His lesson came to an end.
Paula is not ready yet.”

Ananda: “What do you mean that she is not ready yet? She wants to be cured!”
Mathias: “ Friend, through that disease Paula needs to learn about herself. If she is cured right now; she will get sick again, because she is causing that disease through her own doing. She needs to realize what is that. Also, she is not totally ready. Paula says that she wants to be cured but she is not willing to let go of her old habits. “
Ananda: ” So, why instead of saying that, you ask her to send good vibrations to Nature; isn’t that a joke ?”

Mathias: ” Friend, when you help others, when you help the Earth; you are helping yourself. Don’t you know that? Once her mind and heart are tuned into a different direction; then healing will happen.”

Ananda: ” But why don’t you tell her that?”
Mathias: ” Because it is not the time for her to know that. She needs to experience. Life will bring certain experiences for her and then she will understand what Mathias told her. To help is not always to take the burden out of someone, but to allow that person to realize though her own experiences the significance of carrying a burden so she can decide for herself the right time to get rid of it.”

Ananda: “In Spiritually we call that ”settling karmic accounts.” Paula hasn’t settled her yet; right?”

Mathias: ” If you wish to call her own learning experience as “karma,” then be it. That lesson will be invaluable in her spiritual life. Mathias has utter respect for her own process. Friend, Do you understand now?”

Ananda:” yes… but how do I know if my help is really helping another accurately?”
Mathias: “When you stop thinking about it to let empathy arise.”

The Common good

Multiracial Hands Making a Circle

“…When you perceive that an act done to another is done to yourself, you have understood the great truth. “
Hua Hu Ching CH 42

Oneness is important to be felt in order to be part of the common benefit, the common good.

Otherwise, it does not matter what “I” do; the aim will be just to increase support of my own ego.

How can “I” believe that “I” am helping others, when “I” understand that “I” am helping myself by helping others?

It is the same thing. Help yourself through self-realization and then, helping others will be an automatic conclusion. That help will be of quality.

However, that is not the way we understand things.
That “I” full with ego wants to help another, and we do not even perceive or recognize that ego!

Then, “I” feel good because “I” helped a “needy” individual. Someone was lacking something in my view, and “I” facilitated that something. “I” must be accumulating “good deeds” in my heavenly account for my afterlife!

That is called a transaction. “I” do because “I” get.

Mathias the wise tree was speaking with his friend Ananda.

Ananda: “ I have a friend who is very sad because his mother is dying. His belief is that once his mother dies; she will go and meet his father in the afterlife. Even though my friend has this strong belief, he is sad.

I feel that there is nothing that I can do to “help.” “I” thought that “I” could give my friend an explanation on how his mother will take rebirth and how his father is probably in another life… but then “I” thought that this is another belief, but then, I thought that by knowing this, he could feel better.”

Mathias: “ Who will feel better, you or your friend? Your friend has his beliefs already. But you will feel better about your own beliefs; because you think that you know better. That is called being egotistical.”

Ananda:” That is right, Mathias. But I feel helpless by seeing his suffering.”

Mathias: “ Give affection. Not only words. A friendly gesture. Goodness from your deep feelings….”

There is no possibility of seeing oneness, a world family when we are still dividing and analyzing things.
“I am a Jewish.” “I am a Muslim.” “I am a Christian.”

Please see how our own mental divisions at any level creates the situation of “helping” another. We tend to consider ourselves as someone who is above; the teacher teaching students, the blessed helping the doomed. It amounts to Duality.

There is equality in friendship, and we do not help a friend when a friend is in need. It comes as a “must do” with respect, an open hand willing to be there, without looking for a reward or recognition.

When we abandon those egotistical ways, that is the “I” in need of recognition from humans and even from God, then we could see that there is no “other.”

Any label used to separate is fictitious when there is interbeingness, when the reality that “my life” depends on everything else is finally perceived.

