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Non-Gyani words to be mindful of


One of the recent realizations is related with the power of language.
Words are like money. By itself, they have no value; however when used in a context which is “invented” by us, all of the sudden paper and words gain some power.

Words can literally give the experience of “crucifixion” to someone. Many times what we say and how we say it, will affect susceptibilities and through the law of karma; the “boomerang” will come back to us to hunt us down.

It is very important to realize that “words” are out there, but my interpretation of those words is what makes the difference. That is “I can take sorrow.” It is a “choice” when it is about decoding words.

Yesterday, I observed a scene. Two girls wanted to cross the road. They were very impatient, so they started to cross it, as a car passed by and used the horn to let them know “something.”
Perhaps that they were too close to cars in a dangerous situation, or perhaps just to “make fun of them” and scare them. The girls responded by “showing the finger,” and they were perfectly happy with this, as if they were able to “get even” with the driver of the car. Now, for some readers who may not be into “western mannerisms,” “showing the finger” is an insult; however, it is only an insult because that is the way we accept that. We have decoded that as being “bad,” very insulting, when by itself it means nothing at all.

The same is with some of the language that we use to explain Gyan. Here are the examples:

1) It is better to go to the Golden age than to live in Hell- The Iron Age.
2) It is good to know God as “we” know Him, for we have the truth. The way someone else perceives God to be, is wrong.
3) We like you as long as you “belong to us,” for our only relationship with a human being is for “service” only. We are a “service” oriented family.
4) If you compare BK A with BK B, BK A has “angelic behavior,” which BK B does not. Therefore, BK A will get a better “status.”
5) God has favoritism towards some souls, because He has more love for some than others.

As we can see, anytime that there is any sort of comparison through words like “better than,” “higher than,” “belonging to,” “having the truth,” “better status,” and “preferring this ,” we could see that a division unavoidably will be made. That division is just a language made division, but it is “decoded,” as ego, pride, dogma, hierarchy, elitism, etc. In other words, everything else but spirituality.

Now, if we convey Gyan using those words, the obvious result is that rather than showing an understanding of how everything works, then it will come across as a “self praise,” for this philosophy is made just to let everyone know that as long as you are one of us, then you are OK and you will be “saved,” in the future and then you will “enjoy” a happy life. That is the same line that every religion has for their followers, but in BK Gyan we know that it is for 21 births rather than “eternity.” 🙂

If we look at Gyan without those comparative, hierarchical and divisionist words, we will see an unusual beauty of justice, of balance and harmony where every human being fits exactly where they need to be.

“Numberwise” does not mean that someone has more “purity” than others; it just means different roles according to capacity. Would you expected Narayan to be a “better” sweeper of the floor than servant XYZ in day 1 year 1? Is being a King “better” than being a “sweeper” in the Golden age? Then how is it possible for everyone to be happy there? Wouldn’t “servant XYZ “want to become “better”? 🙂

“Becoming better” is just another Ego trip. Being aware, on the other hand, is a conscious decision to be awaken now. The rest will follow when awake. In this consciousness there is no room for silly comparisons.