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The door of consciousness


When sharing about consciousness, the main requisite to “understand” it is not to use our logical minds to “make sense of it.” It is not through rationality how we could grasp consciousness.

For example if we say: “Our consciousness is according to our consciousness.”
That is a logical phrase. Very rational but brings nothing to the experience.

So let us explore some examples:

Ralph had a belief that to be around smokers was going to affect his health. Thus, Ralph rejected all smokers. Whenever he was close to one, there was a feeling inside him that prompted him to move away from that “unhealthy presence.”
Some may call that “impure presence.” 🙂

Whether Ralph’s belief is “right or wrong” is not the point when it comes to consciousness and life.
It is about rejection.

Ralph moved to an apartment complex. Everything was “good” until his non-smokers neighbors decided to move out. Life put there heavy smokers around Ralph.

This does not mean that Ralph has to mingle with all smokers from now on and get his shirt impregnated with the aroma of tobacco. It just means that this feeling of rejection inside him needs to be dissolved by understanding the oneness of all. We are all connected.

Life showed that lesson; however,it wasn’t the time for Ralph to “wake up.” His consciousness remained the same.

Ralph had a belief that homosexual individuals were a “disease” to society. This rejection towards people perceived as different from him, prompted life to teach him another lesson about acceptance. Ralph’s daughter was gay. Not only that, his brother “came out of the closet” after many years of hiding his sexual preference to the whole family.

If Ralph does not learn from those lessons, there will be more to come.
Ralph was suffering as his beliefs were shattered.
For many, suffering is the key to open the door of consciousness.

Life does not work to support our beliefs. Life only looks at our lack of openness towards life itself.

There is no such a thing as “higher consciousness” or “lower consciousness.” That is discriminatory. Nevertheless many times there is a need to use those words to explain to a determined audience who are living a “white or black” mentality and are unable to “see” something different…yet. 🙂

Pretty soon we could discover that what is known as “karma” (to bring an esoteric/religious/ “spiritual” label ) is nothing else but our rejections in the experience of life.

That is why, as our consciousness opens up in acceptance, there is automatic unity with all…
And that has been the teachings of many saints, prophets, Gods, gurus, illuminated ones, etc, etc.

Consciousness is awareness. If we are aware we could “see” that most of the time our thoughts do not come from our own volition. They just come.

Avyakt7 could create a “belief system” to explain this phenomena; whether I call that “scientific research” or not, it does not matter.

The fact is that if we are not aware of those thoughts as they come… what are we aware of?

It is not a matter of “rejecting” those thoughts by changing them into an artificially created “positive thought.” It is just a matter of seeing that “I” have not created those thoughts.

To be aware means to catch that in the moment. Right when it is happening.

To finish the examples, let us take a look at things that we could reject unknowingly:
Someone who professes a different view, belief, idea.
A situation that is happening in our lives.
A person who does not “meet our standards.”
An idea, a being, a philosophy, a way of thinking…
The list could go on.

Consciousness is like a door. When the door is shut, there is a personality created which needs to be maintained. It is a prototype which demands to continue “unchanged” and that ego would like for “others” to fit their expectations and demands.

Life will bring the necessary experiences for that door to start “opening up.”
Because when that door is wide open, there is nothing that could “hurt it.”
A wide open door is what is known as being “egoless.”

That is the time when we will have recovered our innocence.