Reader comment about the blog

“Brother, thanking you immensely for everything. I would like to share my experience to express my gratitude. An example of what you are stating about knowing your truth, embracing change and experiencing it. Not being a writer it’s a bit hard to express and also being a very private person who has never shared such things it has taken a lot of courage but somehow felt now is the right time to share this with you especially with the changes that you have made with the blog I felt that you too took a courageous step and not that you need any encouragement but this is a token of appreciation of how you are benefiting this soul. What I am experiencing would certainly not be unique and must be many others experience as well. Your explanations have had a profound impact for which I am ever grateful.

Coming from a Science/inquiring background and seeing the path of my life and how chance encounters, people and messages were leading me, I had been documenting the same without much thought. It’s only now when I re-read it I realize I have always had an innate need to know ‘Who I am’ and how Choice and Chance create Destiny from a very early age. I did feel different and a misfit but did not know why and it had never bothered me. I had had some realizations but somehow got lost in between. I had succumbed to your blog earlier as well but somehow since I did not understand the BK language, I did not attempt to explore any further.

I had always wanted to study ancient scriptures at a university but never got around it but that’s how I found out about the BKWSU but never pursued it. I have never been a devotional religious person but having lived in a country where religion is deep rooted and certain rituals being followed in every family (mine included) I have never disrespected others beliefs and participated in them but had too many questions which were disturbing me and have never been a true follower. A few months back, challenging circumstances and some questions led me to visit the BKWSU website and write a mail; a BK soul emailed me the correspondence course in Raj Yoga Meditation and some doubts led me to discover your blog again.

Simultaneously, the same question of Choice and Chance led me to attend a BK event in my city, which I knew would not be able to answer my question; however, that very same day someone else had asked a similar question on your blog. So it led me to explore your explanations in depth along with following certain practices which had been evolving gradually over the past few years. What I felt getting to know what you describe as pure gyan is indescribable, for the first time in my life I felt I could understand myself better. Obviously, I am too new and taking baby steps, even after ‘getting it’ intellectually, I still had my doubts; however, they are being resolved. I am a contented, hopeful work in progress.

You have an instrumental role in it and I am ever so grateful for that. Strangely, even just thinking of something you seem to answer it for someone else or write about it. If I shall write down the instances, it may come as a surprise to you or maybe not. The first initial times it was way unreal for me. Just as an example, I shall write a few instances. I had come across the ‘Dr Quantum’ video on YouTube however; I could not comprehend what exactly was meant by the observer that they had shown – i.e. what was making the particle behave like matter and was sincerely contemplating on it, the very next day you wrote about it and my doubts were clarified. My aunt visited and was talking nonstop about Akshavatra Geeta and asked my brother to get a Hindi version for her and an English version for me to read. The English version was not available that didn’t matter much to me but I had the assurance that I would read it if and when I am meant to. A day later you posted a readers link to the same, to be honest not that I understood the whole thing but got the gist that you explained. Too many occurrences and changes I have been observing happening in my life for a while and since yesterday, I have been contemplating about intuition and you wrote about it. I would probably not be able to grasp these ideas had it not been for your crisp explanation. So have no ways to thank you and all the higher energies and influences enabling you to do the service that you are doing.

Another instance that I would like to share, coming back to the pure gyan and the 5000 year question. Since, the gyan and the blog were truly helping me in a manner for which I shall always be grateful. I never questioned the ‘5000 year’ time frame but sincerely asked for a concrete sign for me to know that it is the truth for me and I wasn’t going crazy (I am being honest).

What happened is an AHA moment for me. I happened to watch the video on your blog which talks about planetary alignments and the details of the Pyramids in Egypt, found it super interesting as I love astronomy, ancient architecture; however it confused me as well. I immediately asked a question pertaining that to you. After writing it down, I went to check on my brother, who had met with an accident and was resting at home. He was watching a movie; I normally do not watch movies during the day more so, mid way. Since, he was watching a movie with one of my favorite actors ‘Angelina Jolie’, and the movie was also about talking about some planetary movements I decided to sit for a bit. Within a few minutes of it, a scene came where Angeline Jolie mentions to the protagonist that he must give her a missing triangle piece so that she could solve the puzzle, else they would have to wait for 5000 years for the same planetary alignment and things to repeat. For me, that was my sign of the truth. The movie I am talking about is Tomb Raiders, it released in early 2000’s, is pure fiction, they could have said any number of years. However, I end up watching it in April 2013 and immediately after having asked the question.

Moreover, I would not have understood what she was talking about had I not watched the video on Pyramids which you had linked.
So this entire write up is just to thank you ever so much for being one of the agents of profound change in my life. Wishing you the best today and always!

Also a request, like I mentioned the pure gyan has truly helped me however being new to reading about such concepts and applying them in my life, find it hard to understand ‘Avyakt Murlis’ as is, I enjoy your explanations to the ‘Avyakt Murlis’ as that’s what this soul currently understands. I believe a new season of Avyakt Murlis would begin. If it is possible would you please do the churnings for those ‘Avyakt Murlis’ maybe as a separate blog? I understand the change in direction that the blog has taken and truly respect your decision and whatever you may take.

Also, if you would feel appropriate to share what is the story behind choosing the name ‘Avyakt7’. Many thanks.”

Avyakt7 responds:

Dear reader,
I am very grateful to you as it is good to hear such feedback once in a while.. 🙂
I thank you for letting me post your personal note.

As we can see there is a “plan,” in life. Some may call it, “Godly plan,” others “Divine plan,” yet others, “Drama,” “Tao,” or simply life. Choose the name you like, but please do not become trapped in it. Otherwise that will become another concept to defend and to make divisions among human beings.

I had a similar beginning than you. Many things started to “synchronize,” as far as getting answers to questions. For me the truth was everything.

Just like yourself, the knowledge that I learned through the Brahma Kumaris was understood by me in a way that it is not typical.

The real practical aspect of this knowledge nevertheless, is appreciated when we recognize the importance of “NOW.” When we come to appreciate life as it is and people for what they are. When we behave and deeply understand that things are as they have to be…and all is “good.” This understanding will bring the need to change “NOW.”
If I am not happy… the time to be happy is “NOW,” not tomorrow in the Golden age, but “NOW.”

Interestingly enough this is the teaching of philosophies and religions where God is not considered as a “pivotal” view such as Buddhism, Zen and Taoism. All of them go into the “NOW,” and offer different tools to help us change our current state of consciousness. Because self transformation is not about worshiping the messenger, but to understand the message of the need of time… and Be it! (Not do it 🙂 ) that is how we can see that every religious path, has something to teach us and our own spiritual path will move us into something else when the teaching has been learned. Nothing is static. Everything moves like a leaf moving on top of the river of destiny, and everyone has different timing to grow.

We just need to respect that.

The role of avyakt7 is about the common good. Avyakt7 is not interested in defending a religion or a philosophy, neither interested in debating about ideas or opinions anymore. Avyakt7 is interested in the common benefit, the common good. That is all.

The name avyakt7 came to me early in my path when I started with the Brahma Kumaris. I cannot tell you what it means, other than it felt “alright” to use it as a “pen” name in the internet.

As you requested, this role may comment on avyakt murlis of the season as part of sharing spiritual knowledge to all, but this role will not be caught up in a “box” of “duties,” for the goal is for you, dear reader; to be able to understand spiritual teachings out of your own experience. Please do not become dependent on anything, even on this blog.

Finally, all of this is happening with a purpose which is beyond my thoughts. Divine help has been there in my spiritual upbringing. I am very thankful of that; but at the same time there is the sense of responsibility towards myself which means, the world… the common good.

Avyakt7 will not forget that; and readers like you only remind me of that.

Best wishes!